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Open Your Law Practice in a Tiny Office From Amazon

They say tiny houses are the next big thing, but what about tiny law offices?

"How is that going to work?" you may ask. And who are "they" anyway?

"They" are tiny house builders from a popular television show. They haven't built a tiny law office, but you can buy one from Amazon for less than a Lexus.

How About a Pop-Up Law Firm?

If you can't get a traditional practice off the ground, maybe it's time to hang your shingle on a kiosk.

So what if people think you're an ambulance chaser. Why not just buy an ambulance and cut to the chase?

Maybe some lawyers will laugh at you, but you could be laughing all the way to the bank. The pop-up business is a $50 million industry.

What's in Your Disengagement Letter?

A lawyerly disengagement letter is a bit like a 'Dear John' letter.

Attorneys write them at the end of legal engagements, ideally with kindly advice and well wishes. When the relationship ends badly, however, the disengagement letter becomes more of a "CYA letter."

Here are some keys to making sure your disengagement letters protect your client's interests and your interests, too.

More and more law firms are adopting the holy grail of office floor plans, the open concept office. These floor plans eschew private working spaces for more collaborative spaces.

Maybe having client meetings in wall-less cubicles sounds less than ideal. But, for the small amount of time that lawyers actually spend meeting with clients compared to doing other work, conference and meeting rooms can provide the necessary client meeting spaces.

Surprisingly though, the trend is continuing to increase in law firms throughout the U.S. and the world. Whether or not it's time to remodel your office, you might be wondering if giving up the traditional law firm floor plan might be right for your firm.

When Do Law Firm Mergers Mean Layoffs?

While it's hard to predict the weather, it's a good bet the sun will come up tomorrow for most people.

If you are in the middle of a storm, however, it can be hard to see a way out. From the outside looking in, it becomes clearer.

Likewise, if your law firm is going through a merger, you should probably take a look around outside. No one can predict precisely when a layoff will occur, but you may want to consider your options while the cloudy future passes over.

Women Lawyers Taking More Roles in Firm Leadership

Women lawyers are taking 25 percent of the governance roles in top law firms, nearly double the amount in the last decade.

That is the brightest spot in a new report on the promotion and retention of women in American law firms. Otherwise, the National Association of Women Lawyers' survey shows little change for female lawyers in the top jobs.

"While the number of women equity partners has increased from 16 percent in 2007, it remained largely unchanged in the last 10 years," the 2017 report says.

Lawyers Can Accept Bitcoin Payments -- With Conditions

Lawyers may accept digital currencies in payment for legal services, according to a new ethics opinion.

The Nebraska ethics opinion is the first by a state ethics body, according to the ABA Journal. The Lawyers Advisory Committee issued the opinion in response to a growing use of the technology in the area, where bitcoin ATMs are already in use.

There are conditions, however, such as the requirement that lawyers immediately convert digital currencies into cash. It highlights an issue and suggests the need for at least a second opinion.

Top 5 Reasons to Bolt From Your Firm

You can find as many reasons as you want to leave your law firm: the boss is a jerk; advancement is unlikely; the hours are killing you, etc.

But you better think it through because in the law business, it is easy to go from the frying pan into the fire. That's because there are a lot of lousy bosses, under-valued workers and killer hours out there.

Here are the top five reasons to bolt the law firm, no matter what:

Should a Non-Lawyer Head Your Law Firm?

Non-lawyers running law firms -- what could possibly go wrong?

"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!" Maybe that's an over-reaction, but it's a fact that more non-lawyers are running big law firms. And they have been successful enough for a few sequels.

So what's going right with this new creature in law firm management -- the non-attorney, chief executive officer? Here are some things to consider in deciding whether to get one:

Black Attorneys Still Underrepresented in Law Firms

In an age when a black lawyer became President of the United States, it is surprising that black attorneys are the least represented ethnic group at American law firms.

According to a new survey, law firms have made little progress in diversity hiring. Only three percent of lawyers -- including associates and partners at more than 300 firms -- are black.

"Black lawyers are the least represented at every level," the ABA Journal reported.