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What Does Your Vehicle Say About Your Law Practice?

Most clients won't see your car until after they have hired you. So unless you are practicing law out of your car, your choice of vehicle probably does not really matter to clients at first. We're lawyers, not realtors.

However, because we are lawyers, we also think about contingencies. What if the client sees you when you drive up to the courthouse? What if you are chasing an ambulance and you arrive at the accident scene ...

Seriously, clients are people, too, and they may judge you at some point by the vehicle you drive. So what does your vehicle say about your law practice? Here are some things to consider:

The Great Supreme Court Debate: Apostrophe After 'S'?

As the composition of the U.S. Supreme Court changes, a serious question remains to be decided: Is there a possessive apostrophe after words ending in "s"?

It hardly seems worth considering except that the Court actually considered the question in a decision a decade ago. In Kansas v. Marsh, 548 U.S. 163 (2006), the justices split on whether the apostrophe should come after words ending in "s" or should another "s" be added after the apostrophe.

How to Put Your Creative Genius to Work in Your Law Practice

Everybody knows that Thomas Edison said, "Genius is one percent perspiration, ninety-nine percent inspiration." And everybody knows, or at least with a quick Google search can find out, that Dr. Alexander Fleming discovered the first antibiotic in a dish of bacteria.

But does anybody know that James H. Solomon created a key to legal methodology, a human algorithm that can predict legal outcomes? Of course not, because I just made that up.

Here's the point: lawyers can be creative and it doesn't have to be fiction. Sometimes it comes through trial and error. Sometimes it just appears in the trenches.

In any case, creativity is a process that attorneys can learn. It's like improving your memory, but more fun. Here are some pointers from Jay Harrington with Attorney at Work:

Neil Gorsuch could be our next Supreme Court justice. Gorsuch, who was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump last week, currently sits on the Tenth Circuit, where he's been for the past ten years. But before Gorsuch became a federal judge, he spent almost ten years in private practice, as an associate and then partner at Kellogg Huber.

What was Gorsuch like as an attorney? Skilled, practical, reliable, according to his colleagues, who Bloomberg's BigLaw Business recently spoke to. Here are some of the highlights.

Lawyer Swept up in Protest Sues for Inauguration Arrests

Benjamin Christopher Carraway planned on spending a night while in Washington to attend Donald Trump's inauguration, but he didn't plan on spending the night in the local jail.

Carraway was arrested on Inauguration Day with about 230 other people who were demonstrating. Carraway, a Colorado criminal defense attorney, said he was among the protesters who did nothing to warrant the mass arrest.

In a class action complaint filed in federal district court, he said police herded the group around 12th and L Street, NW, and indiscriminately deployed chemical irritants, attacked the individuals with batons, and threw flash-bang grenades. Many in the crowd were legal representatives, members of the media, and medical personnel.

5 Tips Before You Make a Career Change

So you're standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down at the rocks below and imagining what your body will look like when they find you.

Of course, it's not gonna be that bad. There are risks to taking that leap of faith toward a new career, but you can do it. Here are some thoughts to consider before you take that bold step:

Should Lawyers Take Sabbaticals?

For a moment, just imagine asking your employer about taking a sabbatical from work.

The question is only difficult because you think that the answer will be "no" and that you will wonder, "what was I thinking?" Then you will be saying to yourself that you never should have read that blog article ...

Regardless, there are compelling reasons to take a sabbatical, even if asking your boss about it makes you uncomfortable.

Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance in the New Year

Balancing work-life can be like balancing a tire. When changing tires, a good mechanic will balance new tires before putting them back on an automobile. The task requires moving lead weights strategically around the circumference of each wheel until it rotates evenly. Balancing is important to ensure a smooth ride and a long life for the tire.

It's a good time for lawyers to make adjustments to balance their work and their lives as they begin a new year. This may require moving some burdens around to make life's journey smoother and the ride a little longer.

Tips for Advising Lottery Winners

Admit it, you too have dreamed about winning the lottery. It's OK. Everybody who has purchased a lottery ticket has dreamt about it. Even if you didn't dream about the lottery with a scratch ticket, as a lawyer you probably imagined winning that one big case or getting that golden client. Yeah, that lottery.

Whatever your dreams, it is more realistic than you may think to spend some time thinking about the lottery. Because chances are, you will have a client who wins it one way or another. Some lawyers have actually carved out a practice for such clients.

Lawyerly Holiday Gifts in a Click

Don't worry, when it comes ordering holiday gifts for legal professionals, you haven't missed the deadline -- but you're cutting it close. There are just a few days left to buy and deliver some presents before it really is too late. That, of course, means some serious online shopping. Santa's sleigh is now powered by search engines!

Here are some clickable gift suggestions for those lawyerly people in your life or office, gifts that just might arrive on time.