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An Ohio veteran has been cited for violating a county ordinance, all because he was keeping 14 "therapy ducks" in his backyard.

The Coschocton Tribune reports that Darin Welker, 36, was fined $50 for keeping his feathered friends, which he claims "help him cope with post traumatic stress disorder and depression" after his tour in Iraq. The local judge was unsympathetic, telling Welker that if the law says no ducks, "then there are no ducks."

Is there anything Welker can do to keep his therapy ducks?

Keeping a well-manicured lawn is important for property values, appearances, and good old-fashioned neighborly manners. It might even be required by your neighborhood home owners' association. But is not doing so a crime?

Apparently, in Tennessee, it can be. Karen Holloway, of Lenoir City, was given a five-day jail sentence because she failed to maintain her lawn to the level required by a city ordinance. After an appeal, which included arguments about her right to counsel, the sentence was reduced to six hours, reports Knoxville's WLTV.

But still: Six hours in jail for not cutting the grass? Apparently so.

Burning Man is almost upon us, and eager Burners may not know a few very important legal facts about partying on the Playa.

For many, Burning Man is a symbol of freedom from authoritarian rule, social restrictions on dress, and inhibitions regarding drug use. But while it may feel like a pocket universe, it's actually still in Nevada... in the United States. And it's still subject to many laws.

So don't be a legal sparkle pony, know these five Burning Man legal facts before you hit the Playa:

An Ohio vet's unconventional form of therapy is ruffling some legal feathers: He's been cited for owning therapy ducks.

Iraq veteran Darin Welker of West Lafayette is facing a minor misdemeanor for owning 14 ducks, despite the fact that he claims they are therapeutic for his PTSD and back injury. The Marion Star reports that while the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) was willing to pay for Welker's back surgery, it didn't cover any physical or emotional therapy.

So what legal quack said it's wrong for Welker to keep his therapy ducks?

Low-income residents of Berkeley, California, may soon have a chance to score some free weed from medical marijuana dispensaries, thanks to a pending change to the famously liberal city's pot laws.

In a unanimous vote Tuesday, Berkeley's City Council approved a first reading of amendments to the city's medical marijuana ordinance. Among the proposed changes: to require at least 2 percent of medical marijuana dispensaries' "green" medicine to be given away at no cost to low-income members. "The pot has to be of good quality too," the East Bay Express reports.

But before you pack up your pipe and hitchhike to Berkeley, let's go over the details of this free medical weed ordinance.

New regulations adopted in New York state are set to allow pet owners to be buried with their pets.

Late New Yorker Joey Ramone would not have approved.

Nevertheless, the regulations are set to take effect next month. What do they allow, and what made New York legislators consider allowing human remains in pet cemeteries in the first place?

A Georgia city is being sued over its sex-toy law, which a federal lawsuit alleges is unconstitutional.

The city of Sandy Springs, Georgia, has enforced an ordinance that labels sex toys as obscene and prohibits their sale without proof of non-recreational use, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But some residents have alleged that this law violates their constitutional rights.

What's the inside story on this sex-toy ban?

Pot Cookies a 'Significant' Factor in Tourist's Death: Coroner

While marijuana is usually known for mellowing users out, a college student visiting Colorado for spring break jumped off a balcony after eating pot cookies and died, a coroner's report states.

Levy Thamba, 19, wanted to try out the "legal" pot in Colorado, investigators say. But what was slated to be a fun trip turned tragic when Thamba jumped off his hotel's fourth-floor balcony after a bad reaction to pot cookies, The Denver Post reports.

There are many legal questions yet to be answered, including whether anyone can potentially be held liable for Thamba's death.

Penis Tattoo 'Sext' Message Appeal: Court Sides With Sender

If you're a Georgia man who loves to sext pictures of your penis tattoo, rejoice. The Georgia Supreme Court has sided with a man who sexted a picture of his tattooed penis to a lady who wasn't at all impressed.

According to the court, Charles Leo Warren III should not have been charged under a criminal indecency law when he sexted an image of his tattooed penis, UPI reports. Warren's genital tattoo reads: "STRONG E nuf 4 A MAN BUT Made 4 A WOMAN."

Why did the court side with Warren and his unsolicited sext message? Three numbers: 16-12-81.

Unreturned VHS Rental Gets Woman Arrested 9 Years Later

A South Carolina woman has been arrested for never returning a VHS rental. If you're wondering who in the world still watches VHS tapes, rest assured, the rental was from 2005 -- the year of "Hollaback Girl," "Capote," the death of Pope John Paul II, and Hurricane Katrina.

Kayla Michelle Finley, 27, of Pickens County, is facing a misdemeanor charge of "failure to return a rented video cassette," CNN reports.

The real crime: It was a Jennifer Lopez movie.