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An Oklahoma City man was arrested for washing his hair in a public fountain with something unexpected... mayonnaise.

Jorge Perez, 23, explained to the arresting officer Tuesday that he was soaking wet because he had "been washing his hair with mayonnaise in the Bricktown fountain," reports Perez only spent one day in jail and is now free to enjoy what other condiments he might use for bathing (perhaps olive juice?).

But what about his mayo-shampoo stunt was illegal?

A Texas teen has been arrested and charged with rubbing his scrotum on a customer's pizza after a customer caught him in the act.

Papa Murphy's employee Michael Symonds, 18, was allegedly caught dabbing his testicles all over a customer's family-size stuffed crust pizza, topped with pineapple and Canadian bacon. According to Austin's KEYE-TV, Symonds apologized after he was caught with his genitals out.

What criminal charges are appropriate for such a ballsy pizza stunt?

A California man has been arrested after being accused of cooking and serving his ex-girlfriend's dog.

Ryan Watenpaugh of Shasta County was arrested last week after his ex-girlfriend called police. She said Watenpaugh had left the severed paws of her missing Pomeranian on her porch after sending her harassing messages, reports the Redding Record Searchlight. Among the messages was one in which Watenpaugh allegedly asked the women "how her dog tasted," according to police.

Though certainly the most bizarre, animal cruelty is just one of the multiple criminal charges Watenpaugh is now facing.

How does simulating oral sex with a statue of Jesus turn into a potential two years in juvie?

Start by examining the case of a 14-year-old Pennsylvania teen who has been charged with the "desecration of a venerated object." In July, the young man posted pictures to Facebook of him straddling a statute of a kneeling Jesus in front of an Everett, Pennsylvania, Christian organization, reports The Huffington Post.

What's going on in this Jesus statue oral sex case?

A heated fight over a (possibly spicy) meatball led to one Maryland man allegedly stabbing the other -- mamma mia!

On Thursday, the assault suspect, 31, reportedly stabbed his coworker, 36, because he believed his colleague had eaten a meatball from the assailant's lunch. It is unclear if this meatball was from a Subway sandwich or even something homemade, but The Baltimore Sun reports that the alleged meatball menace "fled the scene" shortly thereafter.

What happens when the meatball of friendship turns into the sour marinara stain of stabbing?

A Texas teacher was sentenced on Wednesday to three years of probation after pleading guilty to giving a teen a lap dance during class.

Felicia A. Smith, a 42-year-old former Aldine ISD middle school teacher, admitted to giving her 15-year-old student an inappropriate birthday "performance," which included her dancing on and around him while he was seated in a chair. The Houston Chronicle reports that the Spring, Texas, woman was accused of getting on her knees near the end of the lap dance and putting her head between the student's legs.

What was going on in this "hot for student" case?

The owner of five drive-thru coffee stands featuring bikini-clad female baristas has pleaded guilty to prostitution and money-laundering charges.

As part of her deal with prosecutors, Carmela Panico, the 52-year-old owner of espresso huts in Everett, Washington, agreed to cease operations and hand ownership of her coffee stands over to the city, reports The Daily Herald. Panico also agreed to testify against a former police officer who allegedly helped Panico avoid detection in exchange for sexual favors from Panico herself.

What do authorities say was going down at these coffee cathouses?

Sixteen Amish men and women convicted of federal hate crimes for chopping off the hair and beards of fellow followers of the Amish faith had their convictions overturned by an Ohio appeals court.

The series of attacks, led by the aptly named Samuel Mullet Sr., were charged as hate crimes by federal prosecutors in 2012, resulting in a 15-year sentence for Mullet and lesser sentences for 15 of his followers, eight of whom still remain in prison, reports The New York Times.

What was behind these bizarre hair attacks and why did the court overturn the defendants' hate crime convictions?

The conventional wisdom is that increased use of drugs and alcohol in married couples leads to greater risk of domestic violence.

However, the results of a new study are casting some doubt on that wisdom, at least as far as marijuana is concerned, reports The Huffington Post.

Does hitting the bong as a married couple really make it less likely that you'll hit your spouse?

An Oregon woman has confessed to setting a 51,000-acre wildfire to help out her "bored firefighter friends," and now she's due to be sentenced.

Sadie Renee Johnson, 23, was convicted in federal court in May after pleading guilty to setting the Sunnyside Turnoff Fire, which forced evacuations of dozens of homes and closed the Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Village, reports Central Oregon's KTVZ. In Johnson's defense, she said she thought she was only setting "a two-day fire."

So what legal consequences are facing this strangely motivated arsonist?