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June 2011 Archives

Denise Richards Adopts a Girl: Eloise Joni Richards

It's a busy week in the Sheen/ex-Sheen household.

Charlie Sheen's wages get docked for child support to ex-wife Brooke Mueller Sheen, while Sheen's other ex-wife Denise Richards adopts a baby girl, Eloise Joni Richards.

Richards has two other daughters from her marriage with Sheen. Daughter Lola is 6 and daughter Sam is 7.

The baby girl was adopted domestically, reports People.

Michele Bachmann Can't Use 'American Girl:' Tom Petty Threatens Suit

Is presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann an "American Girl"? Sure, but she can't play that song at her campaign events - at least that's what Tom Petty's cease and desist letter says.

Bachmann had been using the song as part of her campaign message, playing it as she walked onstage during events. Well, maybe it's time for Bachmann to play a different tune.

Rockers and politicians have fighting over the use of music in campaigns for years. Bachmann's case is only the most recent of these spats.

Rapper Rick Ross Sued: His Pitbulls Killed Neighbor's Dog

Rapper Rick Ross has been sued by a neighbor. According to the suit, Rick Ross' pitbull attacked the neighbor's dog.

The neighbor's suit claims that three pitbulls ran away from Ross' home in Atlanta. They then somehow got into her home and attacked her dog, Banks, according to celebrity gossip source TMZ.

Banks was a small Yorkshire Terrier, reports TMZ.

'Puck' Arrested: 'Real World's' David Rainey Arrested for Domestic Violence

Since June 19, former Real World troublemaker Puck, arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence, has been living the high life in a Los Angeles County jail, unable to post a $30,000 bond before his July 6 court date.

Known only for his title as one of the most obnoxious and contentious reality television personalities of all time, Puck, born David Rainey, has a long history of run-ins with the law.

And most of them also seem to involve domestic violence.

Happy Days Lawsuit: CBS Fires Back at Cast

CBS has finally responded to the Happy Days lawsuit, which accuses the network of failing to pay merchandising royalties owed under actors' contracts.

Brought by Marion Ross, Don Most, Anson Williams, Erin Moran, and the estate of Tom Bosley, the lawsuit, filed in April, also alleges that CBS acted fraudulently and in bad faith.

CBS says it's a joke.

Young Jeezy Sued Over Concert No-Show

Things aren't looking so great for Young Jeezy.

Sued by Paid 4 Entertainment, concert promoters for a music festival in the Virgin Islands, the member of hip hop group United Streets Dopeboyz of America may be on the hook for $75,000.

He reportedly failed to show up for his gig even though Paid 4 claims it went to great lengths to get him there.

Lady Gaga Scam: Sued for $5M over Japan Earthquake Charity

Did Lady Gaga scam earthquake victims in Japan? Lady Gaga's charity was a scam, according to a new lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by aptly named law firm, 1-800-LAW-FIRM, and was filed as a class action in the U.S. District Court in Michigan, reports E! Online.

Lady Gaga had encouraged fans to buy $5 charity wristbands for relief efforts in Japan after the tragic earthquake and tsunami, according to E! Online.

She originally indicated that "all" of the proceeds would go toward the Japan relief efforts, though instead a majority of the money went toward shipping costs that were way over the actual amount needed to ship the bracelets, according to the filed lawsuit.

Camille Grammer: Kelsey Won't Let Kids Appear on 'Housewives'

According to Camille Grammer, kids Mason, 9, and Jude, 6, won't be appearing on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills due to the fact that ex-husband Kelsey Grammer won't sign the release.

The pair, whose separation and divorce were fodder for the show's first season, are currently locked in a heated custody battle over the two kids, with court dates set in the near future.

Can Camille Grammer get the judge to weigh in?

Anna Nicole Smith's Supreme Court Loss: $89 Million

For the estate of the now-deceased former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith, the Supreme Court is not a friend. The Supreme Court's recent ruling has ended Smith's long-running posthumous battle for J. Howard Marshall's estate, her deceased husband.

Turns out she (or her estate now) is not entitled to some $89 million. The Supreme Court has ruled that the will of J. Howard Marshall should be followed - which did not include Smith.

Smith married Howard, a Texas oil tycoon, who was 63 years older than her, reports The New York Times. She was 26 at the time. He was 89, and he died around 14 months after their marriage, leaving behind a $1.6 billion fortune, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Lindsay Lohan's Failed Alcohol Test: Jail for Probation Violation?

Has there been another Lindsay Lohan probation violation? For Lohan, alcohol probation, court dates and hearings, and court-mandated drug and alcohol tests have been a reality since her two drunk driving arrests back in 2007.

She most recently pled guilty to stealing a necklace, and was sentenced to 120 days in jail which was reduced and converted to a home confinement.

And now, she may have failed a court-ordered alcohol test, reports CNN. This failed alcohol test has resulted in a probation violation hearing set for this morning.

Tobey Maguire Sued for Poker Winnings at Illegal High Stakes Game

Tobey Maguire, poker player extraordinaire, is reportedly being sued in an attempt to recover money he won during a series of "high stakes, clandestine poker games" hosted by jailed hedge fund manager and Ponzi schemer Brad Ruderman.

The games, which also reportedly involved heterosexual life partners Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, netted Maguire millions.

$311,000 of which Ruderman allegedly embezzled from his clients.

Tone Loc Arrested for Domestic Violence

Born Anthony Smith, rapper Tone Loc, arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence in Burbank, California over the weekend, is reportedly out on bail, having posted a bond of $50,000 three hours after being hauled into jail.

Known mostly for his rise to fame in the 1980's with hits like "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina," there is little information about exactly what occurred prior to Tone Loc's arrest.

Police have only indicated that there was a "physical altercation" with the mother of his child.

Megan Fox Fired From Transformers 3 Over Hitler Comment?

When Megan Fox was fired from her role in the "Transformers" movie franchise, many thought that the command was issued by director Michael Bay over some disparaging remarks she made in an interview with the British magazine Wonderland.

But, as it turns out, there may have been another Hollywood bigwig behind Fox's firing. According to Bay, it was Steven Spielberg, who is the executive producer of the films, who demanded that Fox be fired from the third installment, reports the Guardian.

The reason? Fox had likened Bay to Hitler in the interview, according to the Guardian.

Legal for 'Lost' Actor Doug Hutchison, 51, To Marry Singer, 16?

Actor Doug Hutchison, best known for his roles in Lost, 24 and The Green Mile, has reportedly married one Courtney Alexis Stodden.

Why should you care?

The aspiring beauty queen (she participated in Miss Teen Washington USA) and county-music singer is 16.

Hutchison is 51.

Nic Cage's Ex Wants Conservatorship: Son Needs Legal Guardian?

Nic Cage might have been a "superhero" in "Kick Ass," but his ex-girlfriend certainly doesn't think he can take care of his son. Weston Cage's conservatorship battle between Christina Fulton, Cage's ex, and Cage, is heating up.

Weston, 20, a death metal singer, is currently in psychiatric evaluation after a fight with his personal trainer in early June, reports Contact Music.

Fulton is pursuing conservatorship of her son - but both Nic and Weston look to be against Fulton's actions.

'Jackass' Star Dies: Ryan Dunn Crash Site Near Philadelphia

"Jackass" movie co-star Ryan Dunn's crash in a 2007 Porsche killed him and another unidentified passenger early morning on Monday. The mother of Bam Margera, one of Dunn's "Jackass" co-stars, confirmed the news, reports The Star-Ledger.

Margera's mother said that there may have been a third person in the car, reports The Star-Ledger. And, at this point it is still unclear as to who was driving the vehicle when it crashed.

Dunn's crashed Porsche was found in a wooded area in outer Philadelphia, according to Reuters. The car had burst into flames.

NY Socialite Beata Boman's Starbucks Video Defense in Scarf Theft

New York fashion designer and socialite Beata Boman allegedly stole a scarf - and a "Starbucks defense" is going to exonerate her, according to her attorney.

Boman is accused of shoplifting a fur scarf valued at around $11,000 from Richards of Greenwich in New York, reports the New York Post.

Boman says she accidentally stuffed the scarf into her purse after an emotional phone call with a friend who was about to get brain surgery, the New York Post reports. Add a Starbucks defense to that brain surgery defense.

Rebecca Black's 'Friday': Who Owns the Rights?

"It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday..." So goes the lyrics of Rebecca Black's "Friday." Once just an ordinary 13-year-old, Black is now a household name for this fairly ridiculous song.

But now "Friday" has just been taken off YouTube as part of a legal battle.

Okay, scratch that - the original music video may have been taken off, but Ark Music Factory, the company that produced Black's song, has put on a "director's cut" version of the video back online, reports the Huffington Post.

Bone Thugs' Bizzy Bone Beatup 2 Chicago Fans on Tour Bus?

Two Bone Thugs-n-Harmony fans paid around $80 to meet the band, including Bizzy Bone, on a tour bus stop in Chicago. For some reason, Bizzy beat the fans - as in, he assaulted them, according to news reports.

It's unclear why Bizzy felt like he needed to lay the beat down on the two fans, according to celebrity gossip source TMZ.

The two men told authorities that when they entered the tour bus, Bizzy, for whatever reason, started to get mad, TMZ reports.

Kardashian Kard Lawsuit Tossed by Judge: Sisters Not at Fault

The Kardashian sisters now have a reason to celebrate - the Kardashian card lawsuit that was brought against them after the sisters broke off promotional ties and spoke out about the "Kardashian Kard" prepaid debit card has been tossed out by a judge.

Revenue Resource Group LLC had brought the $75 million lawsuit against the sisters when they pulled their support for the Kardashian Kard just three weeks after the product launched, reports CBS News.

The company blamed the sisters' withdrawal as costing them millions of dollars in revenue - and possibly contributing to the company's demise, Reuters reports.

Ricki Lake Sued for 'Burning Down' Malibu Beach House

Ricki Lake: fire starter?

According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, this very well may be true.

Hovsep Kousouyan, owner of Lake's rented Malibu beach house, is suing for unspecified damages, alleging that Lake's negligence left his multi-million dollar home ablaze and burnt to a crisp.

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Suicide Attempt Sent Her to Hospital?

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood's suicide attempt has reportedly landed her in the hospital.

Portwood, 21, was first flung into the spotlight as her pregnancy was featured on MTV's reality show 16 and Pregnant. She then starred on MTV's Teen Mom.

Portwood has also recently made headlines for her relationship with ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter Gary Shirley. A violent fight between the two former lovebirds even played out on TV screens nationwide during an episode of Teen Mom.

Hugh Hefner Dumped at Altar: Does Crystal Harris Keep the Ring?

Playboy bunny Crystal Harris calls off her wedding to Hugh Hefner. Dumped, yes, but what becomes to Crystal Harris' engagement ring? Does Hefner have a claim to it?

Harris, 25, began dating Hefner, 85, last May, and Hefner proposed to Harris in December, reports the New York Daily News.

Harris and Hefner's relationship overlapped Hefner's relationship with the Shannon twins, according to the New York Daily News.

Sean Bean Stabbed: Game of Thrones Star in Bar Brawl

British actor Sean Bean, stabbed Sunday night outside a pub in North West London, has proved that he takes his tough guy image a little too seriously--on and off the screen.

Not only did he spend his night smoking cigarettes and being on the receiving end of a stab to the arm, the star of HBO's Game of Thrones indulged in his white knight fantasies and skipped the hospital in favor of another drink.

Sean Bean was outside his usual watering hole with 22-year-old former Playboy model April Summers when a few men walked by and made lewd comments, reports the Daily Mail.

'Real Housewives' Attack: Teresa Giudice Sued by Chicago Cop

The latest headlines read "Teresa Giudice Sued for Real Housewives Bar Fight" - and is anybody really surprised? The cast of the ever-popular Real Housewives of New Jersey have made the news for assaults and fights before, but this one seems a bit more serious.

Giudice and other cast members including Giudice's husband Joe, Albert Manzo and Christopher Manzo, attacked Adolfo Arreola and his cousin Jason A. Gomez earlier this year at a Dominican resort, according to the new lawsuit.

Arreola is a police officer with the University of Illinois-Chicago's police department. He suffered a broken arm, blurred vision, cuts and bruises. His cousin suffered a broken leg and a torn MCL, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Katt Williams Arrested: Intimidating a Witness

Comedian and actor Katt Williams' arrest involved some strange circumstances. The recipe for his most recent run-in with the law includes: Katt Williams, a tractor, and three women.

Yes, a tractor was involved.

Williams was arrested in Los Angeles. He had been staying at a house where a tractor operator was working outside on a neighbor's home, reports Digital Spy.

Kim Kardashian Defamation Lawsuit After Bret Lockett Fesses Up?

Uh oh, it might be time for a Kim Kardashian defamation lawsuit to take off. Apparently, the Kim Kardashian/Bret Lockett affair might just be all made up.

Usually, affairs are clandestine and a bit scandalous. Two lovers sneaking behind their boyfriend and girlfriend's backs, etc. Yet, now NFL player Lockett is saying that he actually has never met Ms. Kardashian, reports iVillage.

That's right. An affair where you never meet the person. It's kind of like the old saying, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it - does it really fall? So, if there's an affair, but nobody actually saw each other in the flesh, did it really happen?

Kim Kardashian and Bret Lockett: Affair or Lie?

Reality star Kim Kardashian and Bret Lockett's affair - or alleged affair - might be taking a legal turn. The Kim Kardashian/Bret Lockett scandal erupted after a story broke in In Touch, a weekly gossip magazine, that the two had an affair.

Lockett is a NFL player for the New England Patriots. If the allegations of the affair of true, Kardashian would have been cheating on fiancé Kris Humphries, a basketball player for the New Jersey Nets, reports Reality TV World.

Kardashian has steadfastly denied the allegations of an affair - and in fact claims that she has never met him. But, Lockett is claiming that they did have a relationship - and a five-month relationship to boot. Who is to be believed?

Lindsay Lohan Stalker: Restraining Order on David Cocordan Granted

It's a little lazy to stalk someone currently on house arrest, but Lindsay Lohan stalker David Cocordan appears to have capitalized on Lohan's restricted lifestyle.

After he sent countless text messages and made an attempt to speak to the judge presiding over her theft case, the embattled actress was granted a restraining order against Cocordan, who must now refrain from harassing the actress and remain at least 100 yards away for the next 2 years.

According to court records, the 28-year-old man sent over 100 text messages to Lohan, including some that bordered on sexually explicit, reports E! Online. David Cocordan also showed up at the actress' home, as well as at nearly all of her recent court hearings.

'Hangover' Tattoo Lawsuit: Studio Will Change Tattoo on DVD

The Hangover tattoo lawsuit has taken another turn. Warner Bros. has now told the Missouri judge handling the case that it will digitally alter the Mike Tyson face tattoo inked on actor Ed Helms' face in its future DVD release of the movie if the lawsuit is not settled by then.

S. Victor Whitmill, the original tattoo artist for Mike Tyson's iconic facial tattoo, originally filed for an injunction to prevent the release of Hangover 2.

Whitmill's argument was that when he and Tyson agreed that Whitmill would retain the rights related to his tattoo artwork. Helms' facial tattoo, as a result, would be infringing on his copyright, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Flo Rida Arrested for DUI in Miami in $1.7M Bugatti

To the list of artists picked up for a DUI, add Flo Rida. Arrested at about 4 a.m. this morning, the rapper, born Tramar Dillard, was spotted by police in Miami Beach swerving in and out of lanes while driving his super expensive care: a 2008 Bugatti sports car.

Did I mention that, once out of the car, he told officers that he had had a few drinks?


The fun doesn't stop here.

Willie Nelson's Marijuana Case Settles for $500 Fine

Are we really surprised that Willie Nelson smokes marijuana? Thankfully for the country music legend, the Willie Nelson marijuana case seems to be about over, as the singer has agreed to a plea deal.

Though there were reports that the Texas prosecutor was willing to let him go for a little song and dance, it looks like he'll actually be paying a $500 fine and acting like a law-abiding citizen for 30 days in exchange for the charges being dismissed.

Willie Nelson was busted last November at a border checkpoint after an agent found pot on his tour bus.

'Weinergate' Porn Star Ginger Lee Coached to Lie by Rep. Weiner?

Rep. Anthony Weiner's online antics keep unraveling. Indeed, a "Weinergate" porn star, Ginger Lee, might have received some coaching by the Democratic congressman on how to lie on his behalf.

Lee made a blip on the media's radar when she tweeted that she had received a private message from Weiner on March 13, reports The Daily Caller.

When contacted by the media, Lee declined to answer questions about what was sent in the private message, and whether or not Weiner had tried to send her photos. However, apparently some of Weiner's messages to Lee were him coaching her on how to lie to the press, reports TMZ.

J.Lo Honeymoon 'Sex Tape' Blocked by Restraining Order

Wish you could take a look at a J. Lo sex tape? Well, don't hold your breath. Lopez has scored a court ruling against Ojani Noa, her ex-husband, barring him and his manager Ed Meyer from making money off of footage of Lopez.

Noa and his current girlfriend, Claudia Vasquez, had been planning on putting together a comedic biopic about Noa and his life, reports E! Online.

Vasquez, who owns the tape after buying it off her boyfriend, has been blocked from distributing it, according to celebrity gossip source TMZ. She can't sell it without J. Lo's okay, according to a judge.

Wesley Snipes Tax Evasion Appeal Denied by Supreme Court

Looks like Wesley Snipes' tax evasion conviction is going to stick.

Currently serving out a 3-year sentence, Snipes was hoping that the United States Supreme Court would come to his rescue, overturning his conviction and releasing him back into the world.

His dreams were crushed on Monday morning, with the court summarily denying his appeal without comment.

Wesley Snipes' tax evasion conviction stems from his failure to file and pay federal income taxes on more than $37 million over a multi-year period, reports Reuters.

Kim Kardashian's Prenuptial Agreement with Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries + Kim Kardashian = prenup. And then a marriage. The pragmatic Kim Kardashian's prenuptial agreement with her new fiancé Kris Humphries may seem unromantic, but given the state of Kardashian's finances, it's probably a wise move.

Kardashian herself has amassed an estimated $35-million fortune, reports the New York Daily News. And her fiancé, Humphries, is a New Jersey Nets star with a salary totaling $3.2 million a season. His family also owns several Five Guys Burgers and Fries locations in Minnesota, making his net worth around $8 million.

So, it seems only practical - and smart - that these two lovebirds hammer out a contingency plan in case their fairy tale marriage ends in divorce.

Porn Star Jenna Jameson Sued: Did Jenna Fake it?

Jenna Jameson - sued for breach of contract. Not exactly the spiciest of lawsuits for the adult film star. The Jenna Jameson lawsuit is arising out of a contract that Jameson apparently reneged on in late March. At least we have Zombie Strippers to balance things out.

The owners of Hollywood Palms Cinema and Hollywood Blvd. in Illinois are alleging that Jameson "faked it" to get out of appearing at their theater to do a promotion for her 2008 film "Zombie Strippers!"

Jameson's agent gave the theater owners a "doctor's note" indicating that the actress had a "medical emergency" which prevented her from attending the scheduled event, reports the Chicago Tribune. The theater owners were none-too-pleased when images of Jameson later surfaced on the web - she had attended celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's "Perez's Blue Ball" in Hollywood, which took place on the same weekend as the "Zombie Strippers!" event.

'Ice Road Truckers' Star Gregory Boadwine Arrested for Beating Wife

It seems as though History Channel reality television stars are a little less likely to find themselves in trouble with the law. Well, unless you're Gregory Boadwine. Arrested early Friday for allegedly beating his wife, the Ice Road Truckers star is now facing domestic battery charges.

One wonders whether he should face charges for psychologically damaging his child as well.

For those who don't partake in the History Channel's comparatively upscale reality programming, Ice Road Truckers follows a group of drivers hired to haul essential supplies across the dangerous and treacherous frozen lakes in Northwest Canada.

Snooki Loses License to in Italy: Another Snooki Lawsuit Coming?

Snooki crashes car into police in Italy, Snooki loses license. Seems about right, right? But now the Italian police that she injured in a crash may have grounds to pursue their very own Snooki lawsuit against the pint-sized reality TV star.

Snooki recently crashed her car into a local cop car in Florence during the filming for Jersey Shore Italy. Two police officers, a male and a female, were only slightly injured in the crash, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Snooki was not formally arrested and reps for Jersey Shore and the Italian police found that no alcohol was involved in the accident. In fact, the police were driving a cop car designated to escort the Jersey Shore crew.

Lawsuit: 'Andy Dick Put His Penis on My Face' at Comedy Club

"Andy Dick put his penis on my face" - at least so alleges Robert Tucker, an audience member and unfortunate recipient of some of Dick's unwanted advances during a comedy show in Texas in December 2010. This newest Andy Dick lawsuit, filed in Dallas, is the result of the gratuitous standup show.

Beforewarned: the facts (like Andy Dick) are strange, and raunchy. According to Tucker, during part of the comedy show, Dick changed into a red skirt, black top, and a wig.

Tucker asked Dick for an autograph when Dick walked through the audience. Dick told him to "hold on a minute," then pulled up a stool next to Tucker. You know where this is going.