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What happens when you are filthy rich and have lots of time on your hands? You sue your trustees of course, for breach of fiduciary duty. What happens when you lose the lawsuit? You have to pay your trustee's attorney's fees.

In a recent 7th Circuit case, the heirs not only lost their claim, but now owe attorney fees exceeding the amount they were suing for.

Sometimes, you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Dexia Credit Local v. Rogan, 09-2986

Judgment creditor's request for turnover of defendant's assets held in trusts in the names of defendant's children

Dexia Credit Local v. Rogan, 09-2986, concerned a plaintiff's suit for supplemental proceedings, requesting turnover of assets held in trusts that defendant had established, including trusts in the names of each of defendant's three adult children, to satisfy a $124 million judgment against defendant.