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NYC Bestiality Dentist Traded Meth for Services

A New York City dentist was accused of trading services for methamphetamines, possessing child porn, and hosting sex parties where he tried to spread HIV. The dentist had a reputation for being an upstanding citizen, the Huffington Post reports .

A meth dealer that the dentist traded services with agreed to become an informant after he was arrested last March. He led police to Dr. John Wolf, who was discovered to have child porn after police searched his home and found drugs and a flash drive with hundreds of illegal files.

Eating Protected Rattlesnake for Dinner Is Criminal

Some people will pay a lot to eat an exotic food item. But the teenagers who pled guilty this week in Maryland to grilling a protected rattlesnake and eating it for dinner were not gourmets, and they were probably not prepared for the price they would pay.

Four young men who went camping in the Green Ridge State Forest this past summer pled guilty in Cumberland, Maryland District Court to possessing or destroying protected rattlesnake, according to the Associated Press. They took probation pleas and agreed to each pay a fine of $500 ($300 suspended); their records will be expunged if they successfully complete probation.

Can I Be Arrested for Breaking Into My Own Home?

You can be arrested for breaking into your own home but it is unlikely that you will be charged or that the charges will stick. It may be that neighbors spot you jimmying a lock, don't recognize you, and call the cops. Or maybe a patrol car is driving by and wonders why you're crawling through the front window.

Whatever the case, you should be able to avoid arrest by explaining who you are and showing some proof you live in the place. But you can be arrested for breaking into your home, and it certainly has happened before. Here is how to handle it.

The North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission is tasked with investigating criminal convictions and making sure they're correct. And they may be investigating one of their own soon. Commission chairman and Superior Court Judge Arnold Ogden Jones II is accused of trying to bribe an FBI agent with "a couple of cases of beer." Judge Jones was allegedly trying to get text messages between family members.

Now he might be getting a few decades in prison. The judge has been arrested and indicted on three federal corruption charges.

An unidentified male opened fire on a crowd of zombies in downtown Fort Myers, Florida last weekend. Only this wasn't the apocalypse -- it was ZombiCon, a walking dead-themed street festival -- and the real-life shooting took one real life and left five others injured.

Police are still hunting for the man who opened fire on the zombie crowd, as well as a motive for the shooting.

Priest Allegedly Aimed a Musket at a Child, Pleads Not Guilty

A New Jersey priest who allegedly threatened an eight-year-old parishioner with an empty musket will plead not guilty to child endangerment and aggravated assault at his arraignment. Father Kevin Carter's lawyer says the incident stemmed from a football rivalry and was just a joke.

One Sunday before Mass last month, Giants fan Father Carter allegedly pulled a boy wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey into a rectory room at St. Margaret of Cortona Roman Catholic Church, stood him against the wall, and aimed an empty gun at him. It may have been a joke, but the Bergen County Prosecutor's office is not laughing.

Art: Burning Money Like It's Going Out of Style

What would you do if you had money to burn? Chances are good that you would pay off bills, splurge on something special, and possibly save a bit. But if you are artist Micah Spear, you literally blowtorch stacks of cash to make a point ... and a dollar.

Spear's collection of destroyed works is called #SealedContents and most notably contains stacks of blasted currencies, which are vacuum sealed in plastic and displayed in frames in his apartment and on his website. The idea is to raise questions about money and value.

The first rule of Toddler Fight Club: Don't Snapchat Toddler Fight Club. The second rule of Toddler Fight Club: DO NOT SNAPCHAT TODDLER FIGHT CLUB.

Apparently two day care workers couldn't follow these simple rules, and now they face child abuse charges. The women were busted after sharing an organized kid fight video on social media, possibly as part of Project Mayhem.

I'm sick. I have a doctor's appointment. My dog needs to go to the vet. A sinkhole ate my house. My grandmother died. These are all perfectly fine lies to tell your coworkers about why you're not at work.

But, I've been kidnapped? As we learned in The Big Lebowski, that's where we draw a line in the sand, dude.

We've all had that moment, right? Just after a heated exchange we think of the exact right thing to say. Well what if it doesn't hit you until 30 years later? Is that too late to pick up the argument again?

One man in Kentucky didn't think so, and his effort to win an argument with his deceased father landed him in jail.