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Legal practice is often a high-stress job. There's the trying work hours, the high-stakes outcomes, and the horrible opposing attorneys or trying clients. It's enough to cause an esquire or two to unleash a near-constant stream of unprintable profanities.

Cursing under his breath at court got one attorney publicly reprimanded recently. Meanwhile, a major microbrewery is encouraging its employees to drop more F bombs. Who's got the right approach?

Sure, lawyers have our in-speak. We talk about obscure rules, using even more obscure Latin phrases, mixed with an alphabet soup of government laws and regulations. But at least we don't talk about "crushing our quarterly goals" and "synergizing" efforts. Well, we don't often. Corporate jargon can slip in to legal practice every once in a while, whether it's from clients or colleagues.

If you've ever wondered where those awful phrases like "ping me" and "wheelhouse" came from, the National Geographic's Mark Strauss has done some sleuthing for you, putting together a condensed etymology of workplace clichés. Here are the highlights.

Summer is just around the corner and you want to slough off some of your winter weight. Or maybe you're ready to finally check out this "mindfulness" trend you've heard so much about. But you're a lawyer, which probably means you don't have the time to get yourself to a trainer or enroll in a meditation retreat.

Don't worry, you can still stay healthy in mind and body, while working a crazy schedule. Here's some of our best tips, from the FindLaw archives.

Law Firm 'Emotional Training': New Age Music, Yoga, Scented Candles?

Are you tired of your BigLaw boss's spittle flying across the room and hitting you in the face? Are getting tired of the tension at the office that's so thick you can practically cut it with a knife? Are you in desperate need of a break from the stresses of the large law firm experience?

Well, you're in luck -- that is, if you can get into Kirkland & Ellis. The well-known corporate BigLaw firm is test driving a kinder-and-gentler approach to on-the-job training for its lawyers. How will it go? We're all dying to find out.

Switching Practice Areas in the Law: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

In a previous piece, we gave a few pointers for how to escape law as a career. That was meant for those who gave it their best but decided that the honeymoon of law was over.

If you still have some love left for the law, but you're otherwise feeling burnt out, you should consider looking for other practice areas. Fortunately, you're not the only one (nor will you be the last) who has considered a practice change. Take the following points into consideration.

Justice Dept. Admonishes Courts for Fining the Poor

The U.S. Justice Department recently sent a letter to state and local courts warning them about constitutional concerns prompted by overly burdensome fees placed on poor and indigent defendants.

The correspondence took the form of a "dear colleague letter" and has been used to "push the boundaries of civil rights law," at least according to The New York Times.

Coworking Space for Lawyers: A Viable Option?

Coworking space simply sounds nice, whether or not its a viable option. It brings a more communal working environment, possibly more perks of free food, a startup-like vibe, etc.

Now lawyers are thinking of getting in on this whole coworking thing. Well, we hate to be the bringers of bad news, but it looks like lawyers will have to sit this one out.

You don't need a special occasion to appreciate women in the law, though International Women's Day is just around the corner. And it's a great time to be a woman in the law, as more and more female lawyers are making their way towards the top of the profession, as equity partners, academics, and even Supreme Court justices.

In that spirit, here are FindLaw's seven best posts on how and why to celebrate -- and hire, support, or promote -- women attorneys.

5 Reasons You Should Love Working in a Small Law Firm

For a long time, the track to success for lawyers was to get into a BigLaw firm and make one's way to partnership. Fortunately, attitudes about this have changed recently.

Still, it would go too far to say that lots of lawyers are falling over themselves to work in smaller firms because of perceived drop in prestige. But dogged refusal to work in a smaller firm forecloses a lot of real value to the practicing attorney. There are a lot of benefits to working in a small firm. Here are just a few.

It's Black History Month, the annual celebration of African American contributions to culture, society, and, of course, law.

While Black History Month is hardly the card-sending, cocktail-houring, office-partying event that some other winter holidays are, it's still worth celebrating in your firm. Here's how.