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How to Spot and Avoid Clients Who Will Waste Your Time

For solo practitioners or lawyers working in a smaller firm setting, time is at a premium. That's why bad, non-paying clients are universally despised. But how do you spot the bad apple client who will just waste your time?

Here are some tips you should keep in mind for handling a legal leech if your ever so unfortunate to encounter one.

We all want to grow our firm's business, but what exactly do we need to achieve our goals? Thankfully, there's a simple, interactive tool available that can help firms find out just what they need to meet their growth goals. Sure, you could calculate the numbers on your own, but what fun is that? Plus, lawyers aren't known for their great math skills.

So, if you want to grow your law firm business, the new law firm growth calculator from FindLaw Lawyer Marketing will help you set your goals and grow your bottom line -- for free.

What Can You Do If You Don't Make Partner?

You've always had a dream of being a partner. Perhaps you were one of those very lucky grads who landed a position at a top law firm and moved your way into one of the associate seats, ready to show the guys at the top what you were made of.

Before you knew it, five years went by. And you're still not partner. In fact, attorneys who joined after you have made it, but you haven't! What happened? What do you do now?

3 Basic Ways to Keep Your Clients

Clients are hard to find, so the very last thing you want to do is lose them. You’ve put in so much work, invested so much effort, and — yes — relied on a fair bit of luck to convince someone to walk through your door. They’ve even hired you. So, shouldn’t you at least spend as much effort to retain them?

Well, casual observations indicate that lawyers are not very good at this — the retention part. Here are a couple of things you should watch out for in your own practice.

Driverless, automated cars are the future -- at least if you listen to techies. Companies like Google and Tesla are pouring millions into self-driving cars. Ford and GM have jumped on the bandwagon. Even the Department of Transportation is getting on board, with the new driverless car funding and regulation.

You know who else is excited? Personal injury lawyers -- even though hi-tech cars might reduce automobile accidents. Here's why.

How to Prepare for Your First Client Meeting

If you're new to this whole lawyer thing, you'll soon have to tackle your first client meeting. Do you know how to prepare?

Probably not. Unless you've spent time meeting with people in other professional settings, the initial client meeting can be thrilling and nerve-racking for some attorneys. Fear not, it will get less scary with repetition. But in the meantime, here are some things that you should do at your very first initial client meeting.

A Happy Client a Day Keeps the Malpractice Suit Away

Malpractice is the potential danger to every attorney that should be regarded with deadly seriousness. If you're a rash go-getter, this can both be good and bad for you. Your personality can be good at the negotiating table in pushing up settlement figures for your client. But it can also have a tendency to make you arrogant and flip. Such lawyers tend to also run legal-mills.

Know this: only dissatisfied or unhappy clients sue you for malpractice. You became an attorney to sue others, not get sued yourself. So take the time to polish up your best practices guide with regards to handling and treating your clients with kid gloves. Sometimes, prevention is can be your best bet.

Look Before You Hire: The Costs of Bad Hires for Law Firms

Job seekers often complain about the job search process. The common complaint is that it's drawn out, overly complex and layered, or unnecessary. Although the need to vent is understandable, employees should also appreciate what employers are trying to do: save themselves some headache.

Today, the costs of hiring badly can get way up there. Think more than dollars and cents. Employers should heed the warning well and look before they hire.

Everyone's least favorite holiday, tax day, is fast approaching. If your fiscal year matches the calendar year and you (or better yet, your accountant) haven't gotten all your tax filings in order just yet, don't worry. You've still time to get everything together -- and to make sure you're getting all the tax deductions you're entitled to, while avoiding some common law firm tax pitfalls.

To help you out, here's FindLaw's top tax tips for your small firm or solo practice.

Is the medical malpractice world about to experience some dramatic change? Yes, if congressional Republicans get their way.

Congress is currently considering a bill that would cap damages for pain and suffering and reduce attorneys' contingent fees. Let's take a look.