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Stormy Daniels Must Pay $293K to Trump Lawyer Fees, Court Rules

In October 2018, U.S. District Judge James Otero ruled in favor of President Trump in the defamation suit brought by Stormy Daniels against Trump. Otero claimed Trump's words were protected speech, and that Trump was entitled to attorney's fees incurred in fighting these defamation charges. This week, Otero set those fees at $293,000.

'Making a Murderer' Lawyer Acquitted of Felony Stalking Charges

Len Kachinsky may be quirky, but that doesn't make him a stalker. Kachinsky, a former superior court judge in Fox Crossing, Wisconsin, was charged with stalking court clerk, Mandy Bartelt. Though Kachinsky may have made a few cringe-worthy comments, a jury acquitted him of felony stalking charges. Kachinsky chalks it all up to a "personality conflict", and hopes to be reinstated to the bench now that he's been cleared of the charges.

Lindsey Buckingham Settles Lawsuit With Ex-Bandmates in Fleetwood Mac

Another battle has ended between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, but could this be the end of the war as well? After nearly fifty years of playing together, and a game of musical chairs among guitarists and singers, it looks like this could be the final final for Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac.

'Sharknado' Actress Tara Reid Sues Producers for $100M

Tara Reid filed a misappropriation suit against SYFY Media Productions and Asylum Entertainment for using her likeness on Sharknado-branded beer bottles and slot machines without her permission. Reid appeared in all six Sharknado films as lead character, April Wexler. These films were broadcast on the SYFY television network, dating back to 2013. Reid is suing for $100 million, primarily in punitive damages, which she describes as "an amount sufficiently large to set a public example of deterrence."

Over the past four years, the Milly Rock has gone from street dance in Brooklyn to soccer celebration in London. And the video game Fortnite has garnered 200 million players, heights of popularity few games have ever seen. So perhaps it was to be expected that Fortnite characters would start Milly Rocking in the game.

There's a little problem, however -- Fortnite's creators, Epic Games, called the dance emote "Swipe It." And now the Milly Rock's creator, rapper 2 Milly, is suing Epic for copyright infringement and violations of California's right of publicity statutes.

Our long national nightmare has ended. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally agreed to a custody agreement involving the ex-couple's six children. While news of the out-of-court settlement leaked last month, more details have surfaced after the agreement was finally filed.

Here's a look at what we know.

Drake Settles Fraud, Rape-Claim Lawsuit

Drake and Layla Lace have agreed to bury the hatchet regarding events surrounding their one night stand in Manchester, England back in February of 2017. Settlement terms were not specifically disclosed, but apparently both sides will cease to talk about the whole matter, and try to move forward without further ado.

Celebrities Fined by SEC for Unlawfully Promoting Cryptocurrency

Numerous celebrities have gotten caught up in promoting cryptocurrency, getting big money to endorse virtual currency companies on their social media accounts. But a few have declined to disclose this promotion, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is hitting them with big fines.

Bobby Brown Sues Showtime for Misappropriation of Publicity Rights

Bobby Brown is suing Showtime Networks, BBC, and the producers of Whitney Houston's documentary Can I Be Me? for misappropriation of publicity rights, among other causes of action, for using footage of Brown, and their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown (BKB). Bobby Brown's suit, filed in a federal court in New York, is seeking an injunction as well as $2 million in damages.

'Scream' Mask Maker Sues Celtics Player for Copyright Infringement

Terry Rozier of the Boston Celtics, or as some call him "Scary Terry," has been slapped with a copyright lawsuit for selling 500 sweatshirts and t-shirts with his cartoon likeness while donning the iconic Scream mask without prior authorization from the alleged copyright owners.