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July 2016 Archives

CA Passes 3D Gun Bill Into Law, Requires Registration

It was going to happen sooner or later, and it looks like it happened sooner. California passed a law last week that, according to the NRA, would "effectively end the practice of personally manufacturing firearms in California."

How does one manufacture a gun at home without heavy machinery and tools? Easy. Go to your local Best Buy and get a 3D printer.

West Hollywood Club Liable for $5.4M After Bathroom Assault

Here Lounge in West Hollywood is on the hook for $5.4 million in damages to a woman who was sexually assaulted in the club's bathroom, despite the club's policy of posting guards outside of the bathrooms. This number is an affirmation of the lower court's decision back in 2014.

Bid to Buy Delta Islands Approved by CA Supreme Court

The sale of five small islands located within the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta will proceed as originally planned following the California Supreme Court's review of the matter. It's a decision that some Northern California groups have opposed from the very beginning.

The buyer, the Metropolitan Water District, has intimated that the islands may be used to provide access to a proposed tunnel system, a project that many fear may be used as a pathway to divert water to Southern California during these worrisome times of drought.

Felony Burglars Could Be Mere Shoplifters, Thanks to Prop 47

A man who was convicted for second degree burglary in California successfully convinced a California Court of Appeal that stealing by false pretenses was a form of shoplifting, thus falling under the umbrella of reduced sentences under Prop 47.

It could be one of the first cases in a very long time in which a defendant wanted to be branded a thief.

Inventor of 'Bullet Button' Skirts Spirit of New CA Gun Laws

Whenever state gun laws tighten restrictions on firearms, a demand is created for devices that will skirt the new restrictions. And that's just what has happened with the recent release of the "Bullet Button Patriot Mag Release," which defies California's new gun laws.

Days after Jerry Brown signed into law new language that made quick release of magazines more difficult, a company softened the sting for gun lovers by introducing a device that helps speed up reloading after the gun has been partially disassembled. No doubt demand is white hot.

Christian Dating Site Ordered to Allow LGBT Singles Access

A Superior Court in California has just penned off on a settlement that requires Christian Mingle to accommodate LGBT singles who use the site. Now, people visiting aren't restricted to searching for a partner of the opposite sex; they can now search for same-sex matches. This will surely not be the last word on what will become part of the "religious freedom" movement.

CA Supreme Court Kills Auto-Depublication of Appellate Opinions

California's Supreme Court recently announced an amendment to the California Rules of Court. Beginning July 1, 2016, published Court of Appeal decisions will no longer automatically "depublish" when the California Supreme Court grants review.

The main impetus behind the move was to respect the opinions and wishes of jurists and lawyers throughout the state who generally felt that the opinions still had use beyond modification by the state high court. But the change is a trial run; the state will revisit the issue again after three years.

CA Farmers Sue to Block 'Piece-Rate' Modifications

A California farming interest league has filed a complaint in Fresno County Court alleging that Assembly Bill 1513, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year, is unconstitutionally vague, according to Court House News.

The law is essentially an updated version of a pay scheme that California has had in place since the turn of the century. But now its critics have argued that the latest updates are an opening for harm to farmers and even to workers.