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Ennabe v. Manosa, B222784

Parents' wrongful death suit against a social host for death of their son

Ennabe v. Manosa, B222784, concerned a challenge to the trial court's grant of summary judgment in defendant's favor, in plaintiffs' wrongful death action, on behalf of themselves and the estate of their deceased son.

In affirming, the court held that a social host charging guests an admission or entrance fee of $3 or $5 to a party where alcoholic beverages are available has not sold or caused to be sold an alcoholic beverage under Business and Professions Code section 25602.1 and is not civilly liable for damages for admitting to the party an obviously intoxicated minor who, upon leaving the party, drives his car into a pedestrian, another partygoer, killing him. The court also held that such a social host "required to be licensed" within the meaning of Business and Professions Code section 25602.1.

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