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I'm sick. I have a doctor's appointment. My dog needs to go to the vet. A sinkhole ate my house. My grandmother died. These are all perfectly fine lies to tell your coworkers about why you're not at work.

But, I've been kidnapped? As we learned in The Big Lebowski, that's where we draw a line in the sand, dude.

We've all had that moment, right? Just after a heated exchange we think of the exact right thing to say. Well what if it doesn't hit you until 30 years later? Is that too late to pick up the argument again?

One man in Kentucky didn't think so, and his effort to win an argument with his deceased father landed him in jail.

This isn't the first time we've covered a story of bizarre criminal activities involving men in Florida. But in this case, the story centers around a true hero.

Stan Pannaman was volunteering to protect sea turtle nests on a Lauderdale-by-the-Sea beach when a drunken man assaulted him, and then shot Pannaman with his own gun.

Is spending 30 years in prison too long for giving someone a wedgie?

Brad Lee Davis was just sentenced to 30 years in prison after he pled guilty to first degree manslaughter for killing his stepfather with an atomic wedgie.

Man Steals Hearse During Funeral

Why would anyone want to steal a hearse?

Joe Brown and his family were getting ready to carry his father's casket from the church to the hearse when they were given the bad news. The hearse was gone!

Naked Man Steals Deputy's Car

Something about being naked makes a lot of people do crazy things.

Earlier this month on July 4th, a naked New Mexico man was arrested after he stole a police car and fled captivity. You may be surprised to know that this is not a particularly rare occurrence.

People never seem to look twice at a person in a uniform.

A thief, dressed as an armored truck driver, got away with a bagful of Walmart's money, without raising any alarms.

Police are now on the lookout for the costumed bandit.

Butt Grabbers Abound in Florida

Be careful ladies. There's a serial butt grabber out there.

The Florida International University (FIU) Police Department are on the hunt for a butt grabber who has attacked multiple women since June of last year.

Police are unsure if this is the work of one man or several men.

It's not racism because I'm a minority too. It's not sexist because I'm a woman too. It's not a hate crime because I'm gay too?

On Cinco de Mayo, two gay men were beaten during a brawl. The victims claim it was a hate crime. The defendant claims he's gay too, so it's not a hate crime. Is being gay a defense to a gay hate crime?

What's the best way to protest the police? Civil defecation!

In Shelby Township, Michigan, Daisy was arrested and thrown into the backseat of a police car. She was so angry that she decided to get a little revenge. By pooping all over the back seat!

Did we mention that Daisy is a pig?