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Top 3 Odd Punishments For Crimes

Sometimes, jail just doesn't get the message across. We see people go to jail, get out, and go right back in for another crime. Maybe, they need more creative punishments.

Former NFL player, Darren Sharper, may have the oddest probation condition we've ever seen. Sharper pled guilty to several rapes in several states. He has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, but may only have to serve nine. Don't think he's getting off easy though. Once released from prison, Sharper will be on probation for the rest of his life. As a condition of probation, he must take sex offender counseling and is prohibited from drinking alcohol, visiting bars, or using the internet for sexual gratification.

Oh yeah, and he must also submit to a "penile plethysmograph." A penile plethysmograph is a sensor, attached to the penis, which measures a person's arousal and reactions to sexual images. Reports are unclear on what will happen if Sharper does show arousal. Will he get a shock every time he reacts to an image? Will he be sent back to prison? Regardless, a penile plethysmograph is probably preferable to spending more years in prison.

While Sharper's probation requirements are the oddest we've seen,here are three other weird sentences:

We know you can find great deals at Walmart. Whether you're looking for a bathroom meth lab or the legal services necessary to defend a charge of making meth in a bathroom, the gargantuan retailer has everything you need.

Or maybe you're looking for a nice Easter present for your young daughter. Instead of faking a heart attack to steal a Barbie car, may we suggest the "Smart Shots Sports Center?" It comes with bags of pot.

The Tewksbury Police Department paid $500 to regain access to its computer files after an anonymous hacker encrypted their data.

The department received a pop-up ransom note that read, "Your personal files are encrypted. File decryption costs ~ $500." After numerous attempts to unlock the data themselves, Tewksbury paid the ransom in bitcoin.

Don't mess with the bacon. A Michigan woman will soon be going to jail for shooting at a McDonald's that forgot to give her bacon not once, but twice!

Shaneka Torres was recently convicted of felony use of a firearm, shooting at an occupied building, and illegally carrying a concealed weapon. She was so incensed by the lack of bacon in her bacon cheeseburger that she shot at the McDonald's drive thru window, narrowly missing the worker who had stood there moments earlier. Torres claimed that she accidentally discharged the gun when she was reaching into her purse for money. The jury did not believe her as they convicted her of all three charges after only one hour of deliberation.

What are you going to do about it? Suspend my driver's license? Go ahead!

Paul Wheeler, an Indiana man, had his driver's license suspended 68 times in 14 years. The suspensions didn't seem to faze him though.

Until now.

Wheeler has finally been sentenced to 20 days in jail after pleading guilty to his latest charge of driving on a suspended license. Prosecutors say that he'll only spend 10 days in jail and pay $1,000 in fines to restore his driver's license.

But how can he have so many suspensions and spend only 10 days in jail?

A Colorado court has ordered cancer-charity scammer Adam Shryock to repay $1.89 million in ill-gotten income and an additional $4 million in civil penalties for running a fake fundraiser called "Boobies Rock!" According to the state's Attorney General, Shryock regularly sent promotional models into bars to sell "Boobies Rock!"-branded merchandise while leading patrons to believe that they were donating to a breast cancer charity.

"Boobies Rock!," it turns out, was no charity fundraiser, and the money it took never went to breast cancer groups. Instead, Shyrock used the funds on himself, for online dating sites, personal maids, and a BMW, according to the Attorney General's complaint.

Since this wasn't Shryock's first charity scam, the judge also ordered that he never work on or near charitable solicitations again.

A man (or woman) is king of his castle. This usually means a person has the right to defend himself in his own home, but in this case, it means a North Carolina man has the right to be naked on his doorstep.

Disproving moms and dads in a Charlotte, North Carolina, neighborhood have been trying to stop their neighbor from standing naked in his doorway for the last 10 years. Despite over 30 calls to the police, the man has never been arrested. Why? Because he's not doing anything illegal.

How is this possible?

Get your bleach and sanitary wipes! A serial pooper, aka the "Bowel Movement Bandit," is on the loose in Akron, Ohio.

In a crime spree stretching back to 2012, a man has been defecating on cars over 19 times. Somebody get this guy a porta-potty!

One of his victims, who did not want to be identified for fear of poopy retribution, got fed up after his daughter's car was pooped on seven times. He set up a time-lapse camera, expecting the pooper to do it again. And lo and behold, after two years of pooping with impunity, the mysterious defector has finally been caught on tape.

Akron police are still looking for the poop-etrator. But if they catch him, what's the crime?

A former substitute teacher has been sentenced to jail for showing an obscene movie to students in class.

Ex-substitute Spanish teacher Sheila Kearns of Columbus, Ohio, who couldn't speak Spanish, showed five classes of high school students a movie called "The ABCs of Death," which portrayed bizarre deaths, full-frontal nudity, and sex acts. She was charged with five counts of felony disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, convicted of four counts, and sentenced to 90 days in jail, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

What did Kearns have to say in her defense? And why is what she did illegal?

The owners of a Bering Sea crab boat turned sea-faring strip club are facing federal charges for allegedly dumping sewage into an Alaska harbor.

Darren Byler and Kimberly Riedel Byler, proprietors of The Wild Alaskan, have been indicted on three counts of piping human waste from the floating bar's bathrooms into St. Herman Harbor in Kodiak, violating the federal Refuse Act.