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Niche Legal Practices Areas That Have Taken Off in Recent Years

The bad news is some practice areas are gone. The good news is others are taking their place.

According to reports, scores of new practice areas have evolved in recent years. Fifteen years ago, they didn't even exit.

It's a trend that gives attorneys opportunities that they've never seen before. Most have evolved out of emerging technologies, new legislation, and social changes. Here are some of the new niches:

Now Is a Good Time to Seek Pardons for Immigrants

In his farewell speech, President Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke of a military-industrial complex -- an informal alliance whereby the nation's military feeds the arms industry.

With his inaugural speech, President Donald Trump spoke of a battle against immigrants. It also has created a complex relationship between federal, state, and private parties in an evolving industry.

Immigration attorneys have seen a dramatic increase in business, and new developments are bringing more opportunities. It's the worst of times for immigrants, but the best of times for lawyers to seek pardons for them.

Kick Off 2018 With New Customer Service Goals

So maybe you've already broken your New Year's resolution; it's alright. We live one day -- not one year -- at a time.

Progress usually occurs in small steps anyway. So let's start 2018 with the number one priority for improving a law business: better client service.

After all, what good is a new office, new technology, or new practice area without clients? Exactly. Here are some client service goals to consider:

Is It Time to Become a Tax Lawyer?

The president's new tax law promises to be a boon to business, as the trillion dollar tax cut benefits large corporations and wealthy investors.

Average Americans will see reductions, too, but another strata of society will actually make money on the new legislation. That's right, it will be a great time for tax lawyers.

According to analysts, the tax laws will create many opportunities for attorneys. They will be busy finding loopholes for the wealthy and debt relief for everybody else.

When Is It Time to Quit a Professional Organization?

Unless you really don't like lawyers, it's a good idea to hang out with them socially sometimes.

It's about camaraderie, networking, and professional associations. And for every business-minded attorney, it's also about referrals.

But if we're talking about the business side of professional organizations, here are some cost considerations when deciding when to hang out and when to get out:

Longshot Exit Strategy: Seek a BigLaw Buyout

The start-up strategy, often, is to build until you're bought.

It has made millionaires and billionaires out of tech company founders. Small firm lawyers, not so much.

That's because BigLaw typically doesn't buy budding practices, especially not solo attorneys' offices. But in an age of innovation, asks one popular practitioner, why not dream a little?

The best things in life are free. And, surprisingly, when it comes to internet marketing for law firms, this is very true. But, just because so much SEO is basically free if you can do it yourself, you surely shouldn't abuse those free sources of marketing to the point where Google suspends your law firm from the internet.

For many, it will come as a surprise that there is a large number of lawyers that are gaming these free internet marketing resources. One in particular, Google's business pages, is among the most often abused free SEO tools available, and one that can easily be turned off by Google if a business is discovered violating their rules. It's also one that small firms should not be ignoring because it works and can really level the playing field.

If you are unaware of what constitutes SEO abuse, or how to take advantage of the free SEO resources available, you can get a few tips below.

What to Do for Immigrants and Clients in a Hostile Social Environment?

A murderer, a drug dealer, a drunk driver -- a few of my least popular clients.

They were not accused; they were already convicted. But clients like that are practically dead men walking into the courtroom because of a prejudice against innocence.

Lawyers have to fight for unpopular clients more than ever. That's because the legal world can be a hostile place -- especially for immigrants in America today. 

Best Niche Practice Areas for Bilingual Lawyers

Language is a cultural thing, not a legal thing.

But they can intersect in law practice, and the work depends on the community where lawyers serve. Attorneys who speak that community's language typically have an advantage over those who do not.

It might be an immigrant neighborhood, or a client from a foreign culture. But bilingual lawyers find their niche in a demographic area more than in a practice area.

How to Say 'Seasons Greetings' on a Budget

It's not too early to think about seasons greetings, and for some things it's probably too late.

So let's just talk about what you can do this season -- especially if you're on a budget. Assuming you're not a Grinch, let's say you can spend a couple hundred bucks to cheer up your clients.

Come on. If you're charging a couple hundred bucks an hour, you can do this.