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A man arrested for attempting to bring more than 3 pounds of marijuana aboard a flight at San Francisco International Airport claimed the marijuana was for his personal use.

But that's not even the strange part, reports San Francisco's KPIX-TV. Enrico Esguerra, 36, told police that he was a voracious consumer of marijuana by eating it, rather than smoking it. Esguerra, who had a California medical marijuana card with him when he was arrested, said that his doctor had recommended he have 15 pounds of marijuana with him to satiate his appetite.

What did a jury think of Esguerra's pot-eating explanation?

A Florida man proved to himself (and all of us) that you can fit a chainsaw in your pants, but you might have to deal with a theft charge.

Police arrested Anthony Ballard, 28, on suspicion of shoplifting a chainsaw from the Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment store in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Despite all those sharp metal bits near his nethers, Ballard allegedly made it out of the store and dumped the power tool in a wooded lot before escaping. But as reported by TCPalm, police have some interesting surveillance video in their possession.

What happened after this feat of chainsaw pocketing, and what does Ballard face in court?

A Utah man was arrested for pointing a loaded rifle at his own daughter after a game of "Battleship" apparently didn't go his way.

Utah County Sheriff's deputies arrested 68-year-old John Valenzuela after receiving a 911 call from the man's 17-year-old daughter, Salt Lake City's KSL-TV reports. Though the daughter managed to dial 911, she was reportedly not able to speak with dispatchers.

How were authorities able to find her?

A Florida woman is facing aggravated battery charges for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend to protect her pet turtle.

Marie Seymour, 53, was taken into police custody on Tuesday, while her boyfriend was taken to a Palm Beach Gardens hospital. According to the Palm Beach Post, Seymour is accused of stabbing her boyfriend after a drunken threat that he was going to "harm her turtle."

Is there a legal defense available for this reptile lover?

A New York mom has been arrested for allegedly plotting to have her daughter's ex killed and fed to alligators.

Melisa Schonfield, 57, was arrested Friday after meeting with an undercover detective who she believed was her murder-for-hire contact. According to ABC News, Schonfield allegedly tried to hire Det. Dave Pustizzi to kill Ernesto Negrillo, the Florida baby daddy of her 2-year-old granddaughter. In addition to allegedly wanting Negrillo killed, Schonfield thought it best that her contract killer dispose of Negrillo's body by feeding it to alligators.

What kind of charges are pending for this alleged alligator murder-for-hire mom?

A DWI suspect arrested in New York is facing additional charges after he allegedly tried to eat his Breathalyzer test results.

According to The Associated Press, Kenneth Desormes, 40, was stopped for speeding on Interstate 95 on Sunday and arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. But back at the Tarrytown, New York, State Police station, Desormes allegedly tried to snatch and eat his Breathalyzer results as they were printing.

Will this DWI suspect get more than a tummyache for attempting to take a bite out of criminal justice?

An "aggressive mopper" at a Connecticut hotel was arrested on Monday after allegedly terrifying hotel staff and taking the cleaning into his own hands.

John Thornton, 30, apparently wasn't satisfied with the job that a hotel employee was doing with her mop, because he grabbed the cleaning tool from her and started his "aggressive mopping," as a police report described it. The hotel worker was left "shaken and crying," Hartford's WFSB-TV reports.

Yes, "aggressive mopping" is weird, but is it illegal?

A Mississippi man who was previously declared legally dead was sentenced to death on Friday. No, he's not a zombie (that would be "undead"), he was just missing for so long that a court declared him dead.

Thomas Sanders, 57, was declared dead in 1994 after he'd abandoned his family in 1987. However, that wasn't to say that he was exactly lying low. The Associated Press reports that a federal jury convicted Sanders for the kidnapping and death of a 12-year-old Las Vegas girl in 2010.

How did lawyers resurrect Sanders, only for jurors to return the death penalty?

A New York postal carrier is accused of hoarding 40,000 pieces of mail in his apartment, car, and post office locker.

Joseph Brucato, 67, admitted that he had been hoarding the undelivered mail since 2005, reports the New York Post. It took postal agents five hours to remove more than 2,500 pounds of mail that Brucato had squirreled away, including letters, magazines, and coupon books.

How did authorities discover Brucato's stash, and what kind of charges might he now face?

A Florida man who raped his puppy was sentenced to five years in state prison on Friday.

James Guy Bull, 62, a real credit to the Sunshine State, was sentenced on two counts of felony cruelty to animals and various misdemeanor charges related to sex with and cruelty to animals, reports USA Today. Bull pleaded guilty to the charges based various incidents where neighbors had seen him "fondling" or "in the act of having sex" with his 8-month-old female pit bull, Coco.

How did prosecutors deal with this puppy rapist case?