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Sixteen Amish men and women convicted of federal hate crimes for chopping off the hair and beards of fellow followers of the Amish faith had their convictions overturned by an Ohio appeals court.

The series of attacks, led by the aptly named Samuel Mullet Sr., were charged as hate crimes by federal prosecutors in 2012, resulting in a 15-year sentence for Mullet and lesser sentences for 15 of his followers, eight of whom still remain in prison, reports The New York Times.

What was behind these bizarre hair attacks and why did the court overturn the defendants' hate crime convictions?

The conventional wisdom is that increased use of drugs and alcohol in married couples leads to greater risk of domestic violence.

However, the results of a new study are casting some doubt on that wisdom, at least as far as marijuana is concerned, reports The Huffington Post.

Does hitting the bong as a married couple really make it less likely that you'll hit you spouse?

An Oregon woman has confessed to setting a 51,000-acre wildfire to help out her "bored firefighter friends," and now she's due to be sentenced.

Sadie Renee Johnson, 23, was convicted in federal court in May after pleading guilty to setting the Sunnyside Turnoff Fire, which forced evacuations of dozens of homes and closed the Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Village, reports Central Oregon's KTVZ. In Johnson's defense, she said she thought she was only setting "a two-day fire."

So what legal consequences are facing this strangely motivated arsonist?

A Florida man accused of killing his roommate used his iPhone to ask Siri how to hide the dead body, according to evidence presented at trial.

Strangely, the Palm Beach Post reports that Siri actually responded to Pedro Bravo's request, giving suggestions like: "Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps."

Aside from wondering what Apple's programmers might have been thinking, can this sort of Siri "testimony" be evidence against Bravo?

A Colorado inmate accused of falsely complaining about finding a hair in his food is facing felony charges after police say he planted the hair himself.

Earlier this year, Summit County jail inmate Ray Wolfe told jail staff that he found a long, dark hair mixed in with the beef stroganoff he was served for dinner, reports Denver's KCNC-TV. Jail officials launched an investigation to discover the source of the hair -- and found surveillance footage that they claim shows Wolfe placing a hair in his own tray.

Wolfe may have bit off a little more than he can chew, however. He is now facing up to 24 additional years behind bars for his allegedly false claim. What is he being charged with?

A model who was arrested for taking part in a nude body-painting exhibition in New York City's Time Square has filed a lawsuit against the city and the New York Police Department.

30-year-old Karla Storie's lawsuit claims she dropped her underwear just seconds before the area was covered with paint by artist Andy Golub during the artist's 2011 Time Square public exhibition, reports the New York Post. Nevertheless, she was arrested on charges of public lewdness and exposure. The charges were dismissed in 2012

Was Storie's stripped-down stunt really against the law or does she have a legitimate case?

A Florida grandmother will be serving six months in jail after being caught doing the nasty in a retirement village's public pavilion.

Peggy Klemm, 68, soon to be the hottest cougar in Sumter County jail, accepted a plea deal in the face of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct charges filed after she was caught boinking at Lake Sumter Landing's Market Square (in a retirement town known as "The Villages.") Orlando's WKMG-TV reports that Klemm, a grandmother of 14, was tearful in court as she said "so long" to her husband of 50 years -- who was not the man she was caught having sex with.

So while the thought of sexagenarian sex may not be the most titillating, did Klemm really deserve jail time for public sex?

Anyone who has rented out their house or apartment through online home-sharing service Airbnb has probably asked themselves, at least rhetorically, what's the worst that could happen?

Well, a San Francisco woman's experience with an unruly Airbnb tenant in her Palm Springs condo is illustrating the dark side of the burgeoning sharing economy. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Airbnb tenant stopped paying rent 30 days into his stay, but now refuses to leave and is using California's tenant's rights rules to remain in the woman's condo rent-free.

What led to this woman's nightmare scenario, and why has it been so difficult to get this Airbnb squatter to leave?

A 9-year-old Minnesota girl fed up with her parents' alleged use and sale of marijuana in their home decided to take action.

She walked into the Barnesville police station last month and gave detailed descriptions to police about where to find her parents' stash of meth, as well as seven marijuana plants, reports ABC News.

What was the final straw for this little girl, and what charges could her parents potentially be facing as a result?

A Texas car salesman may have snapped a picture worth a thousand words ... and potentially two years in jail.

Pedro Elimeleo Zuniga-Martinez, 22, of Brownsville, was working at a used-car lot when a female customer told police that he'd taken a picture of her buttocks with his phone. Strangely, Zuniga-Martinez allegedly admitted to taking the photo, but Harlingen's KGBT-TV reports that the alleged butt photographer couldn't find the illicit pic.

What may come of this border-town butt pic?