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No Innovation Without Proper Implementation

About 70 percent of organizational changes fail, including adaptations to new technology.

It's so predictable, everyone knows that today's innovation will be replaced -- or updated -- by tomorrow's. When it comes to law firm technology, however, it is a little more complicated.

It's not as hard for lawyers to buy tech, as it is to get them to use it. But innovation without implementation is a waste of time and money, right?

So you got a flashy new device over the holidays only to find out that it is so new that none of your other tech can actually work with it. Unless you're dealing with a deep seeded software incompatibility (such as Mac or PC only device), there is probably some sort of work around, so keep calm and turn your technology off and then on again.

First, before you even Google for an answer, did you try turning all your devices off and back on again? Seriously, try it. A simple reboot fixes so many of technology's problems. If so, your next step should be to consult the internet and simply ask in a Google search why your new and old devices aren't playing nice. For just about every tech-related problem out there, someone before you has not only experienced it, there's a good chance they've blogged about the solution they found.

Below, you can read about a couple different general solutions to making new and old tech work together.

What's the Big Chip Security Problem?

What's the big chip problem? The security of your computers and smart devices are most likely compromised.

How bad is it? It's not bad enough to throw them out, but you better fix it soon.

What can lawyers do about it? Before considering a class-action lawsuit, download a security patch.

The end of the year is a great time to upgrade your tech around the law office. You may be able to justify big-ticket items, and those big-ticket items are often at their cheapest points between Christmas and New Years when shoppers are making returns left and right, often without receipts.

You know there's a fine line between what you want and what you need. And with the rapid pace with which tech keeps marching on, you might still "need" a few of the following hot tech items for yourself or your practice for the upcoming year.

There's a lot to do during the year. But during the last few weeks of the year, legal work can often slow down quite a bit. As such, it doesn't hurt to spend a little time doing some of that digital housekeeping you've put off all year.

In addition to taking stock of your hardware and making sure it has been properly serviced and updated over the past year, there are a few simple tech related chores that shouldn't be ignored, especially more than annually.

Below, are a few digital chores that you might want to do during the end of year lull.

Even though the flying car is still a fantastical concept that is nowhere near ready for a mass consumer market, time sure does fly when it comes to new tech. Based on what we've seen this past year, 2018 surely seems poised to be another banner year for tech companies, and especially those that cater to the legal industry.

Though investment in legal tech may have slowed, it may be due to a shift in focus to production and sales of that tech. Unlike many consumer electronics, legal tech has a bit more of a learning curve. Not only do lawyers have to learn how to use it, lawyers need to be convinced that they need it. Nevertheless, if the trend continues, you can almost certainly expect the following three legal tech predictions to come true in 2018.

When you're travelling and expected to work remotely, carrying around a whole office can be rather cumbersome, and, not to mention, heavy. Thanks to all the modern technology though, you really don't need much to make sure you can do everything you need to do.

Here's a list of seven essential tech travel items for lawyers:

When the holidays roll around, retailers tend to offer some really good sales on really useful tech. For many lawyers running their own shops, this is one of the best times of year to upgrade your law office tech. Not only can you score some sweet holiday season deals, you may also be able to score some sweet end of year tax deductions.

Useful office tech may not be what your staff truly wants. But, if you're not buying gifts for people around the office, you might want to consider getting tech gifts for the office that the staff (and you) can use to make working a little bit easier or better.

Apart from the sheer cool factor of being able to project your favorite movies and TV shows as large as your walls will allow at home, digital projectors can be really handy for lawyers and litigators. It could even make you a better lawyer.

Really! They're not just toys for grown boys, a digital projector can be a great business tool, and can take your presentations up a notch, both in and out of the courtroom. If you've been looking for a reason to plop down a few hundred dollars on one of the coolest tech gadgets out there, read on below for a few of the best.

Black Friday Deals for Lawyers

"But it was on sale!"

It's such an accepted explanation for impulse buying, it's practically a mantra. And as religious holidays go, Black Friday is a universally acceptable day to worship the sale.

With some guidance from tech experts, FindLaw has a shoppers list for your pilgrimage to tech nirvana on sale day. This is the lawyer's edition: