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New 'Peeple' App to Allow Online Reviews of You

A new app will allow us to rate each other online. Peeple, set for release in November, is Yelp for, well, people.

The Peeple tag line is "Character is Destiny." The app seems destined to be the source of numerous libel lawsuits. Anyone who has your cell phone number can create a profile for you and rate you online. And to many of us, that is not at all fine.

Selfie Stick Deaths Reveal Dangers of Narcissism and Tech

Narcissus was killed when he gazed lovingly at his own reflection in a pool of water and drowned. Now technology has brought Greek mythology to life.

Twelve people died from selfie-stick-related deaths in 2015, and that is just known cases. Let's take a look at these sticks and the safety hazards they present.

Flying in the face of new Texas legislation allowing citizens to openly carry handguns in the state, Whataburger has said it won't allow the open carrying of firearms in any of its locations. Predictably, gun activists reacted with hysteria, promising to boycott the restaurant.

Not everyone was on the boycott bandwagon, however. For example, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America supported the move and has been successful in getting other restaurant chains to follow suit.

Let's drink some beers and fire some guns. Doesn't that sounds like a great idea?

Soon, Florida gun enthusiasts may be able to drink alcohol and shoot guns all in one place!

Can Your Yard Be Too Gay?

In a simmering battle in a Baltimore suburb, we may find out just how gay a yard can be.

Julie Baker received an anonymous letter warning that her yard was "becoming Relentlessly Gay." So she did what any normal American in 2015 would do: she started an online fundraising campaign and raised $26,000 to make her yard even more gay and more relentless.

Medical Pot for Pets? Nev. Legislator Wants to Legalize It

We thought the weirdest pet marijuana story was the "stoner dog" story from 2012. Veterinarians in Colorado said they were seeing increased cases of dogs high on marijuana after eating pot brownies their owners have left laying around.

Certainly some of those dogs needed marijuana for medical reasons, though, right? Dogs suffer from some of the same pains in old age that humans do. Why not ease their symptoms? That's what a Nevada state senator wants to do: Legalize medical pot for pets.

A powdered alcohol drink mix going by the name of Palcohol has been approved for sale in the United States, but at least one senator is trying to rain on the powdered booze parade.

So how close are you to getting your hands on a pouch of Powderita? Let's take a look at the law as it currently stands:

Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock on "Star Trek," passed away last week, and grieving fans have turned to Canadian currency for comfort.

Amateur artists were encouraged to "Spock" their Canadian $5 bills, turning cold hard cash into monetary memorials to the late actor and musician -- who kind of resembles a former Canadian prime minister, if you draw in some pointy ears and angular eyebrows.

The question is: Is this kind of tribute legal? And what are the rules for drawing on our dough here in the United States?

'Upskirting' Photographer Gets Charges Dismissed in Ore.

Guess what's legal in Oregon? Snapping upskirt photos of a 13-year-old girl in a Target store.

That's what 61-year-old Patrick Buono of Portland was accused of doing. And even though a trial judge said his actions were "lewd" and "appalling," he didn't actually do anything illegal.

How can it be that snapping such pictures isn't illegal? It turns out that Oregon's law is too specific as to what it prohibits.

Fla. Man Builds Shooting Range in His Yard, and It's Legal

A man from St. Petersburg, Florida, appeared to be in trouble after he told his neighbors he was building a shooting range in his front yard. The neighbors were outraged and called police. But believe it or not, police said Joseph Carannante, 21, wasn't breaking any laws.

The local code enforcement authority also said building a shooting range in Carannante's front yard didn't violate any local zoning or building codes, WTSP-TV reports.

Oh Florida, you so crazy.