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Colorado Federal Court Offers ECF System Training

The U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado is offering in-person and online training for its Electronic Case Files (ECF) system.

Like many other jurisdictions, e-filing your federal court documents is pretty much mandatory in Colorado unless there's an exceptional circumstance, according the district court's website.

The ECF training is open to attorneys and law firm staff members, including paralegals and law clerks.

Meet Utah's New Attorney General, Sean Reyes

Sean Reyes, Utah's new attorney general, is the first ethnic minority to hold a state position in recent memory. Reyes is a Filipino-American with previous political and legal ties to the Utah community, according to The Salt Lake City Tribune.

Reyes was sworn in following John Swallow's resignation over bribery allegations. Although Reyes has been in office for less than a month, he's already making waves for representing Utah in the legal drama surrounding the same-sex marriage ban.

Make a Holiday Donation to the 10th Cir.'s Historical Society

To get into the spirit of giving this holiday season, why not give back to the Tenth Circuit by making a charitable contribution to the Historical Society of the Tenth Judicial Circuit?

As we all know, the lawyers and judges of the Tenth Circuit have a rich history. Becoming a member or making a small contribution to the society can help to preserve and promote the legal community and public's understanding of the role of the circuit.

Republicans Filibuster Judge Robert Bacharach's Confirmation

Judge Robert Bacharach has entered the ranks of filibustered judicial nominees, and he wasn’t even a controversial choice.

Judge Bacharach’s nomination was derailed this week due to the Senate’s Thurmond/Leahy Rule. The “rule” is actually a Senate custom: Senators typically do not approve judicial nominations close to a presidential election since a possible new president would want to make his or her own appointments, The Hill reports.

Lawyers Urge Inhofe, Coburn to Call for Bacharach Confirmation

In June, The Oklahoman reported that U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert E. Bacharach didn’t have enough Republican support in the Senate to be confirmed for the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals before the November elections because the selection and confirmation process for the seat is taking too long.

Though delaying tactics are common for the party that doesn’t control the White House — the goal is to delay making lifetime appointments to federal courts in hopes their party will regain the White House and the power to fill judicial vacancies — Oklahoma legal leaders are urging the state’s U.S. senators to use their “considerable influence” to end the confirmation stalemate, The Oklahoman reports.

Five Things to Know About Tenth Circuit Judge Stephanie Seymour

Here at FindLaw, we understand the pressures of being a legal professional - most of us are recovering lawyers - so we want to help by tossing you that preferred life preserver of the legal profession, the short list.

Back in the 80s and 90s, the name Stephanie Seymour was most commonly associated with Guns’N’Roses videos and Vogue editorials. But as Axl Rose’s former girlfriend left modeling behind for domestic er, tranquility, it made room for another Stephanie Seymour, who had been waiting in the wings to reclaim her name.

We’re of course talking about Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Senior Judge Stephanie Seymour. So to end the week, here are five things to know about Judge Seymour:

Robert Bacharach's Tenth Circuit Nomination Held Up in Senate

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert E. Bacharach has support from his home state senators and a "unanimously well qualified" rating from the American Bar Association, but he doesn't have enough Republican support in the Senate to be confirmed for the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals before November, reports The Oklahoman.

President Obama nominated Judge Bacharach to fill Judge Robert Henry's vacancy on the Tenth Circuit in January. At the time, Oklahoma's senators, Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, expressed their support for Bacharach's nomination. Sen. Inhofe told The Oklahoman, "I like the guy ... it's not very often the White House and I agree on anything."

This is Happening: Law School Musical April 12-14 in Boulder

Billy Flynn, Broadway’s most beloved singing lawyer, knew the importance of giving the jury that “old razzle dazzle.” But Flynn was a figment of Bob Fosse’s imagination. And he was presumably licensed and wealthy.

What about the struggling law students who have yet to razzle, dazzle, or amass a personal fortune? Don’t they deserve a musical, too? Students at the University of Colorado Law School seem to think so: they will be performing their “First Annual Colorado Law School Musical, Glamorous Law School,” April 12-14 at the Dairy Center for the Arts Carsen Theater in Boulder, Colo. Performances start at 8:00 p.m., and you can buy tickets for only $15.

Tenth Circuit Judge David Ebel Named OCU Jurist-in-Residence

Oklahoma City University has named Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Senior Judge David Ebel as the 2012 McAfee & Taft Distinguished Jurist-in-Residence.

So what does a Jurist-in-Residence do?

Andover Weighs Policy Change, 10th Cir Case in Silver Dollar Vote

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals is often overlooked as a national precedential trendsetter. The Ninth Circuit gets buzz for its “activist judges.” The Second Circuit gets the high-profile New York cases. Isn’t it about time the Tenth Circuit got some attention?

Pending the outcome of an Andover, Mass. town meeting vote this spring, the First Circuit Court of Appeals could be looking to the Tenth Circuit for advice on how taxpayer income should be evaluated in the courts.

Andover will consider a measure in April to allow town employees and contractors to receive part of their pay in $1 American Eagle silver dollars, reports The Boston Globe.