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Your business is growing and you're lucky enough to need another pair of hands to handle all the work. So you've hired an associate, hoping that by bringing on another attorney, you can take on bigger cases, generate bigger pay-outs, and help another lawyer start off their career.

But not all work relationships work out. Sometimes, you have to say goodbye to your associate hires -- or rather, "you're fired." Here's when you should let an associate go.

Yelp Ordered to Remove Defamatory Lawyer Review

In a case that could set the tone for negative Yelp reviews around the country, a California appeals court affirmed a lower court's injunction that ordered Yelp to remove an angry review against a law firm. The negative Yelp review is the bane of hard-working and honest solo lawyers.

The language of the court perhaps provides a means for some attorneys and small businesses to remove defamatory reviews against their businesses whilst also avoiding some restrictions posed by the federal Communications Decency Act.

How Do Managers Hire the Best Candidate?

Did you know that according to Gallup, companies hire the wrong candidate about 82 percent of the time? In other words, companies tend to only get the right candidate less than twenty percent for each attempt at filling a vacant seat? You don't have to be a mathematician to know that this is a bad way to do business.

But sadly, the mechanism that results in choosing poor candidates is still the paradigm that most law firms use to hire attorneys. What are some of the things that firms should be doing but are not?

Women Returning to Law: OnRamp Fellowship Could Help

For many women, a difficult choice must be made whether to carry on with their careers at the expense of family, or to leave and raise a family at the expense of their careers.

The truth is that the market has not regarded women kindly after they left to raise children. But because of the efforts of one woman attorney, it appears that there's more hope for women attorneys wishing to get back into the game.

Tips for Training Associates for Loyalty

Associate attorneys occupy a strange area in the law firm hierarchy. As far as clients are concerned, one lawyer is the same as the next: they charge too much. But there’s much more to the whole associate makeup than just that overly abridged characterization.

Part of the problem is that associates are considered by most within the legal industry as exchangeable commodities that will soon leave the firm anyway. This is an attitude that we hope to change. Ideally, the associate will be the next lawyer to take the reigns of the firm in the next decade or so. But in order to do that, it’s up to you to develop a sense of loyalty.

BigLaw Firm Goes Nuts Expanding Parental Leave

The Chicago law firm of Winston & Strawn must be eyeing the prize for most-loved BigLaw firm in the Windy City -- perhaps even the country. Expanding its already generous parental leave program, the firm has decided to up its number of paid weeks to twenty.

To sweeten the deal, the firm is also doing away with "primary" and "secondary" caregivers, thus incenting more men to actually use the numbers allotted to them. What is going on with BigLaw lately? It's gotten so ... likeable.

You can't do it all yourself. If you're running a small or solo firm, you're going to have to bring in some help sooner or later. But, even if you're a wiz at the law, you might struggle with staffing and management.

To help you out, here are our top tips on finding and retaining the best talent, from the FindLaw archives.

You want to be the best boss you can be. Not only do you give your support staff a good wage and decent perks, you remember their birthdays, you promote an open office environment, you try not to make unreasonable demands.

Well guess what? It doesn’t matter. According to a recent study, you can bring everyone flowers on their birthday or scream and shout at them instead and it won’t make much of a difference — at least in terms of employee retention.

Law school is out, the sun is shining, and summer is around the corner. For many lawyers that means one thing: summer intern season.

And while the “internship economy” can be exploitive, and sometimes illegal, if it’s done right, a summer internship or clerkship can be a great experience for both lawyers and their clerks.

Why Small Firms Should Hire for the Long Term

When it comes to the whole hiring game, there is a fundamental difference between the BigLaw paradigm and the small practice paradigm. One of the most glaring differences? Money and perks.

In fact, just the prestige of going to a large law firm is oftentimes enough to lure new grads. It's true, small firms have it tougher when it comes to choosing the cream of the crop. But they really should be looking for different qualities in a new hire. In a word: loyalty.