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"I am an attorney because I had an abortion," one female lawyer tells the Supreme Court. "The Court's Webster decision, issued around the same time I was seriously considering suicide rather than being forced to give birth against my will, saved my life," another explains.

Those are just two of the stories of more than 100 women attorneys who signed an unprecedented Supreme Court brief, explaining how their personal experiences with abortion impacted their lives. The amicus brief is personal, moving, and something we've never seen before -- the direct, emotional, and incredibly intimate experiences of lawyers being used to help sway the law. Will it work?

Are You Eating Lunch Alone? You're Losing Business

If you're one of those people who regard lunch as one of the few moments of blessed solace in the day, this piece is not for you. A great man once said, "Food is an unavoidable evil." And by "evil," he meant distraction from work.

But this isn't supposed to be a message to start hating on lunch down-time. On the contrary, it's possible to use lunch as a means of boosting productivity, networking, or both.

How to Be More Effective at Telecommuting

Only a few years ago, regular employees yearned to live the dream of working from home. Taking away the hours spent commuting and the dreary environment of the modern office, and life would be perfect!

As everyone knows, reality and fantasy don't usually overlap. Wondering why you're not being more productive working from home? Hint: You're doing it all wrong.

The Benefits of a Multicultural Law Firm

As the world becomes smaller, it's natural that law firms should become more diverse. In places like the Silicon Valley, for example, literally hundreds of ethnic and national backgrounds convene to make it one of the most pioneering regions in the country.

Law firms can be the same way. But even if you're not particularly happy about the multiculturalism movement, basic numbers suggest that multiculturalism is pretty much a force that cannot (and ought not) be stopped. Rather than fight it, embrace the benefits.

How to Be Happy at Work: Tips for Lawyers

Lawyers generally are thought to fall into two camps: those who went into law to "change the world" and those who went into it driven by greed. No surprise, but it seems like money isn't make greedy lawyers much happier.

Money aside, work should be rewarding. If you don't feel happy to go to work, here are a few tips that can help:

You don't want to be Scrooge this holiday season, but it might be a bit too late to order a Christmas turkey for everyone in the office. Do you default to a Starbucks gift card or an envelope of cash? No way!

There's still plenty of time to get an affordable, last-minute holiday gift for your staff. Here are our top seven recommendations.

How Lawyers Can Avoid Getting Killed During a Deposition

Depositions can get very emotional, to say the least. The emotional range seems to span the gamut from boredom to intense rage.

But the usual emotion is guarded anger -- remember Justin Bieber's depo? Sometimes that anger can rise to the level of uncontrollable rage. A careful lawyer has got to ask: what steps can you take to protect yourself from a potential attack?

It's not just lawyers at the largest firms who work through the night and it's not just BigLaw partners who deserve a few workplace perks.

Thankfully, many of those perks are now available through the click of an app. Use them as recruitment tools, or for a bit of personal indulgence. Here's how you can live the high life, from your phone.

Who or What Is 'The Law Guy'?

If you were one of the lucky few who earned a passing score on this last July 2015 bar exam, you might be "the law guy" to your family and friends. Just be careful about using that term in or around New York ...

The origins of "law guy" are both fascinating and a nice break from typical monotony of appellate work. It's almost like our profession's version of the cryptid. How did it begin? Are you a law guy?

Lying Down Helps You Focus, Says Sonoma's Altwork Inc.

According to some designers out of California, lying down helps you focus on your work and they've have built a work station based on that very concept. In 2016, we'll be able to try it out.

The Altwork Station is one of the latest additions to the ergonomic "be-comfortable-while-you-work" craze. And at the current pre-order price of $3,900 per unit, it's a steal for a chance to own your very own transformer.