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Law Firm Tips for Outsourcing

With all the eagerness to be part of the BigLaw leagues, it is very easy to be blinded by the glamour and overlook many of the disadvantages of BigLaw. Sure, people like to be associated with the big names on BigLaw firms, but most will stay just that: an associate. When bad times hit, BigLaw firms look to outsource -- starting with you.

If you're part of a small firm, you can take steps to weather the economic storm and also take the driver's seat. Instead of firing your people, work with them so that they can telecommute. And of course, outsource the work that doesn't require your immediate attention or skill -- hopefully without much tears.

Holiday Office Parties Gone Wrong

The time hasn't yet arrived for digging into our Turkeys, but we thought it would be a good time to remind firms that there is a definite wrong way to conduct Holiday Office parties.

Here's a list of things to avoid based on past holiday office parties that went wrong.

Should you Accept Credit Cards at Your Firm?

As a savvy businessperson, you're constantly on the search for means of improving your practice's bottom line. Chances are you've fallen into the custom of accepting cash, check or some other sort of compensation. If you're lucky, you're accepting stock options as payment.

One alternative that mysteriously has gotten little attention is the credit card. But there are a number of advantages to accepting swipes instead of dusty pieces of paper. What considerations do you have to keep in mind?

Law Firms Embrace Modern Layouts to Free up Space

After many years of lounging in antiquity, law firms are finally taking the necessary steps to modernize their practices, especially in terms of utilizing their real estate.

In Orange County, California, a number of law firms have gotten creative with their real estate challenges, which include shrinking availability of rental space, growth limitations, and ever increasing costs of construction. Here are a few ways Orange County firms have reduced in order to compete.

Where to List Your Law Firm Online

Ah, the Yellow Pages. Even millennials might remember this vaguely comforting tome of a book. Did you know that the Yellow Pages continues to live on in the world of online directories?

Although it sounds crazy, law firms might want to consider updating their listings in the Yellow Pages online directory. Even though people tend to default to Google or Bing these days, online business directories are relevant to the health of your firm.

Preventing Workplace Harassment: It Takes Many

Last week a panel of experts outlined a multi-pronged attack on what is the latest of a changing national attitude regarding workplace harassment before the EEOC's Select Task Force. It was the second such public meeting of the STF which was announced back in March of 2015.

The EEOC co-chair Chai R. Feldblum expressed the general consensus of the meeting that prophylaxis is better than treatment.

A good paralegal can be invaluable to your practice, managing your schedule, fixing your typos, and making sure your documents actually get to court. Paralegals are the unsung heroes of many small practices and are often the first support staff small firms bring on.

With a bit of training and investment, a good paralegal can become a great paralegal. Professional development can expand the range of your paralegal's skills, allowing them to stay up to date on legal developments and develop new skills that aid the practice.

3 Ways Law Firms Lose Clients at Intake

If you're looking to expand your client base with a splashy new online web campaign, might we suggest that instead of finding new clients to dissatisfy, how about keeping your old ones?

A new white paper from FindLaw, "Failing At The Finish Line," suggests that many firms have no real problem attracting prospective clients; but they drop the ball right at the point of intake. In fact, the problems are so obvious that they're laughable. And yet, for some reason, firms keep screwing up the intake process as if they're doing it on purpose.

You run a tight ship. Your law office is organized, efficient, and effective. To make sure that employees feel that they're treated fairly, you've instituted basic policies instead of arbitrary, ad-hoc procedures. You're doing things right.

Except, of course, when your policies are terrible. Oftentimes, well-intentioned but poorly thought-out office policies can leave your staff fuming. Here are five guaranteed to drive most law firm staff insane.

As a lawyer, you're a leader, whether you work in a solo practice, as a first year associate, or partner in a large firm. It's your job to take the lead with clients, support staff, and even the court.

But leadership doesn't always come naturally, even for the most brilliant lawyers. It's a skill that must be practiced, developed. Here are seven ways to switch from being just a good lawyer to becoming a great leader: