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Best Practices for Unbundled Legal Services

'Unbundling' means 'limited scope' means 'a la carte.' Somebody get a dictionary, please.

A la carte, from the French for "according to the menu," used to mean "separately priced items." As applied to legal services, it became "limited scope representation." Now the word for a la carte, or limited scope, is "unbundling."

It is not entirely new, having been offered by the American Bar Association years ago, but it is becoming more popular. That is, once you know what's on the menu and what to keep off the menu.

Tips for Including Wikipedia in Your Marketing Plan

Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia in the world, according to Wikipedia.

It may not be entirely true, but it is true enough for some judges to take judicial notice of the information it contains. And if it's good enough for court, it is probably good enough to be part of your marketing plan.

Word of mouth referrals remain essential to building a successful practice. But when potential clients are looking for a lawyer these days, they're doing more than just asking their family and friends.

They're turning to the internet -- and increasingly to social media. Today's clients aren't just googling "personal injury attorneys," they're looking to learn about you on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well. Here are some ideas to help you reach them, turning that virtual browsing into actual business.

We're in the midst of a freaking epistolary renaissance, and we largely have newsletters to thank. The electronic newsletter has been undergoing a rebirth over the past few years, with an ever growing number of informed, intelligent, and insightful newsletters ready to fill up your inbox.

Celebrities send out newsletters, newspapers have put a renewed focus on email, and bloggers and economists and politicians (and FindLaw!) all send their insights and updates straight to your email. Should your firm jump on board?

For today's lawyer, a strong social media presence is almost as much of a professional requirement as a website or working phone line. A majority of consumers now look to social media when deciding whether to hire an attorney, according to a new FindLaw survey. Fifty-four percent of consumers say that they would be likely to hire lawyers who are active on social media, while 40 percent said that they would be more likely to hire an attorney who can be found on social media.

So fire up your Facebook and hop back on to your Twitter account. If you want to be successful today, it helps to be savvy with social media.

Live streaming is everywhere these days -- and we're not talking about YouTube or watching the Olympics online. New apps like Periscope and Facebook Live have made it simple for pretty much anyone to broadcast themselves to their social media followers.

And while a DIY self-made video might not look great embedded on your website's landing page, live streaming allows for a simple work around. Here are some tips on how to use it in your firm.

Small Firms Should Host Networking Events Now

The success of a modern law practice is directly related to how visible the firm is on the internet and on social media. For better or worse, this is the business paradigm of the millennials.

But you should never discount the efficacy of some of the tried and true techniques. Sometimes, the old ways are best. For example, few methods are better at building up business networking-nodes than hosting your own networking event. And we're here to help you do just that.

Marketing Emails Your Firm Should Try

We hope you've ported your client contact information to a proper email marketing software program by now. If you haven't, shop around -- there are a lot of good choices out there.

But email what? Below we've included a few helpful email types you should keep in mind when contacting your former clients and contacts.

You've got to spend money to make money, right? Right. But you don't have to spend all your money. When it comes to lawyer marketing, there are a few strategies you can take to improve your marketing without breaking the bank.

To help you sell your services better, without having to sell the farm, here are our top tips on cost-effective lawyer marketing strategies, from the FindLaw archives.

Should Small Firm Lawyers Spend More Time Marketing?

Workaholic attorneys may be spending too little time marketing and too much time lawyering. In the long term, this can make lawyers vulnerable to economic dips.

The realities of today's economy make it necessary for attorneys both at large firms and small to be mindful of making hay while the sun still shines. Increasingly, the law is as much about selling oneself and marketing a business as it is about practicing law.