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We try not to be too judgmental about potential criminal defendants, but you have to wonder about an "artist" who decides it's a good idea to paint graffiti on National Park landmarks all across the western United States.

Need more proof before you pass judgment? Not only did the accused vandal tag majestic rock formations (allegedly using acrylic paint), but she also posted pictures of her "artwork" on Instagram and Tumblr -- including a picture of herself in the act. Now, thanks to a little crowd-sourced sleuthing by two hiking blogs (Calipidder and Modern Hiker) and Reddit, the National Park Service has launched an investigation that will likely lead to charges.

What punishment could "creepytings" (the artist) potentially face? And how bad is the public's reaction to her so-called artwork?

A Tennessee man who stole a semi-truck and a box of frozen chicken was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

51-year-old Felix Hall was pulled over by police in 2012 in a Freightliner big rig that had been reported stolen, according to a Shelby County District Attorney's office press release. In the truck, police found bolt cutters, a cut lock, and a box of partially frozen chicken breasts that had been stolen from a local Wendy's restaurant.

While theft is a serious crime, how did stealing a truck and some chicken earn Hall almost three decades in lockup?

Massachusetts law enforcement don't want none unless you got drug-loaded buns hun! Or at least that was the case with Jill Roy, 33, who was allegedly caught smuggling heroin and painkillers underneath a prosthetic butt.

A police report obtained by The Smoking Gun reveals that Roy was arrested after drugs fell out of her pants during a traffic stop. During the booking process, officers observed that Roy's underwear had "a hard exterior," which turned out to be a fake booty that was hiding a cache of drugs underneath.

A Florida woman has been charged with sending drugs to her boyfriend behind bars by hiding them under postage stamps on the envelopes she mailed to him.

Sarah Laurito, 18, admitted to sending her locked-up lover Suboxone, a drug used to treat opioid drug dependence, in at least three drug-laced letters. First Coast News reports that Laurito actually "turned herself into the Marion County Jail" last Monday, and she is currently out on bond.

Since the alleged letter scheme was stamped out, what will happen to the criminal duo now?

A staged stunt by a pair of YouTube pranksters involving a pile of fake feces and a stranger's Lamborghini went wrong (or perhaps right) when the stranger turned out to be armed with a Taser.

The so-called "Viral Brothers" Erik Meldik and Cenek Styblo are YouTube stars from the Czech Republic visiting the United States. They've been filming short prank videos that typically involve an unsuspecting victim tricked into reacting on camera.

In this case, however, the Brothers' prank got a somewhat shocking reaction.

For a teenager hosting a party while his parents are out of town, having the cops show up is typically the worst possible scenario.

But one teenager in Puyallup, Washington, not only welcomed the arrival of the police to his out-of-control house party last weekend, he had actually summoned them himself, after 70 kids from 11 local high schools began destroying his house and running amok in his neighborhood, reports Seattle's KOMO-TV.

What did police find when they got there?

A teen who made his fame on Instagram by bragging about his wealth has been slapped with criminal charges for selling a stolen iPhone.

Param Sharma, 18, more commonly known to his IG followers as "@itslavishbitch," was convicted on a misdemeanor charge of failing to make a reasonable effort to find the original owner of an iPhone that he sold on Craigslist. According to BuzzFeed News, Sharma's attorney claims his client is the first in the state to be convicted of this crime in California.

Did this Instagram rich boy finally get a taste of reality?

A Hawaii woman dubbed the "road rage lady" has turned herself in to police after video footage of her confrontation with another driver racked up nearly 1 million views on YouTube.

Kimberly Ong reportedly became furious when Ryan Arakaki -- the man who filmed and posted the video online -- cut her off in traffic, reports Hawaii News Now. After being tailgated and honked at by Ong, Arakaki decided to begin recording video on his cell phone, capturing his confrontation with Ong after he eventually pulled to the side of the road.

What charge is Ong now facing for her 15 minutes of viral video fame?

A Texas teen has been arrested and charged with rubbing his scrotum on a customer's pizza after a customer caught him in the act.

Papa Murphy's employee Michael Symonds, 18, was allegedly caught dabbing his testicles all over a customer's family-size stuffed crust pizza, topped with pineapple and Canadian bacon. According to Austin's KEYE-TV, Symonds apologized after he was caught with his genitals out.

What criminal charges are appropriate for such a ballsy pizza stunt?

A heated fight over a (possibly spicy) meatball led to one Maryland man allegedly stabbing the other -- mamma mia!

On Thursday, the assault suspect, 31, reportedly stabbed his coworker, 36, because he believed his colleague had eaten a meatball from the assailant's lunch. It is unclear if this meatball was from a Subway sandwich or even something homemade, but The Baltimore Sun reports that the alleged meatball menace "fled the scene" shortly thereafter.

What happens when the meatball of friendship turns into the sour marinara stain of stabbing?