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A Connecticut man was arrested after police say he stabbed a watermelon with a butcher knife in a "passive aggressive" manner.

Carmine Cervillino, 49, of Thomaston, was picked up by police after his wife claimed he left the watermelon, pierced by a large butcher knife, on the kitchen counter to "intimidate her because he is angry at her," The Register-Citizen reports.

What did the woman do to draw Cervillino's watermelon-stabbing ire, and what charges is this allegedly passive-aggressive fruit slayer now facing?

The man who once played a dancing hamster in a Kia Soul commercial has been arrested on suspicion of insurance fraud.

Leroy Barnes, 27, of Los Angeles, had allegedly been collecting disability insurance benefits after he claimed he was struck by a "piece of ceiling" during a gig. However, LA's KCBS-TV reports that Leroy allegedly told doctors he was unemployed -- when he was actually getting work as a dancer, both in commercials and for major recording artists.

Does Barnes have a chance of shuffling his way out of this one?

Patrons of an alleged illegal strip club in a Virginia home got their share of cheap thrills at the house's debauched blowouts.

Sonya Fletcher, 36, was the focus of a month-long investigation into "stripper parties" being held at her house, reports The Virginian-Pilot. But it was an apparent lack of cheap drinks that got the "club" busted by police.

What did police find when they raided this unique home-based business?

So you know, getting on the subway after a successful phone heist, but first, lemme take a selfie!

This may have been the thoughts running through the heads of two New York City teen boys who allegedly swiped a 14-year-old boy's phone and proceeded to take a selfie on it ... and send it to the boy's mother.

What charges are these two facing for their #theftselfie?

We've seen "Breaking Bad," but how about scooping bad?

A Bay Area ice cream truck driver was arrested after a customer told police he received a bag of methamphetamine along with his change.

Have authorities captured a real-life Gustavo Fring or is this ice cream man getting a bad rap?

A programmer in San Francisco got some justice after posting a viral video that showed her smartphone and laptop being swiped from a neighborhood cafe.

Police arrested Paul Raynal, 32, on Monday, after a tweeting tipster who'd seen the viral video spotted the alleged perpetrator at a nearby Starbucks -- wearing the same outfit seen in the video from three days earlier.

Can social media and stupidity combine to fight crime?

Viral video of an incident entitled "Redneck Road Rage / Instant Karma" got the attention of Florida law enforcement, and landed the alleged road rager behind bars.

Jeffrey White, 33, was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, and not wearing a seatbelt, according to Tampa's WTSP-TV.

Turns out legal karma is a b---- too. But what about the other driver who captured the video on a cell phone while behind the wheel herself?

A Different Kind of 'Revenge Porn': Val Midwest Jailed for School Pics

Porn star Val Midwest snuck onto the campus of the Catholic high school she attended and took naked photos of herself masturbating on the football field for her adult website.

Not surprisingly, that stunt didn't pan out so well. 20-year-old Valerie Dodds (Midwest's non-porn name) has begun serving her 45-day sentence -- with her clothes on.

Does the punishment fit the crime?

World Trade Center BASE Jumpers Face Burglary Charges

A World Trade Center BASE jump has landed four men in legal trouble. Three skydiving enthusiasts and their alleged accomplice have been arrested on burglary and reckless endangerment charges for a daring parachute jump in September.

Marko Markovich, 27; Andrew Rossig, 33; and James Brady, 32, are professional BASE jumpers -- standing for "building, antenna, span, earth" -- who set their sights on the rebuilt World Trade Center, the tallest building in the United States, The Associated Press reports. Alleged accomplice Kyle Hartwell, 29, stood watch from the ground.

But how is BASE jumping from atop 1 World Trade Center -- informally known as the Freedom Tower -- considered burglary?

Dog Keg Stand Photo Puts 2 College Students in Doghouse

Two college students have been charged with animal abuse for making a five-month-old puppy do a keg stand at a State University of New York off-campus party.

A picture of the puppy doing a keg stand, being held by an unidentified male with a SUNY Brockport sweatshirt on, went viral after it was posted on Twitter with the caption "Keg Stands n Bits!," United Press International reports.

Ugh, humans.