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Why spend years and years of your life going through college, medical school, and residency when you could just steal a white coat and impersonate a doctor instead?

A repeat impersonator, Terrance King, of Texas, allegedly dressed up as a doctor at Dallas' Children's Medical Center. His escaped included a stolen ambulance, a police chase, and an ignominious end crashing into a BMW.

Don't forget that men can be victims of domestic violence as well.

Danielle Nebelung, of Macomb County, Michigan, has pleaded no contest to assaulting her boyfriend, Anthony Caruso, after biting off his ear during an argument.

Nebelung will face no jail time, but must attend anger management classes. How did she get such a lenient sentence?

A serial bride got cold feet at her court hearing and now has two rings around her wrists instead of one on her finger.

New Yorker Liana Barrientos has been accused of marrying 10 men in 11 years. When authorities caught on to her 10th marriage, Barrientos was charged with felony filing a fraudulent marriage license application. Having pled not guilty, Barrientos was required to show up to court earlier this week for a hearing. When she never showed, the judge issued a warrant for her arrest.

Barrientos has turned herself in to the court, and, despite her written apology, the judge has thrown her in jail.

Chill dude. It's just kombucha.

One time teen star, Andrew Keegan was busted recently for selling kombucha without a license. In a 007 style sting operation, undercover Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) officers caught the group selling kombucha at a fundraiser for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Keegan claims that kombucha is an essential part of his self founded religion called Full Circle, but unconvinced ABC officers gave the religious group a misdemeanor citation for selling alcohol without a license.

My cats act like they're in prison when I don't let them out of their house. They should think about one Virginia kitty who really suffered the indignity of house arrest when its owner ran from the authorities.

Settle back, adjust your self-monitoring device, and listen to the story of a smart (alleged!!) dealer and his scapegoat cat.

Mother-in-laws. Can't live with them. Can't shoot them. Or, can you?

One Sunday afternoon, a Georgia man was armadillo hunting in his yard. He killed the armadillo and got his mother-in-law too! According to reports, the man, let's call him Armadillo Dundee, fired a 9 mm pistol at the armadillo. The bullet killed the armadillo, ricocheted into a fence, through the back door of his mother-in-law's mobile home, through the back of a recliner, and into her back. Possibly to his dismay, the mother-in-law was not severely hurt.

Since shooting armadillos is actually encouraged, and the ricochet was an accident, the man was not charged with a crime.

What happened to the good old days when an angry girlfriend would get revenge on her philandering beau by smashing the windows of his car?

Today's scorned women are more tech savvy. One unhappy Japanese woman exacted her revenge by dumping her cheating boyfriend's iMac, iPhone, iPad and accessories in a water filled bath tub. She made sure he felt the pain by sending him pictures of his swimming accessories.

Is this lady going to face any legal retribution, or is her revenge justified?

What's more innocent and nonthreatening than an old lady?

That's probably what a Guyanese woman thought when she hatched her plan to smuggle cocaine into the United States. Olive Fowler, 70-years-old, caught airport investigators' attention when she acted nervous at JFK airport. Authorities said she was sweating profusely and avoided eye contact with officers. They decided to pull her aside for a pat down search in a private room. After feeling a "dense hard material" under her clothes, authorities found over $73,000 of cocaine in Fowlers underwear and girdle. (Who wears a girdle anymore?)

Fowler was arrested and charged with narcotics smuggling.

If you thought the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate was serious, it's nothing compared to the Android vs. Apple battle of 2015.

Two Tulsa men, Jiaro Mendez and Elias Acevedo (note: different news sources have spelled the men's names differently, we will follow the apparent majority spelling), were arrested after a debate over who had the best smartphone, Android or Apple, turned violent.

Top 3 Odd Punishments For Crimes

Sometimes, jail just doesn't get the message across. We see people go to jail, get out, and go right back in for another crime. Maybe, they need more creative punishments.

Former NFL player, Darren Sharper, may have the oddest probation condition we've ever seen. Sharper pled guilty to several rapes in several states. He has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, but may only have to serve nine. Don't think he's getting off easy though. Once released from prison, Sharper will be on probation for the rest of his life. As a condition of probation, he must take sex offender counseling and is prohibited from drinking alcohol, visiting bars, or using the internet for sexual gratification.

Oh yeah, and he must also submit to a "penile plethysmograph." A penile plethysmograph is a sensor, attached to the penis, which measures a person's arousal and reactions to sexual images. Reports are unclear on what will happen if Sharper does show arousal. Will he get a shock every time he reacts to an image? Will he be sent back to prison? Regardless, a penile plethysmograph is probably preferable to spending more years in prison.

While Sharper's probation requirements are the oddest we've seen,here are three other weird sentences: