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Gorman v. Tassajara Dev. Corp., No. H031196

In plaintiffs' construction defect case against numerous defendants including general contractor, district court's award of attorneys' fees and costs to plaintiffs is reversed and remanded where, given the apparent arbitrariness of the awards, the court is unable to find a combination of numbers adding up to the precise cost awarded and there is no reasonable connection between the lodestar amount and the trial court's award of attorneys' fees.     

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Filed October 6, 2009


Opinion by Judge Rushing


For Appellant:  Bowman & Brooke, Daniel J. Smith, Gorman & Miller, John C. Gorman, Charles J. Stiegler

For Appelle:  Archer Norris, W. Eric Blumhardt, William H. Staples, William L. Coggshell, Selman Breitman, Lincoln V. Horton, Elaine F. Harwell