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April 2011 Archives

Katy Perry Sues Magazine: Didn't Sleep with Producer Benny Blanco

As Star Magazine recently learned, sometimes all it takes is an apology to make a libel suit go away.

But Australia's NW didn't get the memo, and after it refused to apologize, pop star Katy Perry filed suit against the tabloid for publishing allegations that she cheated on husband Russell Brand with producer Benny Blanco months after being married.

Katie Holmes Gets Front-Page Apology, Settles Suit

A lot has been said about Katie Holmes since she married then-crazy Tom Cruise and birthed his love child.

But until recently, the former Dawson's Creek star let it go. But when celebrity tabloid Star Magazine insinuated that she was turning to drugs to help cope with the world of Scientology, she sued.

And now that $50 million libel suit has settled.

'General Hospital' Cheated, ABC Sued by Creators' Heirs

It may have made it through the recent soap opera cancellations, but ABC's General Hospital is far from being off the hook.

The daughters of the husband and wife team that created the longest running soap opera on television are now suing ABC, claiming that, through fraudulent accounting, the network withheld a large chunk of royalty payments from the pair's company.

Lindsay Lohan Must Do Community Service in Morgue

Lindsay Lohan told Jay Leno Tuesday that her repeated encounters with the law have been the result of her youth and finding fame at the age of 11.

At 24, she contends that focus is now the key to her success.

One can only hope that she puts that theory to the test as she gets ready to star in her newest role, a real-life drama dubbed Lindsay Lohan: Morgue Edition.

Dr. Dre Wins Digital Rights to 'The Chronic'

Things are looking up for Dr. Dre. The Chronic has been making money digitally for years, and now Dre will be getting a cut of those royalties.

A District Court Judge in Los Angeles ruled last week that Death Row Records owes Dr. Dre 100% of all royalties it has earned from selling digital copies of the seminal rap album.

Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos to be Shown to Conrad Murray Jury

A judge hearing the Michael Jackson manslaughter case says prosecutors can show jurors two images from the singer's autopsy.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor ruled Thursday that prosecutors trying Dr. Conrad Murray can show what Pastor described as benign photos that are not graphic or gruesome, the AP reports.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren told the judge that he intends to introduce photos during the upcoming trial that will be carefully displayed.

Brooke Mueller's Rehab Prompts Charlie Sheen to Custody Battle

After a reported week-long drug binge that allegedly involved a stop at a pawn shop, Brooke Mueller is back in one of California's posh rehab facilities.

At the end of last week, Mueller refused to take a random drug test, which is part of her custody agreement with Charlie Sheen. In a potentially preemptive strike, she admitted herself into the facility, leaving her children with her parents.

Nicolas Cage Arrested: 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Posts Bail

He owes the IRS over $14 million. He lost his castle to foreclosure. He's clearly headed towards bankruptcy. And now he's drunkenly taunting cops to arrest him in New Orleans

Nicolas Cage, arrested by New Orleans police over the weekend and charged with domestic abuse, was disturbing the peace and by all accounts quite drunk over the weekend.

And as if that wasn't enough, he was bailed out by Dog the Bounty Hunter.

IRS Doubts Nicolas Cage Gave Away $1.8M in Gifts

For Nicolas Cage, tax problems are nothing new.

On the heels of a 2009 standoff with the IRS, TMZ reports that the agency has filed a federal tax lien against the actor, claiming that he now owes the government taxes on $1.8 million worth of gifts.

The IRS wants its $624,934.64 and they want it now.

Sylvester Stallone has Fake 'Rocky' Gloves Pulled from Auction

Sylvester Stallone takes his image seriously.

Or at least his Rocky gloves seriously.

After Sly got wind that a Hollywood memorabilia company was set to auction off a pair of gloves he reportedly used during the six-part boxing saga, he threatened to sue.

Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor: Impartial Jury Elusive

The trial of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's doctor, is underway in a Los Angeles courtroom, with attorneys slowly working their way through jury selection.

Murray, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter for negligently supplying the King of Pop with Propofol, is already facing an uphill battle. After the first round of questioning, it's clear that an impartial jury may not be possible.

American Idol Audience Member Too Fat for Front Row?

American Idol producers have some explaining to do.

While judge favorite Pia Toscano was being kicked off, the show's ushers were kicking 19-year-old Ashley Kauffman and her two friends into the back row.

The reason? She was too fat, and they weren't dressed well enough.

Gucci Mane Arrested: Threw Woman Out of Moving Hummer

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Rapper Gucci Mane, born Radric Davis, was arrested again on Friday while visiting his long-time probation officer.

The charges stem from a January incident during which he allegedly pushed a woman out of his moving Hummer after she refused $150 for sex.

Kate Gosselin Stiffs Marriage Counselor, Jon's Life Coach?

If you've ever seen the newly rebranded Jon and Kate Plus 8 or Dancing with the Stars, you know that Kate Gosselin has been wearing out her welcome on the main stage.

That is to say, she's overworking her 15 minutes of fame and isn't above selling herself or her children for a little cash.

Given these facts, it's surprising to announce that Kate Gosselin might just be telling the truth.

The company suing her for $10,476 in unpaid marriage counseling fees? Their counselor was probably Jon Gosselin's life coach.

Rick James' Estate Sues Universal for Digital Music Royalties

The Super Freak is back from the grave!

Okay, no he isn't. But his estate is.

On the heels of the Supreme Court's refusal to hear Universal Music Group's (UMG) appeal of a 9th Circuit decision awarding Eminem 50% of all digital royalties, funk legend Rick James' estate has filed suit.

It's a class action, too.

ShamWow Guy Tried to Make Assistant 'Love Slave,' Suit Says

The ShamWow! guy is apparently not only creepy looking, but is also a big creep. You know the ShamWow! Guy, he's the As Seen on TV pitchman with the British accent that gets really excited about cleaning up with the ShamWow! 

Vince Shlomi (he has a name!) is being sued by his former live-in assistant who is accusing him of trying to turn her into his 'love slave.'

He also offered to pay her $20,000 to help him create ShamWow! babies.

Motley Crue's Vince Neil Charged with Battery

Vince Neil has had an interesting career.

First there was Motley Crue. Then there were race cars, followed by a less than stellar solo career. Again with Motley Crue. And then The Surreal Life. This last one ended in a marriage, by the way.

We can now add criminal poker to the list. Oh yes, Vince Neil is being charged with battery after he allegedly poked three people, including ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs.

Charlie Sheen Tries to Trademark 'Duh, Winning,' 'Tiger Blood,'

When Charlie Sheen launched his post-rehab media blitz, no one thought it would last.

But then the actor set off to tour his reportedly chaotic and failing one-man show--Violent Torpedo of Truth.

And now in Charlie Sheen news? He's filed trademark applications for 22 of his "special" catchphrases.

Six Hollywood studios have sued Internet-movie company Zediva, claiming the start-up violates copyright law with its system for showing new movies online for $1 or $2.

The company calls its service a DVD-rental operation. But instead of sending DVDs to customers through the mail, like Netflix and others, Zediva's discs sit in banks of players at a Silicon Valley data center, Bloomberg reports.

Hollywood's big studios views this little operation as an end around on copyright laws and wants it shut down.

Oprah Dodges $100M Copyright Suit for 'Plagiarizing' Book

Everyone wants a piece of Oprah Winfrey before she half-heartedly leaves broadcast television.

But the talk show queen can do no wrong, not even plagiarize someone else's book.

No, a Pennsylvania judge dismissed a $100 million lawsuit against her O-ness, saying that the allegedly infringed material lacked the requisite originality.

Kind of like Oprah, don't you think?

Britney Spears Sued for $10 Million Over Perfume Deal

Britney Spears may be making another comeback, but life isn't all sunshine and butterflies for the pop princess.

Spears is reportedly being sued for $10 million for breaching a royalty contract involving her fragrances.

Daddy is even admitting that Britney didn't want to pay up.