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Many lawyers get new clients from traditional word of mouth, supplemented by business cards, websites, online marketing, and maybe some T.V. or radio commercials. Lawyers more committed to marketing may take their strategy a step further, setting up billboards or even a booth at the county fair. After all, standing out in lawyer marketing means differentiating yourself from the competition, both in what you say and where you say it.

Lawyers who really want to put their marketing skills to the test shouldn't be afraid to try new, but effective advertising methods. Here are five underappreciated but valuable advertising venues you should consider:

So you know that you need some marketing, right? Web sites, business cards, maybe a TV commercial or a radio jingle. That much is clear. What isn't so clear is how much you should spend on marketing. You want to spend enough that you get a quality product, but you're a lawyer, not an ad agency.

It can be tough to figure out what the sweet spot is so that you don't overspend on marketing. So how do you come up with a marketing budget?

Complying with attorney advertising rules is more than just a couple questions on the MPRE and a headache for the rest of your life. It's an ethical obligation just like any of those other rules that our profession is governed by.

Whether it's a website, blog, billboard, or a tweet, attorneys need to know their jurisdiction's rules about attorney advertising and take care not to fall into one of these common ethical traps.

Among the most important ways that attorneys get new clients is through referrals from other attorneys. Having a solid base of referrals ensures a fairly steady stream of business, and it doesn't hurt to know other lawyers, either.

Of course, the operative question is, "How do I get in touch with attorneys?" There are a lot of ways, but today, we'll discuss direct mailers. Are direct mailers worth it?

It's officially now spring, which means (for most of the country) blue skies and warm weather. People are outdoors at fairs, festivals, and farmers markets.

What are you doing indoors on a beautiful Saturday afternoon? You should be out there, at the fair, drumming up business. Outdoor events are a great way to talk to potential clients, and even if you don't sign anyone up, you get your name out there in the neighborhood and be part of the community.

People are cheap, they like free things, and paradoxically, this can be a great way to get into their pocketbooks. How can you turn a giveaway into a payday? For many lawyers, it's via the free consult, where attorneys meet with potential clients, answering basic questions and providing simple advice.

But, when your product is your legal expertise, does it make sense to give it away? Like so many things, the answer is "it depends."

Can you name the movie associated with the phrase "In space, no one can hear you scream"? How about "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water"? What product comes to mind when you hear "Don't leave home without it"?

The answers, of course, are "Alien," "Jaws 2," and American Express. A good tagline piques an audience's interest, gives them some information about the product, and sticks with them. All of these elements come together in a good law firm tagline, too. After people see your billboards, websites, and TV commercials, how do you ensure they'll be interested and remember who you were?

Here are three things that go into a good tag line.

Client satisfaction should be central to any firm. After all, it takes much less energy to retain a client than to develop a new one. Utilizing client surveys can be a great method to gather invaluable data about your firm's performance, identify strengths and shortcomings and find new ways to improve your marketing.

Whether it's a simple online questionnaire, a lost client survey, or a formal focus group, client surveys can help you understand clients' feelings and concerns and make sure you are excelling in the areas that matter most to clients.

Internet advertising is great because, unlike traditional methods of advertising, you know exactly how many people are coming to your website. Not only that, but you can know hundreds of other things, like which website they came from, where they live, and even what Web browser they're using.

These metrics aren't the bread and butter of legal marketing; they're more like the restaurant critics. They let you know what you're doing right and wrong. Unless they don't. According to a new FindLaw white paper, your traffic report might be lying to you.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up! Men in funny green suits and plenty of green beer could have many DUI lawyers seeing plenty of green money in the days following this party-hard holiday.

According to NHTSA, DUIs rise dramatically during holidays. As people gather for holiday parties, many people inevitably drink too much alcohol. State highway patrols are now able to provide very accurate DUI fatality and arrest statistics whenever a holiday comes up.

So should lawyers take advantage of people's love of holiday drinking to market their legal services?