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One of the more creative ideas I've had for advertising a law firm was to put a DUI law firm's phone number on bottle openers and either leave them on the counter at a liquor store or toss 'em into cases of beer at nearby stores. I never tried this -- it probably violates some ethical rule that I was too lazy to look up, but it seemed like a good idea in theory.

It's also a good idea, in theory for a law firm to mock a brewery's logo for advertising purposes: in this case, Sessions Law imitating Session Brewery. The best part is, the logo was not only used online, but it was also used on brown paper bag covers for beer cans, reports the ABA Journal. The brewery, unsurprisingly, is suing for trademark infringement.

Providing free and helpful information is kind of our thing -- blogs, cases, codes, and practice guides for lawyers, Learn About the Law and blogs for consumers, etc. But you don't always want to read online articles, or print out blog posts. And sometimes, you want a more comprehensive approach to a topic than 400 words of snark-filled brilliance. (Dusts off shoulders.)

That's why we have Mini Guides. Each of these free little e-books contains an in-depth discussion on a single topic. For lawyers, we talk about social media use, malpractice insurance, negotiating liens, etc. We also cover consumer topics for your clients, the list of which would fill my word count, and might lull you in to a deep sleep.

Here's the rundown:

Way back in 2004, those of us who first joined Facebook had a simple metric for success: friend count. The more friends we had, the cooler we were. (Okay, we were sad little nerds for even caring, but still, Internet friends are better than imaginary ones.)

At a certain point, however, it stopped mattering. What was more important was logging on and seeing a friend's new baby, or sharing a funny link on your brother's wall. It's not about quantity of friends: it's about quality of interactions. It's called engagement and companies are finally catching on.

For lawyers, being interviewed on TV may seem like a piece of cake. After all, you've interviewed clients and grilled hostile witnesses, so you know how to handle yourself, right? But from a former TV news producer's perspective (this blogger used to be one), there are many things a lawyer can do to make or break a recorded TV news interview.

We've come up with 10 tips for lawyers to keep in mind when being interviewed for TV. Today we'll cover the first five tips, which apply to TV interviews in general:

Want to spend more time practicing, and less time advertising? Leave the marketing to the experts.

So much of marketing today emphasizes a digital presence, almost to the detriment of good 'ol, tried and true, marketing materials. As one of the few professions that still deals with a lot of paper, it may make sense to have some of your marketing materials in a tangible format -- and one of those pieces of paper should be a law firm one-sheet.

One-sheet? Yep. If you have no idea what that is, keep reading.

How many of you actually market your law firm?

Of those engaging in lawyer marketing, how many of you measure your results, or in business parlance your return on investment? We're going to guess that not a lot of you are doing this. So how do you know if marketing works for you? How do you know which campaigns are more successful? How do you know if you should use marketing at all?

With all of these questions, you may not be sold on marketing your law firm. We understand, that's why we're here to talk to you like lawyers -- to present you the evidence and build the case for lawyer marketing.

There's no such thing as bad publicity. We've all heard that, but really, instead of bad publicity, you should be looking to gain free (and preferably good) publicity for your law firm.

Easier said than done, right? It does require some work, but it is easier than you probably think. All you need to do is roll up your sleeves, and come up with a game plan -- the publicity will follow.

Here are five easy steps to getting free publicity for your law firm.

We've done a few posts on law firm websites, and tried to cover all the basics from branding, website design and content, and even covered the basics of search engine optimization. For some, following easy steps is enough.

Others need to see a list of what not to do. While some may warn your website is designed to fail, we're going to list for you some big don'ts of law firm website design -- if you follow enough of these, you'll have a "do" law firm website on your hands.

We are smack in the middle of National Small Business Week.

Didn't know? Didn't care? Well, as a small law firm partner, you should. Your law firm after all is a small business, and all of the things business owners have to worry about -- you do too (and then some).

Inevitably, any conversation about small business involves drumming up more business, a/k/a marketing. So to get in the swing of National Small Business Week, we thought we'd chat about law firm marketing.

The first video was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, April 23, 2005. In January 2007, Netflix started streaming video.

It's been a slow journey, but now, more than ever, online video is becoming the next big thing.