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Law Firms Aided Weinstein's 'Sexual Enterprise,' Lawsuit Claims

It's not like we told you so, but we did say nondisclosure agreements make Weinsteins possible.

Now six women have sued Harvey Weinstein for civil racketeering and hiring lawyers "to prevent, hinder and avoid the prosecution, reporting, or disclosure of his sexual misconduct."

In the immortal words of Uncle Buck to a terrified teenager, "Is there a little similarity there?"

Best States for Small Firm 401(k) Plans

Class standings. Law school rankings. Salary comparisons.

The list goes on in the competitive law business. But there's a new list: best retirement plans.

Unlike salary increases -- which law firms announce to attract top talent -- nobody really publishes retirement benefits by firm. But now, with help from Above the Law, there is the best small firm 401(k) plans by state.

If you run a law practice, or are jointly responsible for running one, the end of year could signal the end of the fiscal year too. Sole proprietors have a matching tax and fiscal year end of December 31, by default. Law firms can simplify their own accounting by overlapping their fiscal and tax year calendars too.

Many lawyers and firms will choose to have the tax year and fiscal year overlap simply because the end of the year seems to be the slowest time for legal practices. Thus, it makes sense to make December the accounting month.

If you've recently started your own practice, or have been struggling with taxes ever since you did, below you'll find a brief crash course for your end of year accounting.

Just about every lawyer out there has had to give a client 'the talk.' You know the one where you explain to them that the civil courts aren't really about justice, but rather about moving money around. That, at the end of the day, justice not only comes at a price, but it is the price.

When it comes to revenge-hungry clients, it can often feel like no amount of reason can get through their "civil ignorance." Public vindication and emotions can often be a significant barrier to settlement. Unfortunately, when you're charging by the hour, you have a fiduciary duty to caution that revenge-driven client about their goals being inapposite to their financial or personal interests.

How to Respond When Your Opponent Calls You Stupid

'OMG, are you stupid?'

When your opponent says that in the midst of litigation, it means at least one of two things: either you are stupid or your opponent is stupid. It could also mean you are both stupid, but let's keep it simple.

In the case of Bradley P. Moss against Donald Trump, history will be the judge. For the rest of us, maybe we should keep our "stupid" thoughts to ourselves because it's never a good look to say everything that comes to mind.

Law Firm Secretary Awarded $277K for Overtime

It's not a good look when a firm practices employment law, but doesn't pay overtime.

For one Los Angeles law firm, it looked even worse when a court ordered the firm to pay almost $277,000 in attorney's fees to their former secretary.

Noemi Bernal was awarded $91,000, plus $30,000 in interest, against J.J. Little & Associates on her wage claims. With the additional attorney's fees award, it was more than adding insult to injury.

For most lawyers, Thanksgiving is the beginning of the end ... of the year, that is. And even for those lawyers that have to meet a billable hour requirement, like every other person employed in a non-retail job, once that first Thanksgiving break hits, the natural tendency is to hit the coast button.

However, nothing brings that holiday coasting to a screeching halt like an unwanted call from an opposing counsel or client with some unforeseen task or dispute. While you always want to take calls from prospective clients, avoiding a call that could throw your holiday schedule out of whack requires careful planning and preparation.

Running a small law practice can be overwhelming. In addition to being a (or the) revenue generator, you also have to be the boss and manage the business side of things too. Fortunately, small firm clients understand that since they're paying less, their lawyers are not going to have all the perks of big firm lawyers.

Unfortunately though, those same clients certainly won't understand if your small firm doesn't have all the same perks for clients as a big firm would. After all, you're not cutting costs to put more money in your pocket. When it comes to wooing new clients, small firms may need to make sure their appearance matches their big promises.

Can 'Best Practices' Be Bad for Your Law Practice?

Before Copernicus published his book 'On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres,' the scientific community traditionally thought that the Earth was the center of the universe.

That's thousands of years of wrong.

So what does that have to do with "best practices" and law practices? Well, maybe the traditional way of doing things is not exactly right.

Legal Sector Lost 1,100 Jobs in October

If you've lost a job recently, don't take it personally.

According to labor statistics, the legal services sector lost 1,100 jobs last month. Out of more than a million people in legal services, it is not a large enough loss for profession-wide depression.

But for any individual, losing a job can be discouraging. It can also provide perspective, however, about where to go next.