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Well, this is awkward. Just as Neil Gorsuch faced a barrage of hard hitting questions for the third day in a row, the Supreme Court overruled him on a controversial opinion from 2008. Senator Dick Durbin took the judge to task over that ruling, where the judge rejected a challenge by the parents of an autistic boy who claimed that his school had failed to provide him the educational services required under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Since the student was making some progress toward his goals, the school had met its legal responsibilities, Gorsuch concluded.

But today, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that more than just de minimis progress was required. Gorsuch learned of the ruling during a brief break, allowing him to address it during his testimony.

Things picked up for Neil Gorsuch today. The second day of the Senate's hearings on Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination saw the judge tackling, and sometimes evading, weighty issues. Judicial independence was in play, as were Roe v. Wade and other controversial precedents. There was even an untimely reference to the passing of Justice Samuel Alito.

Here are the highlights so far.

You don't get to the Supreme Court without passing through the crucible of a Senate confirmation hearing -- and sometimes you don't get to the Supreme Court even then. But Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's SCOTUS nominee, survived the first day of his hearing relatively unscathed.

Here are the highlights, from the politics to the polyester to pro football.

On Monday, all eyes will be on Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing, as the Senate considers whether to approve President Trump's nominee for the late Justice Antonin Scalia's vacated seat -- a seat that's sat empty for over a year now. The hearings, which could last for days, are bound to be a spectacle, in all senses of the word.

To help you get ready, we've compiled some of the internet's most interesting pieces on Gorsuch, his background and philosophy, and what you can expect to come up at the hearings. Consider it some light reading for your weekend confirmation prep.

There's been a lot of talk about Justice Ginsburg's workout regime these days -- the 84-year-old justice does bench 70 pounds, after all. But that's not the only Supreme Court workout worth noting.

While she was on the Court, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor began an early morning workout class at the Court. And she kept it going since then. Until now that is. After more than 35 years, Justice O'Connor's workout class is being forced to relocate.

Happy birthday, RBG! The Supreme Court Justice was born this day in Brooklyn, New York, 84 years ago. She is currently the oldest, and the shortest, member of the Supreme Court.

Justice Ginsburg's age has some worrying that she won't be on the Court for much longer. And whether you agree with her jurisprudence or not, there's no questioning that the Supreme Court wouldn't be the same without Justice Ginsburg. Thankfully, RBG doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon.

Well over a year after cert was granted, a dispute over Microsoft's Xbox video game console will finally be heard in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court agreed to take up the case way back in January of 2016. But the dispute, which involves disgruntled gamers, scratched game discs, and civil procedure roadblocks in class action cases, has languished untouched since then. That is, until this upcoming Tuesday, when the parties will argue before the Court.

There's more at stake than just video games, of course. The case could settle a significant circuit split over the appealability of class certification decisions.

One week from today, Neil Gorsuch will be sitting before the Senate, facing a barrage of questions over his judicial record and how he may perform on the Supreme Court. But when Gorsuch's nomination hearings begin, he'll be prepared.

The Tenth Circuit judge and President Trump's nominee to fill the Court's long vacancy has been waging a stealth campaign in the background, according to CNN, meeting with senators and prepping for his upcoming grilling with a series of so-called "murder boards."

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made her opera debut last fall and she's already back for more.

This time, however, the Notorious RBG, a notorious opera aficionado, wasn't on stage to perform, but to speak. Last night, Justice Ginsburg starred in "Justice at the Opera" at the Kennedy Center Opera House on "justice, criminality and human rights as depicted in the opera."

President Trump has picked Noel Francisco to be his Solicitor General, the administration announced yesterday. The Solicitor General serves as the government's voice in the Supreme Court, representing the federal government's position before the Court. As such, the SG is often aptly referred to as the "Tenth Justice."

Francisco, a former Jones Day partner, is currently serving as acting solicitor general. His nomination to the permanent post should mark the end of the administration's long, winding search for an SG.