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Video: Content Identification for Litigation

Data.  It becomes a kind of currency in anticipating litigation.  It is what is passed between parties, negotiated access to, preserved, and stored with great scrutiny. It forms the building blocks to supporting a case or discrediting an opposing side's case. And when anticipating litigation it can become the crucial element in the eDiscovery process.  But identifying pertinent data in its numerous forms and for its many purposes can prove to be overwhelming for firms of all sizes. 

The following FindLaw video introduces the topic of content identification as it relates to legal technology. 

Watch the brief video for an introduction to:

  • Key questions about data identification such
    • When data becomes evidence
    • What data is included
  • Importance of developing a litigation response policy
  • Identifying key attributes of responsive data such as who, when, and what types of data are implicated
  • Consider data quality issues

Having a clear understanding of how to identify data can be beneficial not only to address a case at hand but also to create a replicable process that can be used in future eDiscovery matters.


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