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Crowdfund for a Worthy Legal Cause?

Lisa Walinske, an attorney, is not homeless. It just looks that way.

She's on a type of strike, living in a shack to raise money for a non-profit law firm to help homeless, poor and underprivileged people. But her 12-year-old son said she looks homeless.

"He's homeless," Walinske told a reporter while pointing to a bearded man in his 50s. "I'm trying to help him."

How to Leave Work at the Office -- and Not Worry About It

Anchoring is a special skill for sailors.

It requires knowing something about the bottom terrain, the tide, the type of anchor to use and more. But when an anchor is set well, the sailor can sleep peacefully knowing the vessel will not drift out to sea.

Leaving work at the end of the day is like setting an anchor. If you do it well, you can sleep at night.

How to Say 'Seasons Greetings' on a Budget

It's not too early to think about seasons greetings, and for some things it's probably too late.

So let's just talk about what you can do this season -- especially if you're on a budget. Assuming you're not a Grinch, let's say you can spend a couple hundred bucks to cheer up your clients.

Come on. If you're charging a couple hundred bucks an hour, you can do this.

Many miserable lawyers out there dread going into the office, or just working as a lawyer. Even if you're not not that miserable, you can certainly try to improve your day to day experience as a lawyer.

One simple way to make your day a little bit better is by adding a little humor and creativity to your duties. Below you'll find a few tips on doing so and making every day a little bit better.

Should Law Firms Offer Free Lunch, Snacks?

Should law firms provide free snacks to their employees?

Yes. Next question. Is there no such thing as free lunch?

Objection. Vague, or at least the answer is yes and no. At law firms, not so much.

How to Overcome Sickness From Work Stress

Alyson, an ambitious attorney, had a stroke when she was 35.

She was going to court that day, but suddenly her body went limp. She was paralyzed.

It didn't happen in a day, however. It happened over the course of a stressful career because a high-pressure job like lawyering can make you sick.

For some folks, a quiet environment is absolutely necessary in order to get anything done. But for most people, a new study confirms what we already know: a little bit of background noise helps with creativity.

While this finding is not groundbreaking, another insight explains one of the bigger mysteries: Why the background noise is more distracting in your office compared to a cafe, or other public place. And no, the answer does not have anything to do with the highly caffeinated coffee dust suspended in the air.

Improve Your Legal Career With a Sponsor

In the final scene of the last Star Wars movie, a promising Rey holds out a light saber to Luke Skywalker like a protege reaching for her master.

Moviegoers won't know how that relationship turns out until "The Last Jedi" is released in December, but it will definitely balance the forces of good and evil. Will the relationship go toward the Force or will it turn to the Dark Side?

It's a classic question in a futuristic tale, but it plays out everyday in real life. So are you are looking for a mentor or a sponsor? And how will you know when you find the right one?

Yes, you have a duty to be civil with the court, your clients, opposing counsels, and even opposing parties. That means refraining from ad hominem attacks against judges, individuals, and even your opposing counsel, no matter how badly they're annoying you. Seriously, you can get disciplined.

However, there are several ways to sneak in polite trash talking into your pleadings. And while non-lawyers might see the language and think nothing of it, when it gets read by a lawyer, the natural tendency is to shout out: "Shots fired!"

Below, you'll find some magic language that is sure to get under your opposing counsel's skin without raising the ire of the court.

Should Your Law Firm Have a More Creative Office Space?

Should you have a more creative office space?

Well, duh, because the '90s want their furniture back. Unless you've got more retro-shtick than the Dude, his Dudeness, or Duder, it's time for an upgrade.

This is not an entirely subjective suggestion because Harvard also said so. If you want to inspire creativity at work, change your environment.