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If you needed yet another cautionary tale against soliciting strangers to rob your fast food drive-thru, look no further than the sad story of Alayna Weishner-Rush of Canton Township, Pennsylvania. Weishner-Rush is accused of recruiting a man and woman to rob the Burger King at which she worked, while she was on duty.

The lesson, as always, is you can't trust anyone in this cold, cold world, least of all two perfect strangers, with your plans for the perfect heist.

Porcelain Pup Thief Sweetens Apology With Chocolate Offerings

People make mistakes and most of us can understand and forgive, especially when forgiveness is sought politely in a typed letter and sweetened with chocolate offerings. That is what happened at a Belfast pub when a thief who stole a porcelain dog returned it with an eloquent explanation, a chocolate egg, and a promise to behave in the future, Mashable reports.

So could you avoid theft charges if you did the same thing? There are no guarantees. But sweet things do sometimes happen, as you are about to see.

If you're a bootlegger, you may have to get creative with your advertising. And we here at FindLaw have extolled the virtues of small businesses utilizing social media to get their message and product out there to the people.

But there's a flip side to that coin, one that we've also discussed around these parts: the cops have access to Facebook and probably your photos as well. Well three Florida moonshiners are learning that lesson the hard way, after deputies discovered they were selling moonshine through a Facebook page.

Look, we all have our own taste in music, and the Christmas creep is real. But surely playing some holiday tunes on Christmas Eve is something everyone can agree on, right?

Well, everyone except Christopher Gamboeck, maybe. Gamboeck was none too pleased when a bartender turned down the Black Sabbath and turned up the Christmas music, and he let his displeasure be known with a flying beer bottle. Very bah humbug, dude.

Oregon McDonald's Falls Victim to Costly Prank Call

A prank phone call to a McDonald's in Kennewick, Oregon turned into a serious and costly headache for the restaurant. Employees, believing the caller who said he was from the local fire department and was testing remote alarms, pulled the fire alarms as the caller instructed. The alarms triggered a spray of flame-deterring chemicals, United Press International reports.

The prank cost the restaurant about $5,000 in damages. But that was not the only such call. Other Oregon McDonald's locations also received calls ... and in one other location employees also pulled the alarms and found the kitchen and grills in a chemical shower.

Feds Charge Dad for Hospital Terror Threat While Wife in Labor

A Utah man is being charged for making a terrorist threat by federal authorities. He allegedly called in a false bomb threat to a hospital while his wife was giving birth there; apparently, he was upset because he couldn't attend the event, the Associated Press reports.

Michael Morlang was indicted Wednesday and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Utah said in a press release. Morlang's fraudulent phone call forced the hospital to evacuate and be on lock-down for a day in September.

Double DUI: PA Woman Charged Twice in a Day

A woman in Pennsylvania faces two separate DUI charges stemming from a single day. She picked up the second intoxicated driving charge after paying for a ride to her car from the scene of the first.

Michele Leonard, 43, was pulled over for intoxicated driving on Saturday afternoon at 5 p.m., according to reports from the Associated Press and Huffington Post. About an hour later, she crashed into a shed. When the shed owner tried to take away her car keys, Leonard told him, "I can't get another DUI today." But she did.

Last April, Brandon Alfred Calantoc donned a wig, navy blue scrubs, glasses, a purse, and a locket necklace and knocked over a U.S. Bank in Santa Cruz, California. Dubbed the "Mrs. Doubtfire Bank Robber" by Santa Cruz Police, Calantoc was arrested a couple weeks later.

After slipping away from law enforcement last month, Calantoc is back in custody, with a few added charges on his resume.

The North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission is tasked with investigating criminal convictions and making sure they're correct. And they may be investigating one of their own soon. Commission chairman and Superior Court Judge Arnold Ogden Jones II is accused of trying to bribe an FBI agent with "a couple of cases of beer." Judge Jones was allegedly trying to get text messages between family members.

Now he might be getting a few decades in prison. The judge has been arrested and indicted on three federal corruption charges.

Ex Taco Bell Exec Apologizes via Attorney for Drunk Attack on Uber Driver

Life is less than golden for Benjamin Golden. The ex-executive for Taco Bell who was filmed drunkenly hitting an Uber driver issued a public apology after the driver sued him, Taco Bell fired him, and prosecutors charged him criminally for the attack, according to ABC7 in Los Angeles.

The driver, Edward Caban, posted a video on YouTube of Golden falling over in his vehicle, being surly and uncooperative, and then finally hitting him in the head. The dashboard camera video, which also shows the driver pepper-spraying the passenger, garnered millions of views.