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Kim Kardashian Succeeds in Clemency Plea for Alice Marie Johnson

Celebrities lobbying the White House is nothing new, but it feels a little different when it's a reality t.v. star who originally became famous thanks to a sex tape. In any case, Kim Kardashian headed to Washington D.C. last week to lobby President Trump on behalf of a 63-year-old woman serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug conviction. This week, it appears Kardashian's efforts paid off, as Trump granted clemency to Alice Marie Johnson.

Jay-Z Wins Copyright Infringement Case for 'Big Pimpin'

As of Thursday, Jay-Z's 99 problems no longer include a copyright challenge to his hit song "Big Pimpin." A panel of judges for the Ninth Circuit have ruled in the rapper's favor against the relative of an Egyptian composer who claimed "Big Pimpin" looped four measures of an Arabic flute from the composer's 1957 hit "Khosara." The panel's decision included an analysis of Egyptian law regarding economic and moral infringement rights.

Harvey Weinstein Indicted for Rape, Declines to Testify at Grand Jury

By now, most of us have read horrendous details about the way Harvey Weinstein allegedly treated women over decades in the entertainment industry. Dozens of women have come forward, emboldened by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, to describe their own tragic encounters. But despite so many allegations, the movie mogul has never faced criminal charges, until now. Weinstein was finally indicted Wednesday by a grand jury in New York.

Why Won't Scott Baio Be Charged for Sexual Assault?

Scott Baio may have played a children's caretaker on TV, but one of his co-stars says he was a child molester in real life. However, despite the actress's claims regarding Baio's behavior, the "Charles in Charge" star will not be charged with any crime -- at least not in this case.

Morgan Freeman Hears From #MeToo in Sexual Harassment Claims

While he may have played God in a number of films, Morgan Freeman is being portrayed in a light that is far from holy. After a months-long CNN investigation, at least eight women have accused the star of sexual misconduct, from verbal harassment to unwanted touching. Some say his behavior was well known, while others said they never witnessed anything inappropriate and that he was always professional. Without admitting any wrongdoing, Freeman has apologized generally to "anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected."

T.I. Arrested Trying to Enter His Own Gated Community

Don't you hate it when you lose your keys and the security guard won't let you into your own gated community? Ok, most of us probably don't get to deal with the security guard part, but regardless, when it's 4:30 in the morning, all you want to do is go to bed after a night out. Instead of his cozy bed, rapper T.I. had to settle for a jail cell after he was arrested while attempting to enter his own gated community. His attorney is calling it a wrongful arrest.

Spotify Dumps R. Kelly

With social media, the court of public opinion has grown in power and prestige. And movements like the #MeToo campaign have gained speed and effectiveness in holding people accountable for their deplorable actions. Accusations that garner attention via social media sometimes lead to criminal charges, as Harvey Weinstein can attest to.

But what happens when there seem to be credible accusations and a social outcry, but no criminal charges have been filed, or charges don't stick? R. Kelly seems to be experiencing that scenario as Spotify has dumped him from their playlists amid many claims of sexual abuse.

Dr. Dre Can't Stop Gynecologist from Trademarking 'Dr. Drai'

Dr. Dre has about as much in common with a real doctor as Snoop Dogg has with Snoopy, or Eminem has with the delicious chocolate candy. But that didn't stop the famous rapper from trying to block a gynecologist from trademarking the name "Dr. Drai" as part of his medical practice. After a court battle, a judge has decided the real doctor is free to use his chosen moniker.

Roman Polanski Threatens Academy With Lawsuit After Expulsion

As more and more people come forward to tell their stories as victims of sexual assault inside the entertainment industry, Hollywood is trying to figure out how to react when one of their own is accused of anything from harassment to rape. While these stories and this problem are not new to the industry, victims have found new courage and solidarity in the wake of the Harvey Weistein scandal and the #MeToo movement.

Some have criticized the industry since many of the same people who expressed outrage at the Weistein scandal gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski, a director who admitted to having sex with a child. But just last week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) finally rescinded Polanski's membership, along with that of Bill Cosby. Now Polanski is threatening the academy with a lawsuit.

American rapper and producer G-Eazy (nee Gerald Earl Gillum) was arrested this week in Stockholm, Sweden on drug possession and assault charges after a scuffle in a nightclub. According to TMZ, the artist was partying at Solidaritet after a show, then became belligerent when a fan attempted to photograph him in the VIP area of the club.

Details are few, but it appears G-Eazy won't be facing any jail time following his arrest.