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If you're handling a case with significant eDiscovery needs, it's impossible to go it alone. Even large firms and businesses will bring on eDiscovery counsel, vendors, and experts to guide them through the process.

When it comes to choosing your eDiscovery team, where should you start? Here are some simple guidelines.

Succession planning isn't easy. After all, no one likes to think about death, particularly their own.

While many adults can cope with their mortality long enough to put together a will or estate plan, when it comes of business succession planning, one of the biggest obstacles facing lawyers is convincing business owners to just get started. Here's how attorneys can help clients get over their inertia.

Forget dusting for fingerprints. Many of today's top investigators are focused on the digital realm. As data breaches continue to make headlines -- from the leaking of the Panama Papers to the hacking of major companies like Blue Cross and Sony -- more and more companies are turning to lawyers to determine what went wrong during a data breach, how to prevent cyberattacks, and what legal obligations are likely to flow from a breach.

When that happens, expertise in digital forensics is a must.

There's an endless supply of cute cat pics on Instagram. Facebook is great for finding out what your aunt thinks about Donald Trump. And Twitter is -- well, Twitter is still figuring things out.

But, while we use social media to connect, communicate, and consumer, these websites and services are actively changing the way we litigate, offering new sources of evidence and raising novel ethical issues.

A law firm is more than a collection of lawyers. Often, the staff keeps things running, handling case logistics, managing scheduling, and even researching and drafting. That is to say, your paralegals and legal assistants matter. A lot.

Here are FindLaw’s seven best posts on how to get the best paralegals and legal assistants around and how to make the most of the support staff you already have.

Mark May 16, 2016, on your calendar. That's the day that U.S. securities law will experience one of the biggest changes since the Securities Act of 1933. On May 16th, the S.E.C.'s "Regulation Crowdfunding" final rules go into effect, allowing everyday people to join investment bankers and venture capitalists to directly fund startup businesses.

It'll be a whole new work. Here's how attorneys can prepare.

When we talk about heavily regulated industries, we are usually talking about things like toxic waste management, health care providers, or public utilities. But there's one highly regulated trade that often goes unrecognized: the beer, wine, and spirits industry. The mess of regulations, and regulatory bodies, that make up the industries is, well ... enough to make you drink.

But thankfully, the beer, wine, and spirit industry's regulatory system isn't completely unnavigable. If you can tell the difference between a Loire valley Cabernet Franc and Beaujolais, you can probably figure these out as well. Here are some tips.

If you're a lawyer in the Big Apple or Baghdad by the Bay, we've got a present for you. FindLaw's California and New York Codes sections are updated, improved, and ready for you to use.

Free, mobile-friendly, and brought to you through FindLaw's partnership with Westlaw, we're pretty confident that the new codes will make your practice, and your life, a little better. Here's how.

If you use PACER, the public court records access system, you've probably had your fair share of frustrations. To put it mildly, PACER is not the most user-friendly, intuitive, or even functional legal service around. It's not in the top 50.

But thankfully, new tools are making the system easier to stay on top of and use, while a class action lawsuit is looking to get you reimbursed for alleged overcharges. Here are some PACER updates that could make your practice run a bit more smoothly.

It's not just lawyers at the largest firms who work through the night and it's not just BigLaw partners who deserve a few workplace perks.

Thankfully, many of those perks are now available through the click of an app. Use them as recruitment tools, or for a bit of personal indulgence. Here's how you can live the high life, from your phone.