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InstaAgent App Has Been Stealing Your Password

The smartphone app InstaAgent has been surreptitiously stealing user passwords. If you have this app, get ready to do some damage control. There's some good news, however: you're probably used to it by now.

Both Apple and Google have pulled the app from their stores after a series of developers descended onto the Internet and flagged it for copying user's personal information including their user names and passwords. The developer apologized for programming InstaAgent in this way and acknowledged it was not a good idea.

Looks like Facebook isn't just for grandparents and cat photos anymore. It's also a great platform for labor organizing -- or even just employee venting. And when employees get together online, they may find themselves facing recriminations at work.

So when labor law, forged from the unrest, strikes, and Wobbly uprisings of the 1930's, runs up against modern social media policies, who wins? The law, of course.

5 Tips for Hiring a Legal Tech Consultant

Don't fight the technology: master it. Or get someone who is a master to the job for you.

Small firms are depending on technology more and more to help them keep their business running smoothly. We've previously written about considering a social media dashboard to help you manage the social media accounts associated with your firm, so we're squarely in the camp that technology is your friend.

But you're lawyers Many of you might not have the necessary skills to handle a major tech crisis. And even if you did, we hope you're so busy with clients that you can hire a technology consultant instead. Here are a few suggestions for hiring the right consultant for your legal tech needs.

FCC Dismisses Consumer Watchdog's 'Do Not Track' Lawsuit

The FCC just dismissed a petition a petition filed by Consumer Watchdog requesting the Federal Agency to force "edge providers" like Google, Facebook, Netflix, etc., to honor a consumer's request not to be tracked. These are significant because you've probably even signed a couple of requests not to be tracked. Well, guess what: You're likely being tracked anyway.

Senate Wants to Remove 'Gag Clauses' for Negative Online Reviews

The Senate Commerce Committee has steadily moved forward to passing legislation related to online gag clauses, which significantly limit or penalize customers who leave negative online reviews of companies.

Yesterday morning, senators held a hearing on the Consumer Review Freedom Act, which would make the inclusion of a non-disparagement clause in a consumer contract a violation of the FTC.

Google Is the Latest Defendant in Employee/Contractor 'Misclassification' Lawsuit

New lawsuits related to the on-demand economy. For years, the 'gig' economy has been both lauded and decried by some as the new economic paradigm. It seems to have gotten people working again.

But not without controversy. The latest company to feel the misclassification lawsuit hurricane is none other than Google. According to Reuters, Anna Coorey, a contract driver for Google Express, is poised to sue the search engine company for overtime pay and expenses, arguing that she should be classified as an employee, not a contractor. Other plaintiffs have joined in the lawsuit and will be treated as a class.

Losing Revenue, States Consider Taxing 'The Cloud'

More and more people store files and purchase digital media using the mobile devices these days. Fewer and fewer people are buying physical media and instead opt to store their entertainment on remote servers. When was the last time you even saw a compact disc?

State revenue has been noticeably lower because fewer people are buying media -- in physical form, that is. CDs, DVDs and other optical discs are the latest victims of the relentless march of technology. As these media formats disappear, so too does the revenue the states used to enjoy. Now states are considering taxing the cloud.

Age Detection Software Poses Big Risk for Employers

If you're not already aware, a browser extension application was created recently to give a web user an estimation of an individual's age based on their LinkedIn information.

In this age of "there's an app for that," this is hardly a shocker. But did you ever stop to think about the possible legal implications?

Apple's 'Smooth Internet Experience' Leads to Smooth Lawsuit Experience

Apple is facing more legal trouble in the wake of a class action lawsuit brought by disgruntled users who haplessly upgraded to its iOS 9 operating system.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that Apple failed to "properly warn" iOS 9 users that the new Wi-Fi Assist feature would automatically turn on after an OS update leading to huge data charges.

How Analytics Are Changing Partner Compensation

What took so darn long? Law firms are now moving into the 21st Century of data analytics. Analytics have been adopted by so many sectors of business one almost wonders why law firms have been so slow to adopt the use of real time data analysis in running their own businesses.

The traditional practice of determining a partner's compensation based on highly subjective criteria is going the way of the dinosaur. Increasingly, the change has been credited with a major observation: increased revenue does not necessarily mean increased profit.