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Few things in life are more depressing than watching someone repeatedly lose at a lottery or casino game, particularly if the person is really hoping to win. It's reminiscent of watching someone eat soup with a fork.

Tawanda Shields of Pennsylvania, a lottery devotee, had lost a few too many times while playing the state's scratch off lottery tickets to keep losing quietly. Starting in mid-2016, Shields began making threatening calls to the state's lottery headquarters as a result of her repeated losses. And as a result of the many threatening calls, she has been arrested and charged with over 50 counts (individual criminal acts), including charges for stalking, harassment, and terroristic threats.

Criminals often get nicknamed by police as a result of unique methods of committing their crimes. In Wyoming, a burglar left a distinctive calling card: a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The sandwich, along with a cup of coffee, contained DNA evidence, which linked the burglary suspect to the repeated robberies of a hardware/equipment store and a JC Penny store.

The DNA found on the sandwich and coffee cup linked the suspected burglar to six different burglaries, three at the same hardware store and three at JC Penny. The half-eaten sandwich was found at the scene of the first burglary and ever since the police had been calling the burglar the PB&J burglar. At the scene of one of the JC Penny burglaries, police found a coffee cup which linked the suspect to the scene of the crime.

Recently, on the way home from some educational conference in Canada, a small group of travelers got quite a surprise when they reached the border. The group appeared to be in good spirits, and while making witty banter with the border control agent at the US-Canada border, explained that they had bought a lot of those Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs. No one in the group knew that those fun chocolate eggs were illegal in the US.

Needless to say, the border control agent was less than thrilled with the ordeal. Fortunately for the chocolate smugglers, and one random Canadian, rather than do the paperwork, the customs agent let one of the group members walk back over to Canada and give all the Kinder chocolates to someone, and then cross back over.

While the silver screen may glorify international jewelry thieves, the story plays out much differently in real life. Eighty-six-year-old Doris Payne, an international jewelry thief whose career has spanned six decades, was recently arrested in a Von Maur department store in Atlanta, Georgia trying to pocket a $2,000 bracelet.

Payne's arrest record dates back to the 1950s. Since 2010, she has been arrested seven times for various theft charges, all but one involving jewelry items. However, she gained international repute when she was alleged to have stolen a 10-carat diamond in Monte Carlo in the 1970s. Fortunately for Payne, the stone could not be recovered, which resulted in her release.

The dog's name was Tony Montana. This guy. That should've been the vet's first clue that Malorie Ruiz might be more than just a concerned pet owner looking to chill her dog out on some Alpazolam, a form of Xanax.

The second clue? Calling back right after getting the prescription and demanding a refill. "She called and said that she was going out of town and they dropped the drugs in the toilet or something," Park Animal Hospital owner Rachel McGlamery told WFLA. "Oh no, she couldn't find the key ... The key to the safe or some sort of crap."

Good people of the country looking to mix their love of the virgin birth and The Walking Dead are under attack this holiday season. Jasen Dixon, of Sycamore Township, Ohio, claims vandals trashed his "Zombie Nativity" scene, as the AP put it, "beheading the ghoulish-looking Mary figure and flipping the greenish baby Jesus into the yard."

This attack on religious freedom should be unsettling for any American who believes in both the impending zombie apocalypse and the inevitable rapture.

One New York man is making headlines after his arrest for first degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. Darwin Barnes, of Rochester, New York, has somehow managed to have his driver's license suspended 46 times. What makes this even more shocking is that Barnes is only 51 years old. Hold off on doing the math for a minute.

On Monday, Barnes was pulled over doing 30 mph over the speed limit. When officers ran his information, not only did they discover that Barnes' license was currently under suspension, but that his license had been suspended 45 other times over 17 different occasions. Assuming he started driving at 16, he is averaging 1 occasion of suspension every 2 years (with each occasion averaging 3 license suspensions). Believe it or not, Barnes still has 20+ suspensions to go before he catches up to the thirty-something year old Paul Wheeler from Indiana.

In one Nevada city, some residents are feeling a little bit more at ease after a woman was taken into custody for basically treating her 3 tigers like house cats. Neighbors reported that the woman would just let her tigers roam outside on her property. The property only had a four-foot high fence around the perimeter, and it didn't appear that the tigers would be restrained when outside.

While photos of the tigers with their owner may look cute, and there were no reports of tiger attacks leading up to the arrest, there are important safety rules and laws about exotic animals that need to be followed. For the most part, owning exotic pets is usually illegal, especially if they are endangered or dangerous.

Two Southern California teenagers are in custody after being arrested last Friday for robbing a 7-11 convenience store. After being arrested, the pair of teens were linked to four prior robberies at the exact same location as well as a few other robberies nearby.

The two seventeen year olds were attempting to make their getaway when they were pulled over by an officer who had been keeping the area under surveillance and was able to respond in under a minute. When the officer pulled the teens over, she discovered a loaded handgun, as well as two BB guns and masks and clothing fitting the description.

Officers in Portland, Maine encountered 30-year-old white male, Asher Woodworth, dressed as a rather convincing tree, standing in the street blocking traffic. If it weren't for the rather conspicuous boots he was wearing, he would have appeared to be a tree popping up out of the street. Woodworth, who was crossing the street at a snail's pace while dressed as a convincing tree, was mid-performance art performance when officers interrupted.

When the officers arrived, they asked Woodworth to not stand in the street or block traffic. Woodworth seemed unable to comply with their request as he was engrossed in his performance, but he remained peaceful and silent. He removed himself from the street once, but returned after the officers started walking away. The officers were very patient and peaceful, and provided multiple warnings, but ultimately arrested Woodworth after he continued to disobey their warning to not obstruct traffic by standing in the street or crossing the street excessively slowly.