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A New York man is facing criminal charges after bulldozing the home owned by his wife in which the couple lived.

Tearing down your own house, though questionable, is not typically a crime. In this instance, however, police say that the man, 48-year-old James Rhein, never told his wife about his plans for destroying her home and everything in it, reports New York's WNBC-TV.

Now Rhein is facing both the legal and marital consequences for his rash decision.

An employee at a Michigan bakery was arrested after allegedly throwing metal nuts and bolts into a granola bar mix.

According to a police affidavit, Ruben Gramajo, a 22-year-old baker at Hearthside Foods in Kentwood, Michigan, was caught on camera dumping a handful of metal objects into the granola, reports The Grand Rapids Press. In a written confession to police, Gramajo allegedly said he threw the objects in the granola in order to get a break from work.

Gramajo just might get his wish, but probably not in the way he imagined. What punishment could Gramajo be facing if convicted for his alleged crime?

If you walk into a supermarket and put $300 worth of frozen shrimp into your cart, you'd better pay for it before you leave.

John Pinard of Worcester, Massachusetts, thought he could get away with the heist (which, as we recently explained, would be properly called a "burglary"). But his attempted shrimp-swiping quickly turned from a standard-issue theft into a bit of a fiasco.

Is It Illegal to Mail Poop?

Poop typically doesn't arrive via delivery or in your mailbox, but when it does, it can be breaking news.

For example, an Iowa woman is facing criminal charges for allegedly mailing cow feces to her neighbors in response to their complaints about her dog barking. According to United Press International, the woman is now facing third-degree harassment charges, and must appear in court on Tuesday.

So is it illegal to mail poop to someone?

Mail theft gets under many Americans' skins, but one man took to his kayak in order to stop a suspected mail thief.

A pair of alleged mail thieves were acting a bit Grinchy on the morning of Christmas Eve, reportedly going through mailboxes in the town of Sammamish, Washington. According to Seattle's KCPQ-TV, sheriff's deputies responded to multiple calls of suspected mail theft, but the two suspects fled on foot when officers arrived. A male suspect grabbed a kayak and tried to paddle away in a pond with his bare hands, but a Good Samaritan grabbed his own kayak and intercepted the man.

What kind of charges do these fleeing (and apparently determined) suspects face?

A New Jersey judge ordered that a pet bobcat be sent to live in the zoo after its most recent escape into the neighborhood.

Rocky, a bobcat owned by Stafford Township, New Jersey, resident Ginny Fine, will be staying at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey Township, where he was caught after his most recent escape attempt. NJ Advance Media reports that Fine pleaded guilty to letting an exotic animal run wild, an ordinance that was passed after Rocky had escaped numerous times before.

What will become of Fine and Rocky?

Is it worth slapping your grandma over a Facebook request? This isn't a new aggressive marketing campaign by Facebook (we hope), it's the subject of a recent Florida arrest.

Rachel Anne Hayes, 27, was arrested Thursday after allegedly hitting her 72-year-old grandmother multiple times in the face. According to Tampa's WFLA-TV, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office reports that the slapfest was over the senior's refusal to accept Hayes' friend request on Facebook.

What will Hayes have to answer for after this alleged granny-slapping incident?

A Florida man allegedly faked having a heart attack inside a Walmart store to allow his accomplice to make off with almost $400 worth of toys, including a motorized Power Wheels Barbie car.

According to police, 30-year-old Tarus Scott and 27-year-old Genard Dupree were captured on surveillance video walking through the Walmart store in Lake Wales, Florida, filling a cart with items. As the two approached the store's exit, Dupree reportedly began clutching his chest as if he was suffering a heart attack, reports Tampa's WFLA-TV.

As other shoppers rushed to Dupree's aid, Scott took the opportunity to make his way out of the store with a cart full of expensive toys without paying.

Three University of Vermont (UVM) students are accused of stealing, killing, and eating a frat house's chicken.

UVM police allege that Cameron Dube, Darien Newman, and Hannah Jackman, all 18, snuck into the Alpha Gamma Rho frat house in Burlington, Vermont, snatched a chicken, then killed, plucked, and ate it. The students were originally facing trespass and theft charges, but the Burlington Free Press reports that the three chicken snatchers have been "referred to the university's reparative board."

What's the deal with this fowl deed?

A Maryland high school student was arrested after giving his teacher a brownie laced with pot.

The unsuspecting Anne Arundel County high school teacher was taken to the nurse's office and an ambulance was called after she reported feeling ill and acting disoriented. According to Baltimore's WJZ-TV, a 17-year-old student admitted to giving his teacher a piece of the brownie, which he confirmed contained pot.

What criminal charges is this teen facing for giving his teacher a "magic" brownie?