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December 2015 Archives

Growing Medical Pot Not a Crime, Rules CA Appeals Ct.

Marijuana claims another victory just before the end of the year: a California appeals court ruled in favor of a woman who was growing marijuana for her own medical use. Since she needed the marijuana to treat her chronic pain, growing the marijuana was not a crime.

This California case is just the latest chapter in what has been a tidal wave of national attitude change regarding pot. It looks like not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, however.

UPS Worker Loses Mislabeled Package Weight Lawsuit

UPS worker Stephen Moore sued William Jessup University over an injury he suffered after handling a package that was significantly heavier than indicated on the package's label. A California Appeals Court found for the university under the tort doctrine of assumption of risk, underscoring the power of the the police/fireman rule in California.

'Shrimp Boy' Chow From SF Chinatown Testifies in His Murder Trial

Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow, the one-time gang kingpin in San Francisco's Chinatown, took the stand in federal court Monday, testifying in his own defense in the murder trial. This is a rather unusual tactic given Chow's very sordid criminal past.

For some reason, Chow felt it necessary to make it known that the tie he wore to court Monday was bought by his girlfriend at Goodwill for $3.

San Bernardino Gun Purchaser Appears in Court

It's difficult to believe that it has already been several weeks since the mass-shooting in San Bernardino that took upwards of more than a dozen lives. Shootings have seemingly become so prevalent it's difficult to keep track of the shootings and the consequent numbers of victims.

However, the memory is still fresh enough in the public's mind to recall that the weapons used in the attack were all legitimately purchased, according to officials, through the use of 'straw man' Enrique Marquez. He faces up to 35 years in prison for a handful of charges including conspiracy to commit terrorism with Syed Rizwan Farook, the San Bernardino shooter.

Sure, you'll have to die to take advantage of AB139, but it might be worth it. The new law, which goes into effect January 1st, lets Californians transfer real property to their heirs without going through probate.

California's new revocable transfer on death deed is an exciting new weapon in your estate planning arsenal. Here's why.

'Sharing Economy' Lawyer Wins Uber Class Expansion

The lawyer behind the class actions suits of Uber, Lyft, Amazon and Google is on a roll. Judge Edward Chen of the U.S. District Court in California recently decided that the entire group of Uber drivers can join as plaintiffs in one of the most contested misclassification suits in history.

California Court Rejects Teen Mom's Habeas Corpus Estoppel Theory

A California Appellate Court has rejected a San Diego teen mother's appeal to overturn a lower court's decision which finally put an end to her parental rights.

The case is the latest in a series of unfortunate developments that first started years ago when Kemper gave birth at 16 years old. Only days after her child's birth, the baby was taken away and she was deemed unfit as a mother.

If I'm going to spend extra on organic produce and products, they better well be fully organic. We're talking pesticide-free, earth-friendly, non-synthetic organic here. If I get a product labeled organic that doesn't meet those standards, I'm going to feel cheated.

And, as of today, I could sue. In an opinion released today, the California Supreme Court ruled that consumers can sue over "misrepresentations in labeling," when products are misleadingly labeled as organic.