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How Much Do Solo Lawyers Really Make? This May Surprise You.

Perhaps you're feeling good about last month's bar exam and you're certain that you passed. Should you take that job with the mid-size firm or should you go solo? Well, the latter choice is a little hard to pin down. Incomes are such a touchy thing these days.

How much do solos make? More than you'd think, apparently. But hold it -- what does "make" mean, anyway?

Law firms can be stressful places. You're rushing to meet deadlines, reassuring anxious clients, and trying to keep everything running smoothly. In between all that, it can be hard to find a moment to stop, relax, and find focus. But it's not impossible.

With a little practice, you can find some zen in the midst of your daily chaos. Here are some tips to help you out.

Prolonged Exposure to Silence Benefits Your Mental Health

There is a growing body of scientific literature that indicates a relationship between loudness in our daily lives and degrading health. And on the flip-side, a piece by Daniel A. Gross from Nautilus suggests there are health benefits associated with prolonged periods of silence.

To many of us who live in urban areas and work in an office, this is hardly surprising. At least, it comports with our intuitions about how we'd like our ideal lives to be: mostly quiet, surrounded by placid nature, punctuated every-so-often with the hustle and bustle of city noise.

The long July 4th weekend just passed, and if you were able to take our nation's birthday off, you might be thinking to yourself this Tuesday that a three-day weekend just isn't long enough. We agree. After all, your kids get the whole summer off. Even bar exam takers get a few weeks free after the test. We're pretty sure French lawyers get paid to spend six weeks on the Rivera every summer.

So don't feel left out. You too can take a vacation. Here's how to get it done, and how to make sure your practice doesn't suffer while you're out.

3 Easy Tricks to Work Faster in Your Law Practice

There's never enough time. If this is something you find yourself repeating again and again, you're not alone.

Some studies that suggest that this feeling of "too much to do, too little time to do it" might actually be an indication of our ability to handle stress. But there are a few surprisingly easy tricks that can help you improve your productivity. If you need to work faster in your law practice, three these three tricks:

June is Pride Month, a month to celebrate the achievements of LGBT individuals and a month that has, sadly, already been punctuated by the tragic mass shooting that killed 49 patrons of an Orlando gay club.

If your firm doesn't yet have plans to celebrate Pride, you've still got time. Here are some ideas on how to get started.

Practicing law means writing. Lots of writing. Motions, demand letters, emails to clients, memos, you name it -- the practice of law is in many ways practice in writing. Which means, to be a better lawyer, you need to be a better writer.

Don't worry though, with some practice and a few tips, pretty much anyone can start writing gooder. To help you out, here are our top legal writing tips for lawyers, from the FindLaw archives.

Legal practice is often a high-stress job. There's the trying work hours, the high-stakes outcomes, and the horrible opposing attorneys or trying clients. It's enough to cause an esquire or two to unleash a near-constant stream of unprintable profanities.

Cursing under his breath at court got one attorney publicly reprimanded recently. Meanwhile, a major microbrewery is encouraging its employees to drop more F bombs. Who's got the right approach?

Sure, lawyers have our in-speak. We talk about obscure rules, using even more obscure Latin phrases, mixed with an alphabet soup of government laws and regulations. But at least we don't talk about "crushing our quarterly goals" and "synergizing" efforts. Well, we don't often. Corporate jargon can slip in to legal practice every once in a while, whether it's from clients or colleagues.

If you've ever wondered where those awful phrases like "ping me" and "wheelhouse" came from, the National Geographic's Mark Strauss has done some sleuthing for you, putting together a condensed etymology of workplace clichés. Here are the highlights.

Summer is just around the corner and you want to slough off some of your winter weight. Or maybe you're ready to finally check out this "mindfulness" trend you've heard so much about. But you're a lawyer, which probably means you don't have the time to get yourself to a trainer or enroll in a meditation retreat.

Don't worry, you can still stay healthy in mind and body, while working a crazy schedule. Here's some of our best tips, from the FindLaw archives.