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In Woodridge, Illinois, it used to be that everyone who was arrested and then bailed out of jail had to pay a $30 fee. Jerry Markadonatos was arrested for misdemeanor shoplifting, arrested, booked, paid bail, and was released. Later, he pleaded guilty, served 12 months of probation, and then had the charges dismissed.

This misdemeanor and the $30 booking fee, however, led to a big split on an en banc panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. They disagreed on what the problem was, how it applied to Markadonatos, and whether he even had standing in the first place.

Here's a rundown of the Seventh Circuit panel's four separate opinions in Markadonatos v. Village of Woodridge:

The Sixth Circuit is not alone in consolidating appeals of same sex marriage cases within the circuit: last week, the Seventh Circuit consolidated two same sex marriage cases.

The Seventh Circuit also recently decided a case affecting all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes, and is going to hear a case about an Indiana law regulating the sale of cold beer. Finally, our favorite benchslapper speaks out.

Read on for details on all of these stories.

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled part of the state's gun laws unconstitutional on Thursday, following the lead of the Seventh Circuit's 2012 decision.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Illinois' High Court ruled that prosecutors must abide by the Seventh Circuit's decision and stop prosecuting any cases in which defendants were charged for merely carrying a weapon in public.

This may only affect a small number of cases, but Illinois gun owners are now a bit more certain of their rights.

Delivered: Our Valentine to Judge Posner

Confession Number One:

The problem with boldly stating in December - on the Internet, no less - a plan to wax poetic about Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner for Valentine’s Day is the necessity to follow through come February.

But we promised a sonnet, and a sonnet we shall deliver.

Top 4 Opinions from Judge Richard Posner in 2011

We have a well-documented law crush on Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner. While some people think that public professions of law crushes are odd, we have found that we're not alone in our admiration for this particular jurist.

Every time we discuss Judge Posner with a fellow attorney, we hear the same thing: You love Judge Posner? I love him, too.

With that in mind, we're pandering to the Posner-philes and capping off the first week of 2012 with some of our favorite Posner-penned opinions of 2011.

Kevin Trudeau to Pay $37.6 Million Fine for Misrepresentations

The sweet siren song of infomercial infamy is too tempting for Kevin Trudeau.

After several multi-million dollar sanctions and bans from the infomercial airwaves, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals found last month that a district court had properly fined Trudeau $37.6 million for taking to the airwaves to promote The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About, with infomercials that the courts say included misrepresentations.

In upholding the fine, the Seventh Circuit noted that Trudeau had aired infomercials in violation court orders 32,000 times.

Attorneys and Ostriches: Beware the Wrath of Judge Posner

You may have noticed that we're slightly obsessed with Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner. He's our law crush because he always writes interesting opinions.

We're not naive: We know that behind every witty judge is a fleet of witty law clerks, but Judge Posner ultimately sets the tone and approves the opinions, so he's the object of our law crush. (Just wait until we start posting sonnets about him for Valentine's Day.)

With this law crush in mind, we admit that we did a double-take when reading a Posner opinion this week in which our favorite judge compared appellate attorney David McKeand to an ostrich.