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Truck Vandalism Explained in Giant Note of Carrie Underwood Lyrics

An Ontario, Canada, man is being charged with two counts of mischief by Canadian authorities for bringing a Carrie Underwood song, 'Before he cheats,' to life. Allegedly, the 43-year-old Canadian from St. Mary's not only punctured the windshield and slashed the tires of a Dodge truck, he may have left an oversized note on the windshield saying: "I might've saved a little trouble for the next girl."

While the Carrie Underwood song is about a woman vandalizing the car of her man/lover/boyfriend (or former man/lover/boyfriend) who has cheated on her, it's unclear if there is any motive for the vandalism in this case. Also unclear is whether the victim has any relationship with or to the impressionable perpetrator, or whether the vehicle owner was out with a bleached-blond date that was having a fruity drink and getting frisky.

Look, none of us like being in hospitals. Most everyone there is sick or injured, or attempting to comfort someone who is sick or injured. Hospitals are an institutional reminder of human frailty and the all-too-brief nature of existence on this planet. Plus, they smell funny.

Still, that's no reason to say, "F*** it," steal an ambulance, and try and drive it home. So don't do like David Joseph Karosus, of Carbondale, Pennsylvania did, lest you'd rather spend a couple years in prison rather than a couple more days in the hospital.

If you're the kind of grandparent that would jump at the chance to help your grandchildren (and let's face it, what grandparent isn't?), you'll want to be a little more careful lending a helping hand this summer. The ever-popular grandparent scam -- wherein scammers pose as grandchildren in desperate need for financial help -- is booming again, thanks to kids travelling on summer vacation.

So be on guard, grandparents, and know how to stay safe from the grandparent scam this summer.

Sinister Side of Pokemon Go Shows Itself

Everyone knows about Pokemon Go by now. It's an augmented reality game that can be downloaded on a phone and played at home and in the world.

Players try to catch colorful cartoon characters by luring them or going out to hunt them down. The game has been received very enthusiastically by many and is being downloaded in record numbers. But like any cultural phenomenon, however positive it may seem, there are downsides. In the case of Pokemon Go, it's the potential for injury and for crime.

Florida Man Stole Turtle Eggs, Punishable by 5 Years in Prison

Stealing babies is the worst, especially if you steal them from a turtle as she is laying the eggs. Not only is it rude and probably bad karma, but it's a felony in Florida and police do arrest poachers.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), a man was arrested over the Independence Day weekend for stealing 107 baby eggs from a female loggerhead turtle. The crime was spotted because police received earlier complaints of poaching on a beach behind a residence and set up surveillance.

In a classic case of he said / cops said, gay YouTube star and LGBT advocate Calum McSwiggan was charged with multiple crimes on a night he alleges he was assaulted outside a gay club in West Hollywood, California. Depending on whose version of events you believe, McSwiggan was either beaten by three men outside The Abbey or he vandalized a car, injured himself in a jail cell, and filed a false police report.

Here are both sides to a bizarre story:

Tucson News Reporters Charged for Cocaine in Baby's System

A couple from Arizona, both former local television news reporters, are making news. The Tucson mom and dad, Somchai and Krystin Lisaius, are facing three felony drug charges each after doctors found cocaine in their baby's system. The drug was apparently ingested through the mother's breast milk.

Although the parents brought the child to the hospital complaining that her eyes were rolling in the back of her head, she was limp, and she wouldn't wake up, they were reportedly uncooperative. But that did not stop authorities from doing a toxicology screening on the baby, according to the Tucson Weekly.

"Don't f*ing shoot!" Those are the words of Bud, an African gray parrot in Ensley Township, Michigan. And they may have also been the last words of Martin Duram, Bud's owner who was shot and killed in his home last year.

So who's the prime suspect, according to Bud? And will he be able to testify at trial?

Florida Driver's BAC of .604 Too High for Jail, but He Denies Drinking

Some people are in denial about their drinking problems and others take denial to the next level. Stephen Allbritton is in the latter camp, and he is likely going to have to face facts.

Allbritton, a 46-year-old Florida man, was arrested with a blood alcohol content of .604 percent, or eight times the legal limit of .08. His alcohol level was so high, he couldn't be taken to jail -- the police had to take him to the hospital.

Since his kids were in the car with him during the incident, he's being charged with DUI and child neglect, reports the local ABC News. But despite his alcohol level, he denied drinking at all, according to a Lee County Sheriff's Office police report.

Burglars Smash Car Into Chanel Boutique to Steal Handbags

What would you do for a Chanel handbag? Would you save your pennies for a big stylish splurge or just drive a car through the security grill of a fancy boutique and scoot off with the pricey goods, leaving the car behind?

Last week, burglars in Paris opted for the latter, driving a sports utility vehicle through the Chanel boutique in a posh central neighborhood. This is one in a string of robberies of high-end shops in recent years reportedly. The robbers took off on motor scooters, leaving their car burning behind them after the smash n' grab.