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Client Intake: An Easy Way to Boost Law Firm Business

Thanks to the folks over at the ABA, we now have a broader view of the disaster that is law firm intake. The ABA's findings seem to only confirm the observations of FindLaw's earlier white-paper: Law firms stink at intake.

What does this mean? At the very least, you can stand to keep the business that's already contacting you. Now doesn't that just sound like good business practice?

Boards Can No Longer Ignore Cybersecurity Issues

What level of responsibility does a board owe to a company with regard to the threat of cyberattacks? According to CIO, a very high level of responsibility. And if anything, a board's responsibility is particularly unique.

Small Firm Lawyers: Delegate Your Administrative Tasks!

It's natural for ambitious people to want to do everything themselves. However, be warned that control freaks will not expand because they will eventually get bogged down in administrative issues. Remember, you're a lawyer, not an administrator.

Fortunately, there are a number of third-person options available to today's modern lawyer. Consider getting the proper help so you can help yourself get back to the practice of law.

5 Qualities That Make up a Great Law Firm Culture

Imagine you're a midsized law firm with a bevy of fresh-faced talent ready at the helm. You're going to change the world. Then, a few years into the practice, everybody wants to leave -- including you. What went wrong?

Chances are it wasn't the work, it was the law firm culture of one-ups-manship, slave-like hours, and ego. That toxic mixture can wear anybody down. If you want to foster a work culture that attracts people and keeps them, you should follow a few tried and true tips.

There are 1,600 unread emails in your inbox. Finding an important message takes a couple of minutes, instead of a couple of seconds. The idea of scrolling to the bottom of your inbox and seeing all those missed, unanswered, ignored emails fills you with a bit of dread. Your inbox is a mess.

But it doesn't have to be. Adopting a few good habits can help you develop a clean, efficient approach to email for the New Year.

Tips for Hiring Temp Contract Writers and Lawyers

It was just a scant few years ago when temp workers were thought of as legal pariahs. Now? They're becoming the norm.

This is overall good news for lawyers looking for work. According to the National Association of Law Placement, about 82 percent of law firms and legal departments currently use temp or contract lawyers. And that number is expected to grow.

3 Tips for Hiring Legal Staff at Your Small Firm

A strong legal support staff is essential to operating a successful small firm. Just like everything in life, finding the right staff members can be a challenge.

To help you find the right people for your firm, here are three essential tips to keep in mind:

Law Firm Tips for Outsourcing

With all the eagerness to be part of the BigLaw leagues, it is very easy to be blinded by the glamour and overlook many of the disadvantages of BigLaw. Sure, people like to be associated with the big names on BigLaw firms, but most will stay just that: an associate. When bad times hit, BigLaw firms look to outsource -- starting with you.

If you're part of a small firm, you can take steps to weather the economic storm and also take the driver's seat. Instead of firing your people, work with them so that they can telecommute. And of course, outsource the work that doesn't require your immediate attention or skill -- hopefully without much tears.

Holiday Office Parties Gone Wrong

The time hasn't yet arrived for digging into our Turkeys, but we thought it would be a good time to remind firms that there is a definite wrong way to conduct Holiday Office parties.

Here's a list of things to avoid based on past holiday office parties that went wrong.

Should you Accept Credit Cards at Your Firm?

As a savvy businessperson, you're constantly on the search for means of improving your practice's bottom line. Chances are you've fallen into the custom of accepting cash, check or some other sort of compensation. If you're lucky, you're accepting stock options as payment.

One alternative that mysteriously has gotten little attention is the credit card. But there are a number of advantages to accepting swipes instead of dusty pieces of paper. What considerations do you have to keep in mind?