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In one Nevada city, some residents are feeling a little bit more at ease after a woman was taken into custody for basically treating her 3 tigers like house cats. Neighbors reported that the woman would just let her tigers roam outside on her property. The property only had a four-foot high fence around the perimeter, and it didn't appear that the tigers would be restrained when outside.

While photos of the tigers with their owner may look cute, and there were no reports of tiger attacks leading up to the arrest, there are important safety rules and laws about exotic animals that need to be followed. For the most part, owning exotic pets is usually illegal, especially if they are endangered or dangerous.

Two Southern California teenagers are in custody after being arrested last Friday for robbing a 7-11 convenience store. After being arrested, the pair of teens were linked to four prior robberies at the exact same location as well as a few other robberies nearby.

The two seventeen year olds were attempting to make their getaway when they were pulled over by an officer who had been keeping the area under surveillance and was able to respond in under a minute. When the officer pulled the teens over, she discovered a loaded handgun, as well as two BB guns and masks and clothing fitting the description.

Officers in Portland, Maine encountered 30-year-old white male, Asher Woodworth, dressed as a rather convincing tree, standing in the street blocking traffic. If it weren't for the rather conspicuous boots he was wearing, he would have appeared to be a tree popping up out of the street. Woodworth, who was crossing the street at a snail's pace while dressed as a convincing tree, was mid-performance art performance when officers interrupted.

When the officers arrived, they asked Woodworth to not stand in the street or block traffic. Woodworth seemed unable to comply with their request as he was engrossed in his performance, but he remained peaceful and silent. He removed himself from the street once, but returned after the officers started walking away. The officers were very patient and peaceful, and provided multiple warnings, but ultimately arrested Woodworth after he continued to disobey their warning to not obstruct traffic by standing in the street or crossing the street excessively slowly.

5 Crazy Storage Unit Crimes

Renting a storage unit is usually a run-of-the-mill experience. You rent a space, you buy a lock, you put stuff in the space, you put your lock on the door, then return once a year to add more stuff until you need to upgrade to a larger or second space. Occasionally though, you hear about crazy crimes or just really weird occurrences that happen at self-storage locations, and you feel thankful that you've never had that experience.

The following 5 crazy storage unit crimes might make you think twice about renting a self-storage unit at a location that doesn't provide some level of security.

A Florida mom is now in the same jail as her daughter after being arrested for mailing her daughter drugs while the daughter was in jail. The 55-year-old mother, Nadine Carroll, is being charged with smuggling contraband into the jail, while her daughter, 27, was charged with possession of cocaine and driving on a suspended license approximately two weeks before her mother sent the drugs.

The Florida jail noticed that the envelope sent by Carroll had a chemical smell, and when they opened it, discovered a suspicious substance that turned out to be a type of synthetic opioid. Neither mother or daughter have commented on the situation, nor is it known whether either have retained counsel.

Police Chief Tim Lentz, of the Covington, LA police department issued a warning to the clowns in his town to stop clowning around. This warning was in response to a disturbing new trend of creepy clowns just showing up and creeping people out in public places.

At present, creepy clowns sightings have been reported in 28 states. Due to the large response the clowns have received on social media, it is likely the trend will continue. Clowns have been advised that the police are not clowning around.

An Ontario, Canada, man is being charged with two counts of mischief by Canadian authorities for bringing a Carrie Underwood song, 'Before he cheats,' to life. Allegedly, the 43-year-old Canadian from St. Mary's not only punctured the windshield and slashed the tires of a Dodge truck, he may have left an oversized note on the windshield saying: "I might've saved a little trouble for the next girl."

While the Carrie Underwood song is about a woman vandalizing the car of her man/lover/boyfriend (or former man/lover/boyfriend) who has cheated on her, it's unclear if there is any motive for the vandalism in this case. Also unclear is whether the victim has any relationship with or to the impressionable perpetrator, or whether the vehicle owner was out with a bleached-blond date that was having a fruity drink and getting frisky.

Look, none of us like being in hospitals. Most everyone there is sick or injured, or attempting to comfort someone who is sick or injured. Hospitals are an institutional reminder of human frailty and the all-too-brief nature of existence on this planet. Plus, they smell funny.

Still, that's no reason to say, "F*** it," steal an ambulance, and try and drive it home. So don't do like David Joseph Karosus, of Carbondale, Pennsylvania did, lest you'd rather spend a couple years in prison rather than a couple more days in the hospital.

If you're the kind of grandparent that would jump at the chance to help your grandchildren (and let's face it, what grandparent isn't?), you'll want to be a little more careful lending a helping hand this summer. The ever-popular grandparent scam -- wherein scammers pose as grandchildren in desperate need for financial help -- is booming again, thanks to kids travelling on summer vacation.

So be on guard, grandparents, and know how to stay safe from the grandparent scam this summer.

Sinister Side of Pokemon Go Shows Itself

Everyone knows about Pokemon Go by now. It's an augmented reality game that can be downloaded on a phone and played at home and in the world.

Players try to catch colorful cartoon characters by luring them or going out to hunt them down. The game has been received very enthusiastically by many and is being downloaded in record numbers. But like any cultural phenomenon, however positive it may seem, there are downsides. In the case of Pokemon Go, it's the potential for injury and for crime.