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Minnesota Timberwolves forward Dante Cunningham was arrested on a felony domestic assault charge last week, and he was arrested again Sunday for allegedly making "terroristic" threats.

Cunningham allegedly tried to strangle a woman at his home in Medina, west of Minneapolis, and was arrested Friday on domestic violence charges. He bailed himself out, played in a T-Wolves game against Orlando on Saturday, and then was back in jail on a separate charge on Sunday afternoon, reports the Star Tribune.

How did Cunningham manage to get himself arrested twice in one week?

Four college athletes are suing the NCAA and its five biggest conferences, claiming that the organization is an "unlawful cartel."

The lawsuit seeks damages for college football and basketball players who claim they suffered economic harm from the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It asks for a declaratory judgment that the NCAA is in violation of antitrust law, reports The Associated Press.

How is the NCAA an "unlawful cartel," according to the lawsuit?

New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton was arrested on gun charges Tuesday, after his wife alleged he threatened her with a firearm.

A police spokesman told ESPNNewYork.com that Felton was charged with three separate offenses -- second-, third-, and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon -- leaving him open to both felony and misdemeanor charges.

What will prosecutors have to prove to convict Felton on these charges? Here's a general overview:

Dwyane Wade's Fiancee Gabrielle Union Wants a Prenup

Well, that didn't take long -- Gabrielle Union is already talking about prenups a few weeks into her engagement to Dwyane Wade.

Both the Miami Heat player and Union were previously married to other people, but for Union, the difference this time around is that there might be prenuptial agreement, The Huffington Post reports.

So is Union going to score points with Wade on this prenup?

FSU Recruit Cinmeon Bowers Arrested for Eating Marijuana

A Florida State University junior recruit has been arrested for eating marijuana, allegedly in an attempt to hide it from police during a traffic stop.

Nope, the weed was not ingested in brownie or banana bread form. Cinmeon Bowers, 20, widely considered one of the top junior college prospects in the country, allegedly swallowed the weed whole in all its green bud glory.

Unfortunately for Bowers, his half-baked plan didn't pan out too well.

FindLaw's Tarnished Twenty isn't exactly a beauty contest, and being in the top echelons of sports-related legal action isn't exactly something to write home about.

This year, we covered a wide range of legal sports issues, including criminal allegations against Heisman winner Jameis Winston, along with lawsuits against the NFL and even the NCAA over concussions.

But a few legal sports stories -- some serious, and a few not-so-serious -- seemed to grab our readers' attention more than others. Here are the 10 most-viewed posts from our Tarnished Twenty blog in 2013:

Ex-NBA Star Bill Russell Sorry for Gun at Airport

Hall of Fame center Bill Russell is in the spotlight -- but, this time, not for his basketball skills. Last Wednesday, the former Celtics star was arrested for having a gun at the airport, CBS reports.

A loaded .38-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun was found in Russell's carry-on while he was going through security at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport last week. The gun was promptly confiscated.

Over the weekend, Russell has issued a statement regarding the incident. What is his stance on the situation, and what can we learn from this?

Ex-Holy Cross Basketball Player Sues Over Alleged Abuse

A former Holy Cross women's basketball player filed a lawsuit against the school and the team's longtime coach, Bill Gibbons, alleging he was verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive. With the claims under review, Gibbons is currently on administrative leave.

Does this spell the end of Gibbons' illustrious coaching career at Holy Cross?

College athletes settled with video game giant EA Sports last week, leaving the NCAA the sole defendant in a lawsuit seeking payment for using college players' likenesses in EA Sports' video games.

The settlement comes just after EA Sports announced on its website that it would not publish a college football game in 2014, The New York Times reports.

This lawsuit will affect how hundreds of thousands of players are compensated for their likenesses, and the case is still not resolved.

Heat's Chris 'Birdman' Anderson Cleared in 'Double Catfishing' Hoax

The Birdman shall remain cage-free. Miami Heat star Chris "Birdman" Andersen, who was embroiled in an online child pornography investigation, was actually the victim of an elaborate Internet hoax, authorities revealed Wednesday.

In what's being called a bizarre "double catfishing" scheme, a Canadian woman not only posed online as other people to communicate with Andersen, but also posed as Andersen to talk to other victims.

So basically, the Birdman got Manti Te'o-ed.