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First Things First: Who Has Jurisdiction in Custody Case?

We always think of the "best interest of the child" as the critical issue in a child custody case.

In an international custody battle, however, the most complicated issue may be which country's court system should decide the case.

No Duty to Mitigate: Immigration Law Mandates Spousal Support

If you sponsor an immigrant spouse for permanent residency and later divorce, you could be on the line for spousal support, regardless of whether your former spouse attempts to find work, according to a recent Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruling.

Timothy Mund, an American, married Wenfang Liu in China. Two years later the couple decided to move to the United States. The Immigration and Nationality Act forbids admission of any alien who “is likely at any time to become a public charge,” so Mund had to sign an I-864 affidavit agreeing to support Liu at 125 percent of the poverty level — approximately $13,500 a year — even if they divorced.

They divorced two years later.