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In many states, the bar association will provide the public with referrals to qualified attorneys within a specialty. Often, these lawyer referral services are outsourced to local, regional bar associations, and/or certified groups. This allows clients to connect with attorneys more local to them, as well as to minimize the costs, burden, and ethical dilemma for the state-wide organization.

For firm lawyers, personally being a part of a referral network can be an avenue to generate clients for the firm. For solo lawyers, state or local bar association referral services can be their bread and butter, especially for practitioners that qualify for the conflict attorney panels, or to be named as court appointed attorneys. Depending on your locale and specialty, you might be surprised by how many referrals you might be able to get.

How to Capitalize on Media Mentions

So you got your Andy Warhol minutes of fame from a news story, but now what?

Start a reality TV show? Hire a crowd? Hang on, we're not going there. That's for politicians.

We're lawyers, and we use social media, websites, and blogs. Here's how to make your Warhol minutes last a lifetime:

How to Write a Funny Demand Letter

It's not every day that a lawyer writes a funny demand letter.

The very thought of it sounds like a bad joke -- as if lawyers had a sense of humor. But one Netflix attorney broke the mold recently, showing that even attorneys can be funny and effective in their jobs.

Bryce Coughlin, Netflix's senior counsel for content and brand IP, tested his comedic chops on a bar that was broadcasting a Netflix show without permission. It's not going to get him an Emmy, but it got the job done.

Often times, when high profile or legally fascinating cases get some media attention, the lawyers not handling those cases will be left wondering: how did THAT lawyer get THAT case?

While a lawyer's personal reputation and personal network still has quite a bit to do with it, there's no magic bullet to attracting the cases and clients you want in the modern world we live (thanks internet!). But like winning the lottery, it's not going to happen unless you buy a ticket. Basically, to get cases you think are cool or interesting using online marketing, you need to be marketing to the types of cases you want to handle, and your marketing needs to be optimized for the clients that have those cases. Wishful thinking, and liking posts, will not suffice.

Certified Ways to a Niche Market Fortune for Lawyers

During the Gold Rush, many miners went broke because it cost so much to prospect. That's also how many merchants got rich.

One egg cost $25 in today's dollars. Coffee, $100 per pound. A pair of boots, $2,500.

In the legal marketplace today, it's the niche practitioners who stand to profit as large law firms compete for the gold. Here are some "certified" ways to find fortune in a niche market.

How to Be a Rainmaker Without Networking

Facebook gave us endless 'friends,' although most Facebook friends are fake.

So in the evolution of social media, has networking turned into "fake-friending"? Or has it always been that way -- "hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?"

It is the networking game, and it's understood that the relationships are first about business. But if you want to do better than the necessary evil, stop networking and start giving people something more.

Are Your Law Firm Videos Really Helping?

Many lawyers are frustrated actors, but that doesn't mean they should be making movies.

After all, how many people actually want to watch a lawyer video? According to a new report, not that many.

The good new is, however, the numbers explain what consumers really want from attorney videos. And it's not special effects.

At one time, customer loyalty punch-cards likely took up a significant portion of your wallet or purse. You had your favorite sub sandwich shop's card, your favorite café's card, and even your McDonald's coffee punch card. However, today, paper punch cards are rarely used as most businesses' loyalty punch cards have gone the digital route.

Regardless, customer loyalty programs are still incredibly effective at increasing business, particularly in the retail, airline, food, and service industries. However, when it comes to lawyers and law firms, should clients be offered rewards or discounts for loyalty? After all, technically, lawyers are part of the service industry.

There are few things in a lawyer's life worse than losing a case. One of those fates worse than a defeat is the dreaded negative online review.

Review sites like Yelp! allow the public to review attorneys based on their experiences. That means if you simply fail to return a potential client's phone call, they can go online and post a one star review, and say you never even bothered to call them back.

Below, you'll find five of the top tips to help you control your online reviews and reputation.

Why Fly Coach If You Can Get a Private Jet?

Partner: "I'm taking the jet today."

Associate: "Can I help with your bags?"

Secretary: "No, but you can load mine."

If only your law firm had a corporate jet, you too could live like the rich-and-famous. Some lawyers can justify the expense of a private jet, but obviously it's not for everybody. Or is it?