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The two men on trial were African American -- but no member of their jury was, after the prosecution had dismissed all of the black, potential jurors in voir dire. And while that's typically something the defendants and their attorneys might take issue with, a recent Nashville jury raised objections over the lack of diversity as well.

At the beginning of a recent criminal trial in Nashville, one juror complained to the judge that he did not think it was fair for two black defendants to be tried by a jury without any black members, according to the Tennessean. The result: Criminal Court Judge Cheryl Blackburn sent the whole jury packing.

NJ Lawyers Get Sanctioned for Facebook Spying

When news came out that two New Jersey defense attorneys had spied on a plaintiff through Facebook, there was obvious buzz within the legal community over bright-line rules and attorney ethics. Just what qualifies as an "unauthorized" communication?

Lawyers should always take steps to tread carefully in these "novel ethical issues." First impression or not, you don't want to end up being the poster child.

There's software to manage just about every aspect of the modern law office: your email, your word processing, your document storage, and your meetings. And there's even software to help you maintain and improve your client relationships.

If you're using paper client files or managing client relationships on an ad-hoc basis, we'd suggest checking out some client relationship management software. Here's why.

Sure, you've got the legal marketing basics down: a website, some print ads, all that jazz. But you want to see your firm grow bigger, faster. Can you?

Of course, with a little bit of work. To help you out, here are our favorite posts on how to take your legal marketing to the next level, courtesy of the FindLaw archives.

We all want to grow our firm's business, but what exactly do we need to achieve our goals? Thankfully, there's a simple, interactive tool available that can help firms find out just what they need to meet their growth goals. Sure, you could calculate the numbers on your own, but what fun is that? Plus, lawyers aren't known for their great math skills.

So, if you want to grow your law firm business, the new law firm growth calculator from FindLaw Lawyer Marketing will help you set your goals and grow your bottom line -- for free.

Flat Fee Confusion: Earned Upon Receipt or Trust Account?

There's a lot of confusion out there (so imagine the level of non-compliance) about the proper way to handle client funds properly, particularly flat fees. Do you place these in an interest-bearing account for the benefit of the client? How do you go about your business in good faith without putting your license and practice at risk?

Unfortunately, the rules are non-universal and can be abstract and ambiguous. Here we'll look at what some sources have to say.

PACER is no one's favorite database. Sure, the Public Access to Court Electronic Records service gives you online access to federal court documents, saving you the hassle of calling a courier or heading down to a courthouse yourself. But the service is not particularly user-friendly, intuitive, or functional. The fact that it nickel-and-dimes you (literally) for every page of public records you view is just icing on the "God, I hate PACER" cake.

And now, a coalition of nonprofits is suing over those fees, arguing that the 10-cents-a-page price tag isn't just excessive, it's illegal.

What Can You Do If You Don't Make Partner?

You've always had a dream of being a partner. Perhaps you were one of those very lucky grads who landed a position at a top law firm and moved your way into one of the associate seats, ready to show the guys at the top what you were made of.

Before you knew it, five years went by. And you're still not partner. In fact, attorneys who joined after you have made it, but you haven't! What happened? What do you do now?

If you're handling a case with significant eDiscovery needs, it's impossible to go it alone. Even large firms and businesses will bring on eDiscovery counsel, vendors, and experts to guide them through the process.

When it comes to choosing your eDiscovery team, where should you start? Here are some simple guidelines.

If you're looking for a new date night restaurant, you probably check out online reviews. If you're considering buying a new couch, you'd be smart to find out what other couch buyers have to say about it first.

When it comes to finding lawyers, clients are increasingly turning to online reviews to discover and evaluate attorneys. And being reviewed online is becoming increasingly important. According to a new survey by FindLaw's Lawyer Marketing, two-thirds of consumers would be more likely to hire a lawyer with online reviews.