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Anyone who has rented out their house or apartment through online home-sharing service Airbnb has probably asked themselves, at least rhetorically, what's the worst that could happen?

Well, a San Francisco woman's experience with an unruly Airbnb tenant in her Palm Springs condo is illustrating the dark side of the burgeoning sharing economy. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Airbnb tenant stopped paying rent 30 days into his stay, but now refuses to leave and is using California's tenant's rights rules to remain in the woman's condo rent-free.

What led to this woman's nightmare scenario, and why has it been so difficult to get this Airbnb squatter to leave?

A 9-year-old Minnesota girl fed up with her parents' alleged use and sale of marijuana in their home decided to take action.

She walked into the Barnesville police station last month and gave detailed descriptions to police about where to find her parents' stash of meth, as well as seven marijuana plants, reports ABC News.

What was the final straw for this little girl, and what charges could her parents potentially be facing as a result?

A Texas car salesman may have snapped a picture worth a thousand words ... and potentially two years in jail.

Pedro Elimeleo Zuniga-Martinez, 22, of Brownsville, was working at a used-car lot when a female customer told police that he'd taken a picture of her buttocks with his phone. Strangely, Zuniga-Martinez allegedly admitted to taking the photo, but Harlingen's KGBT-TV reports that the alleged butt photographer couldn't find the illicit pic.

What may come of this border-town butt pic?

Following last week's U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case, women's rights are certainly a hot-button issue.

But one Florida man took his argument that it's a "man's world" a little too far, when police say he punched and choked his girlfriend's pet rabbits, then threw her across the room during a heated argument about women's rights, reports the Sun Sentinel.

An Ohio man has been cited for holding a sign that warned drivers of a roadside sobriety checkpoint. He claims his civil rights have been violated.

Douglas Odolecki, 43, of Parma, held a homemade sign stating: "Check point ahead! Turn now!," for which he was cited for "obstructing official business," reports The Associated Press. This incident wasn't Odolecki's first run-in with the law either.

But does he have the right to warn drivers of an upcoming sobriety checkpoint?

A Florida man known as "Biggie" allegedly went through the trouble of stashing 23 grams of marijuana under his stomach fat, which is certainly a good hiding place when you weigh 450 pounds.

Unfortunately, he forgot to put on his seat belt.

Seems like something you'd want to do if you were a convicted felon allegedly transporting drugs. But Biggie had what probably seemed to him like a surefire excuse for not buckling up.

Four NYC strippers may not have had hearts of gold, as they're currently charged with drugging and cleaning out some wealthy customers.

The Gotham strippers were arrested after an eight-month investigation by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and the New York Police Department into allegations that "dancers had been drugging men" at two strip clubs: Scores in Manhattan and Roadhouse NYC in Queens, reports the New York Daily News.

How did these strippers go from nip tip to drug slip to credit card dip?

The aunt of a troubled Alabama teenager got more than she bargained for when she created a fake Facebook account to teach her niece a lesson about online safety. reports that just days after the aunt began chatting with her niece Marissa Williams via a fake Facebook account, posing as a man named "Tre 'Topdog' Ellis," Williams allegedly asked Ellis to kill her aunt, her aunt's fiance, her cousin, and even the family dog.

What kind of trouble did this oversharing teen get herself into?

A Missouri police officer has been accused of recording hidden-camera bathroom videos of men pooping and then posting the videos on his porn site.

David Cerna, 33, who's been -- ahem -- relieved of duty since his arrest, will face a Clayton, Missouri, grand jury in July on invasion of privacy charges for his alleged hidden-camera bathroom antics, reports St. Louis' KTVI.

What's the scoop on Cerna's poop shoots?

The man who once played a dancing hamster in a Kia Soul commercial has been arrested on suspicion of insurance fraud.

Leroy Barnes, 27, of Los Angeles, had allegedly been collecting disability insurance benefits after he claimed he was struck by a "piece of ceiling" during a gig. However, LA's KCBS-TV reports that Leroy allegedly told doctors he was unemployed -- when he was actually getting work as a dancer, both in commercials and for major recording artists.

Does Barnes have a chance of shuffling his way out of this one?