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Snooki Police Car Crash Sends Italian Cops to Hospital

For reality TV star Nicole Polizzi, better known as "Snooki," a police car crash has made headlines. After the crash, Snooki was in police custody - but it wasn't a formal arrest, according to celebrity gossip site TMZ.

Snooki was taking part in the filming of MTV's Jersey Shore in Florence when the incident occurred.

Snooki's police car crash seems to be a simple case of bad driving. In fact, the cops that she hit were actually part of the police escort assigned to the cast of Jersey Shore. Yes, we live in a day and age where the cast of Jersey Shore are important enough - and vital enough - to have an assigned police escort.

Courtney Love Libels Her Ex-Lawyer on Twitter

For the second time, a Courtney Love Twitter defamation case is making waves. Ex-lawyer Rhonda Holmes alleges that the latest Courtney Love's libel tweets have hurt her professional reputation and have caused her economic injury.

Holmes, a San Diego attorney, was originally retained as counsel for Love in a lawsuit where she was trying to pursue money stolen from the estate of Kurt Cobain, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Love had fired Holmes' firm (Gordon & Holmes) after they had only agreed to represent Love in the legal action if she could remain sober the entire time. When she tried to re-hire them, they declined, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And so began the alleged Twitter defamation.

Disney Surrenders to Navy on 'SEAL Team 6' Trademark

In a bid to uh, respect the Navy, Disney has decided to drop its application for the SEAL Team 6 trademark, laying to rest its dreams of memorializing the top secret unit via the mass production of tacky Christmas ornaments and snow globes.

Even though the purveyor of cartoon mice could have potentially won in a courtroom showdown, after suffering through NCIS: Los Angeles, be thankful that this decision will likely save you from yet another Navy-centered drama.

For those not up on the latest terrorist-killing lingo, SEAL Team 6 is the unofficial name of the special ops unit responsible for taking down Osama bin Laden.

Real Housewives' Sonja Morgan Must Pay $7M, Court Rules

For Sonja Morgan, judgment by a U.S. Court of Appeals means that she will be paying $7 million for pulling out of a film titled "Fast Flash to Bang Time." Morgan, star of the Real Housewives of New York, declared bankruptcy in November.

According to the court, Morgan's conduct to Hannibal Pictures, who was making "Fast Flash to Bang Time" was fraudulent. Reportedly, Morgan pulled out because talks with John Travolta, said to have been in talks to star in the creatively-named film, was demanding "various conditions" that her company was not able to provide.

Morgan seems to be in dire financial straits to say the least. In her November bankruptcy, she cited that most of her debt came from the failed venture with Hannibal Pictures. She had listed she was $19.8 million in debt, with only $13.5 million in assets, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Judge Denies 'Hangover 2' Lawsuit's Injunction Over Tyson Tattoo

Fans of so-called 'buddy films' won't be disappointed this weekend--a federal judge has denied a request by the plaintiff in the Hangover 2 lawsuit to prevent the long-awaited sequel's release.

Though the show can go on, the judge did indicate that, should the lawsuit make it through to trial, Mike Tyson tattoo creator S. Victor Whitmill is likely to win, allowing him to stomp on your ability to own the film on DVD.

How sad.

For those who don't follow Hollywood lawsuits and the whereabouts of the Mike Tyson tattoo, tattoo artist Whitmill filed the Hangover 2 lawsuit last month alleging that the facial tattoo worn by Ed Helms infringes on his copyright.

Model Estella Warren Arrested: Kicked Cops, Escaped Handcuffs

Lingerie model Estella Warren was arrested for kicking a police officer, escaping from custody, driving under the influence, and for fleeing the scene of a three-car accident in Los Angeles.

Warren is a former Canadian synchronized swimming star as well as the star of the 2001 movie, Planet of the Apes.

Police were alerted when a witness said they saw someone drive into a parked car. After responding, authorities found several other cars had been hit by the same vehicle, reports the Toronto Sun. When officers caught up to Warren at her Los Angeles home, she behaved in an uncharacteristically un-model-like behavior.

Jersey Shore Italy Fight: Ronnie, Situation Assault Each Other?

What happens in Italy might not stay in Italy. A Jersey Shore Italy fight erupted, and reports are that Ronnie and "the Situation" assaulted each other in a serious brawl.

The cast, which can only be described as the epitome of class, has been filming Jersey Shore  Italy and photographers snapped pictures of the Situation returning home with a red, maybe bruised-up face, and Ronnie returning home with bloody knuckles.

Something must have gone down between the two - either that, or maybe both of them tripped and fell. Somehow.

Russell Brand: Japan Deported Him for Criminal Record

Maybe he'll be able to laugh about this in a few years - or use it in his stand-up act. British comedian Russell Brand was recently deported from Japan, according to his wife Katy Perry's Twitter account. He was visiting the country for Perry's Japan concert when the immigration incident went down.

The reason for the deportation? Allegedly, a 10-year-old criminal case, reports the Examiner.

Brand is no stranger to scrapes with the law. He has been arrested multiple times in the past, the last one for allegedly attacking a paparazzi at the Los Angeles airport, reports Reuters.

However, despite the awkwardness that must have accompanied getting snatched up by Japanese police, Brand seems to be handling the situation with some humor.

Flavor Flav's Lawsuit: Flav's Chicken Bill Unpaid

A Flavor Flav lawsuit has put the former Public Enemy rapper back under the heat lamp. Flavor Flav's Fried Chicken restaurant closed after three months amid allegations employees' paychecks were bouncing, reports Allhiphop.com.

Now Flavor Flav and partner Nicolo Cimino might have to play a game of chicken over the check, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The check from Hawkeye Foodservice Distribution, Inc., for all the raw chicken, that is.

Kate Gosselin's Must Pay Marriage Counselor $10,000, Judge Rules

She may be famous for pawning off her eight kids on nannies and treating her ex-hubby like trash, but Kate Gosselin has never needed a marriage counselor.

Or at least that's what she continues to argue, even though a Pennsylvania judge has ordered her to pay about $10,300 to Sylvia Lafair, a woman who claims that she hit the streets of Los Angeles after Kate hired her to help save her dwindling marriage.

Katie, of course, is appealing.

This little legal battle has been going on for a while, with Kate Gosselin refusing to pay Sylvia Lafair and her Creative Energy Options company for services she says were rendered to Jon, reports E! Online.

Marginal reality star Shauna Sand has been arrested for domestic violence after reports that she attacked and hit her husband, Laurent Homburger. Sand is famous for being an ex-Playboy pin-up as well as the ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas.

Sand, 39, was charged with felony domestic violence after police were called to the couple's home. The responding officers noticed marks on her husband, reports the Toronto Sun. Homburger was also arrested on a domestic violence charge.

Lorenzo Lamas is now seeking an emergency temporary order for full physical custody of his 3 children with Sand, according to celebrity gossip site TMZ.

Semi-Nude Jake Gyllenhaal Photo Fake, Lawyers Demand It Comes Down

A semi-nude Jake Gyllenhaal photo.

Got your attention? Okay. Let's go.

Apparently this photo, which was originally posted over on BuzzFeed, is a fake.

In fact, it's so obvious it's a fake that it's baffling why it shot across the blogosphere. But that's beside the point, because now Jake's lawyers are reacting and they want it taken down.

Botox Mom a Fake: Sheena Upton Confesses She Made it All up

Remember Kerry Campbell, Botox Mom? Well, there's been an update to the story: introducing Sheena Upton, Fake Botox Mom.

Apparently, Upton was making this whole Botox-ing her 8-year-old thing up.

After her daughter was removed from her, Upton lawyered up and now signed a declaration "under penalty of perjury" that the entire thing was a hoax. Her asking price for running this hoax? $200 by the British tabloid The Sun, according to TMZ.

'Brando' Boots: Marlon Brando Estate Sues Harley-Davidson

Whether best remembered for his role as a Roman politician or an Italian Mobster, Marlon Brando is a household name.

Which is probably why the trust that has been tasked with overseeing his posthumous image has filed suit against Harley-Davidson, alleging that the motorcycle giant is misappropriating his likeness.

They've come out with a new line of motorcycle boots called "The Brando."

Filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the Associated Press is reporting that the lawsuit requests an injunction to stop Harley-Davidson from manufacturing and selling the Brando Boots, as well as punitive damages and profits.

Okay, sorry Patrick Schwarzenegger, er, Shriver. It takes more than just a Twitter post to change your name.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, 17, son of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, has advised the Twitter world he wants henceforth to be known as Patrick Shriver, reports MSNBC.

Seventeen-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger tweeted Tuesday, "some days you feel like s***, some days you want to quit and just be normal for a bit, yet i love my family till death do us apart," reports Entertainment Weekly.

So what would Patrick, still shy of his 18th birthday, really have to do to become Patrick Shriver?

16 and Pregnant Dad Joshua Drummonds Arrested for Forgery, Larceny

Another day, another 16 & Pregnant arrest to report. Season 2 daddy Joshua Drummonds, 19, was arrested in Michigan for stealing and forging checks from his own mother.

Drummonds allegedly stole 5 checks from his mother, wrote the checks out to himself, forged her signature and then deposited them into his own bank account, reports the Examiner. The checks totaled to around $270, and the theft was reported to the police by his mother.

Unfortunately for Drummonds, who violated his probation with the check forgery, he is facing felony charges and up to 4 years in jail for larceny and 14 years for each forged check he wrote. His bail has been set at $20,000, a steep price for a relatively cheap crime. If convicted, will he really be facing years of jail time for stealing $270?

Kelsey Grammer Files for Sole Custody of Children

Paging Dr. Frasier, an emergency counseling session seems to be in order. Former Frasier star Kelsey Grammar is now embroiled in a bitter custody battle with ex-wife Camille Grammer.

Kelsey is seeking sole physical custody and joint legal custody of their two children, ages 9 and 6. He filed the legal papers at Los Angeles County Superior Court this week.

Camille is no stranger to the small screen herself as a star on the reality TV series the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The couple was married for 13 years, but separated last year.

Kelsey, ever the romantic, remarried 16 days after their divorce was finalized.

Arnold's Paternity Issues: Schwarzenegger Responsible for Love Child

News of Arnold's love child has hit the airwaves. Unfortunately for Arnold, paternity issues have shoved him back into the media's crosshairs. It has also likely ended his 25-year marriage to former first lady of California Maria Shriver.

Arnold and Shriver separated a few weeks ago after he broke the news to her that he had fathered a love child with a former household staffer. He reportedly had kept the secret from her for a decade.

To protect the privacy of the young child and the staffer, the Los Angeles Times declined to publish their names.

Rapper Cassidy Arrested: Suspect in Philadelphia Murder

Rapper Cassidy has been arrested in Hackensack, New Jersey, on probation violation charges, and also as a suspect in a murder case and two attempted murder cases, reports CBS News.

Rapper Cassidy, born Barry Reese, 28, was arrested last week at a Hackensack convenience store, in broad daylight.

Hackensack police executed a Philadelphia "high risk" warrant for Reese's arrest, based on an undercover officer's positive identification of Reese in the convenience store, reports Inquisitr.com.

Reese "was very surprised" when he was arrested, said Hackensack police Lt. Timothy Lloyd.

Cali Swag District's M-Bone Killed in LA Drive By

The music industry has lost another rising star.

Rapper M-Bone of Cali Swag District, the group that last year brought you "Teach Me How to Dougie," was pronounced dead late last night at UCLA Medical Center in West Los Angeles.

Police have confirmed that the 22-year-old rapper was shot during a drive-by in his hometown of Inglewood, California.

To the Batmobile! DC Comics Sues Garage Over Batmobile Replicas

To the copyright-infringing Batmobile, Robin! If you ever wanted your very own Batmobile, you might be out of luck. DC Comics is suing Mark Towles, owner of Gotham Garage, for making unlicensed and allegedly copyright-infringing copies of the Dark Knight's wheels.

Gotham Garage is located in Orange County, California. In the suit filed at a California District Court, DC Comics is alleging that Towles' Batmobiles are confusing to the public because they may think that he has the DC license to produce these imitations. They are asking for a permanent injunction, destruction of the Batmobiles, and $750,000 per infringement, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The offending vehicles are pretty impressive - with gadgets, and slick paint. Towles is accused of infringing on the original Batmobile used in the 1966 "Batman" TV show. Gotham Garage's website has some pictures of Towles' replica, and the two are pretty similar.

'Hangover' Actor Mike Epps Served with Lawsuit on Comedy Stage

Served with a lawsuit, actor and comedian Mike Epps, best known for his role in The Hangover, threw a hissy fit in front of a Texas audience earlier this week.

And there's some pretty explicit video to boot.

Mike Epps was in the middle of his comedy routine at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas when a process server neared the stage and tossed papers at him. Obviously knowing what it was, he then began yelling obscenities at the woman, working the event into his act.

'Skinnygirl' Bethenny Frankel Sued For $100M by Ex-Manager

Reality star and so-called "Skinnygirl" Bethenny Frankel has been hit with a fat $100 million lawsuit by her former management agency, Raw Talent, a Los Angeles-based company.

At the heart of the lawsuit is Frankel's Skinnygirl Margarita line, which she sold earlier in the year for a hefty $120 million. Raw Talent is seeking 10% of the profits from the deal, and an estimated $100 million in punitive damages. The complaint alleges fraud and breach of oral contract, reports MSNBC.

According to the Skinnygirl Margarita website, the margarita mix is made out of lightly sweetened agave nectar, Blue Agave Tequila, and only packs in around 100 calories for a 4 oz. serving. The product is widely popular, which is why it raked in such a sweet deal for Frankel.

Tragedy still stalks deceased actor Gary Coleman, whose remains do not yet rest in peace. And the tragedy is wrapped in an unresolved legal issue about whether Coleman was married at the time of his death.

Coleman's former manager Vic Perillo has announced that, as the first anniversary of Coleman's death approaches, Coleman's parents and estranged wife still dispute the arrangements, reports WENN-TV.

Lindsay Lohan Home Detention to Follow No Contest Plea?

Who says life in Hollywood is always fabulous? For notorious bad girl Lindsay Lohan, home detention for her recent misdemeanor theft charge would keep her partying ways locked down - and would keep her alleged sticky fingers in check.

Lohan is accused of stealing a "one of a kind" diamond and gold necklace from a Venice, Calif. retailer valued at more than $2,500, reports CBS News. Lohan walked right out of the store with the necklace around her neck - without paying for it, authorities say.

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger Have Separated

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announced yesterday that, after 25 years of marriage, they have separated.

In a statement released to the press, the couple said that they are currently living apart, but are working on the future of their relationship.

What are the legal implications of their separation?

Sarah Palin Wants Restraining Order Extended

Last fall, Shawn Christy proved that one's distaste for Sarah Palin can go a bit too far.

After being accused of making threats and sending Palin a receipt from a handgun purchase, an Anchorage magistrate granted the politician a restraining order against Christy.

Now Sarah Palin wants that order extended--and to include his parents.

Jay-Z 'Big Pimpin' Lawsuit Can Go Forward, Judge Rules

For rap artist and media mogul Jay-Z, "Big Pimpin" was a hit. Now a judge has ruled in favor of a big pimpin' lawsuit and Jay-Z is one step closer to a big pimpin' day in court.

At the center of the lawsuit is a sampled loop of "Khosara, Khosara," a song composed by the late Baligh Hamdy. The song was originally featured in Fata Ahlami, a 1960s Egyptian film. Hamdy passed away in 1993, and the copyright to the song passed down to his children.

Nic Cage Won't be Charged in Drunken New Orleans Arrest

Taking a break from filming movies and living the high life, actor Nic Cage, drunk and belligerent, was arrested last month for getting into a loud and angry argument with his wife.

He needs to take some acting lessons if he was trying out for a title role as "drunken criminal," since the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office is now declining to charge him with any crimes.

Time for Nicollette Sheridan to get ready for her close-up.

Sheridan's Desperate Housewives suit goes to court on June 8th, after a judge in Los Angeles denied ABC's motion to dismiss the case. 

Sheridan seeks $20 million from ABC and the show producer Marc Cherry. Judge Elizabeth Allen White found enough dispute between Sheridan's and the defendants' versions to require a jury's determination of what really happened, reports The New York Times.

'Beverly Hillibillies' Actress Sues Over 'Elly May' Barbie

Some would be honored to be forever immortalized in Barbie form. But Donna Douglas, the actress who played Elly May Clampett in CBS' hit series The Beverly Hillbillies, is not one of them.

In response to Mattel's "Elly May Barbie," Douglas is suing the company, alleging that it used her name and likeness without her permission.

Mike Tyson's Tattoo Artist Sues to Block 'Hangover' Sequel

Can a tattoo artist stop the release of a Hollywood film?

S. Victor Whitmill is trying to find out.

Creator of the Mike Tyson tattoo (you know, the Maori print on his face), Whitmill is asking a court to prevent Warner Bros. from releasing The Hangover: Part II because he believes that a tattoo in the movie infringes upon his copyright.

'16 and Pregnant's' Jamie McKay Files for Sole Custody of Daughter

16 & Pregnant reality star Jamie McKay, featured in this week's episode, has filed for sole custody of her 7-month-old baby daughter.

McKay is alleging that her baby daddy, Ryan McElrath, 18, has legal and personal issues that are detrimental to the health and welfare of her daughter.

Mel Gibson News: Oksana Shockingly Drops Domestic Violence Charges

He may have already pled no contest and agreed to three years of probation, but word has it that the Mel Gibson-Oksana Grigorieva domestic violence charges will no longer be part of the ex-couple's custody dispute.

Or at least that's what her lawyer told the judge Wednesday morning.

Rick Springfield DUI Mug Shot: Was 80s Singer Crying?

Maybe it was in celebration of his alma mater, General Hospital, not getting the ax along with other daytime soaps.

Maybe he still really wishes he had Jesse's girl.

Whatever the reason, there's no excuse for the news that Rick Springfield was arrested this past weekend for driving under the influence. And the Rick Springfield mugshot is certainly a memorable one.