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Add actor Armie Hammer's mugshot to the ever-growing collection of Hollywood elites who've been busted for pot in a particular West Texas town.

Armie Hammer, 25, who stars in the film "J. Edgar" and played the Winklevoss twins in "The Social Network," was arrested in connection with marijuana possession at a border control checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, E! News reports. That's the same town where Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson were recently busted for pot.

Hammer hasn't said a word publicly about having to spend a night in a Texas jail. But he is dishing about his dashing, clean-cut mugshot:

'My Fair Wedding' Planner Sued for No Wedding Cake, Excessive Bill

Disgruntled former clients of celebrity wedding planner David Tutera have filed a lawsuit claiming he failed to deliver on his services. Tutera is famous for being the star of the WE wedding reality show My Fair Wedding.

He also boasts a celebrity clientele list including Elton John and Jennifer Lopez, the New York Daily News reports.

The couple, Hector Santana and Wendylee Perez, paid Tutera $15,000 for his services. Santana and Perez were not featured on Tutera's television show.

Gingrich Sued for Using 'Eye of the Tiger' at Rallies

Don't expect Newt Gingrich to continue using "Eye of the Tiger" as his campaign song of choice. Gingrich has just been sued by the co-author of the famous tune, Rude Music Inc.

Rude Music Inc. is owned by Frank Sullivan. Sullivan co-wrote the famous Rocky III theme. The song ended up topping the charts when it was released in 1982. It also garnered a Grammy Award and an Academy Award.

Apparently, the Gingrich campaign failed to ask permission to use the song in their campaign. Rude Music is now seeking a court order to block Gingrich from using "Eye of the Tiger" in future campaign functions.

'The Good Wife' Meets the Grand Jury

Last night's episode of The Good Wife was, well, a good one. The misdirection! The slap! The whipped cream!

Speaking of which, no one should desire Eli Gold. Ick.

And who knew Alicia is a gay icon according to the gay blogosophere? Not this blogger, that's for sure.

But what about the blawgosphere? What do we think about Alicia's trip to the grand jury?

The Wrath of Khan is apparently no match for the wrath of a soon-to-be ex-wife. A British man's spouse is forcing him to give up his beloved apartment, which he'd remodeled to look like a "Star Trek" set.

Divorce lawyers: Engage!

Nightclub DJ and devout "Trekker" Tony Alleyne, 58, received worldwide attention for his one-bedroom "Star Trek" flat in Hinckley, England. It took more than $150,000 and ten years of hard "labour" to create, MSNBC reports.

Too bad his soon-to-be ex-wife was in charge of the mortgage.

'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom Sues TMZ, HuffPo for 'Sexualizing' Girl's Video

You knew one was coming soon. How could it not? Have you seen those little girls? They're told to show off their bellies for heaven's sake!

But alas, the new Toddlers & Tiaras lawsuit does not involve Alana of honey-boo-boo-child fame. No, it involves 5-year-old Isabella Barrett and her mom, Susanna.

Or, as TMZ, the Huffington Post and the Daily Mail would probably put it: her pimp.

Halle Berry's Ex Gabriel Aubry Accused of Child Endangerment

Oscar winner Halle Berry's ex may soon be under criminal investigation. The couple's nanny Alliance Kambem has reportedly filed a police report accusing Gabriel Aubry of child endangerment and misdemeanor battery.

Last week Kambem went to pick up Berry and Aubry's three-year-old daughter Nahla at Aubry's Los Angeles apartment.

When she arrived, she questioned Aubry about how there wasn't much communication regarding Nahla's care. That's when Aubry reportedly became angry.

Garth Brooks Hospital Lawsuit: Jury Awards Singer $1M

Country singer Garth Brooks' hospital lawsuit has ended with a $1 million award against Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital.

Brooks gave the Oklahoma hospital $500,000 in 2005. He wanted the hospital to build a woman's center named after his mother, Colleen Brooks. Brooks' mother passed away from cancer in 1999.

Brooks claimed he made a deal with hospital president James Moore. The country star said Moore initially suggested putting his mother's name on an intensive care unit. Moore then suggested the women's center.

Jimmy Fallon Lawsuit Accuses Star of Gender Bias... Against Men

Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon likes to be bossed around by women. Or so says a lawsuit filed by Paul Tarascio, a former stage manager on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The Jimmy Fallon lawsuit, filed in a Manhattan court, accuses the star of gender bias in the workplace. Tarascio claims he, along with other male staffers, were demoted and replaced with less qualified women.

It also quotes director David Diomedi as saying, "Jimmy just prefers to take direction from a woman."

Heidi Klum and Seal Divorce: Is There a Prenup?

The marriage is over between Heidi Klum and Seal. The divorce was announced yesterday. The question on many celebrity watchers' minds may now be: did Heidi and Seal sign a prenup?

It's unclear if they did. Prenuptial agreements are common among celebrities. Yet not all famous couples have one.

The news may come as a shock to some. Klum and Seal seemed happy and "in love" compared to some other celebrity couples.

Rick Ross Says He is Not Florida Child's Father

Rapper Rick Ross is facing a paternity suit filed by Georgia woman Tyrisha Childers. The child in question is three years old.

Childers filed a suit in Broward County, Florida. She asserted that Ross was the father. She also claimed he failed to pay her child support.

Childers doesn't have much money, according to HipHopDX.com. She makes approximately $694 a month from disability payments. Ross claims that he's never slept with Childers and is not the father.

Some fightin' words at a Miami Beach nightclub led to a scuffle between rapper Lil' Wayne and NFL player Dez Bryant last weekend.

The fight started when someone at the Florida club heckled Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant about his poor performance on the field this season, the New York Post reports.

The heckler also mocked Bryant for his mounting personal debts. A finance company is suing Bryant for an unpaid loan of more than $50,000, the Post reports.

It's not clear who made the insulting comments, but Bryant didn't take it lightly.

Bruno Mars' Cocaine Possession Case Cleared

Singer Bruno Mars' cocaine possession case has been dismissed by a Nevada judge. This means no jail time for the popular star. It seems Mars managed to dodge a huge Grenade.

Mars was busted back in September 2010. He was found with 2.6 grams of cocaine in a bathroom at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. It was right after one of his performances.

Mars admitted that night to a guard that he'd done something wrong. He reportedly said that he "did a foolish thing and has never used drugs before."

'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Arrested for 2nd Time in a Week

Who would've thunk it? Jenelle Evans -- arrested again. And for the second time in one week!

The Teen Mom 2 star was booked into North Carolina's Brunswick County jail Monday evening and charged with violating a domestic violence protection order. Unable to post bond, she's apparently still behind bars.

Few additional details have been released, but it's quite possible that the violation involves Evan's ex-roommate, Hannah Inman.

Clark Gable's Grandson Gets 10 Days in Jail for Laser Pointing

Kind of sucks having a famous grandfather, doesn't it? Your little exploits are suddenly plastered all over the Internet. And FindLaw's Celebrity Justice. Poor guy.

Okay, that's about all the sympathy Clark James Gable -- Clark Gable's grandson -- is going to get from this blogger. In December, the 23-year-old pleaded guilty to pointing a laser at a flying Los Angeles Police Department helicopter.

On Thursday, a judge sentenced Gable to 10 days in jail, 3 years probation and 200 hours of community service with a Caltrans work crew. Caltrans is responsible for maintaining many of the state's roads.

"Colbert Super PAC transfer, activate!"

With those words, some cheap special effects, and the help of "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart, former Federal Election Commission Chairman Trevor Potter cleared a legal path for comedian and Super PAC founder Stephen Colbert to run for president.

Colbert 2012? It's possible, thanks in part to a U.S. Supreme Court decision that Colbert credited in kicking off his exploratory committee Thursday night. "God bless you all, and God bless Citizens United!" he exclaimed on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report."

Here's what's going on, and how Jon Stewart keeps Colbert's possible candidacy legal:

Iconic rock band The Velvet Underground is suing the Andy Warhol Foundation over an "a-peel-ing" piece of artwork. To paraphrase rocker Gwen Stefani: This suit is bananas -- b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Actually, The Velvet Underground's lawsuit focuses on one banana in particular: a pop art banana image, graced with Andy Warhol's name in the corner and the words "Peel Slowly and See" in fine print near the stem, the New York Post reports.

Warhol chose the banana artwork for the cover of the band's acclaimed 1967 album "The Velvet Underground and Nico." Band members Lou Reed and John Cale claim the banana has been the band's trademark ever since.

But the Andy Warhol Foundation licensed the banana logo, and made money off its use on iPad cases and accessories, the Post reports. That's an illegal trademark infringement, The Velvet Underground's lawsuit claims.

Jenelle Evans Arrested: Teen Mom 2 Star Harassed Ex-Roommate

MTV may need to keep some of their reality stars on a shorter leash. Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested on Tuesday for harassing her old roommate Hannah Inman

Evans' attorney said the TV star was taken into custody for making threatening phone calls to Inman. Needless to say, this is not Evans' first time behind bars.

Authorities arrested Evans as she left a hospital, according to MSNBC. She had been sick with mono and strep throat. Talk about bad timing.

Kim Kardashian's Lawyer Threatens BoycottKim.com

Kim Kardashian's lawyer is not amused with the new website BoycottKim.com.

The website - which already has more than half a million followers - is growing rapidly. Its goal is to boycott the reality star. This includes her brands and the stores that hawk her goods. The site also asks individuals to stop watching her shows and purchasing magazines that feature her mug.

The site's founder is an anonymous Californian. He was contacted by Kardashian lawyer Christopher T. Wilson. Wilson informed the website owner that he was going to file a criminal harassment complaint against him.

Beyonce's Baby Delivery May Get NY Hospital Sued by Angry Parents

Baby girl Blue Ivy may only be a few days old, but the Beyonce baby drama has already started.

Patients at Lenox Hill Hospital -- where Beyonce and Jay-Z paid a reported $1.3 million to seal off and renovate a special wing -- are crying foul at the couple's bodyguards. They were apparently quite rude to a group of mothers attending a breastfeeding class.

And they allegedly kept a father from visiting his premature and underweight twins in the NICU.

Snoop Dogg Arrested for Pot in Same TX Town as Willie Nelson

What do Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have in common? They've both been arrested in the same small west Texas town over marijuana. Snoop Dogg's latest pot bust took place at a border patrol checkpoint in tiny Sierra Blanca, Texas.

A drug-sniffing dog reportedly smelled out the presence of weed. Authorities found several joints in a prescription bottle in a trash can in the back of Snoop's bus.

The rapper claimed ownership of the marijuana, according to the New York Daily News.

So just what is going on in Sierra Blanca, Texas?

B-List Actress Huang Hoang Outs Herself in IMDb Lawsuit

The B-list actress behind the IMDb lawsuit has revealed her name: Huang Hoang. Hoang, who goes by the stage name Junie Hoang, is 40 years old.

She sued after IMDb published her birthdate and real name.

Hoang kept her birthdate private in order to have more of a chance at securing younger roles. She also went by the more Westernized moniker of "Junie Hoang" to avoid potential discrimination or disadvantage.

Lights... camera... legal action! If you want to sue someone but don't want a long, drawn-out court battle, there's another legal channel to turn to: Take your case to "Judge Judy."

But is "Judge Judy" for real? As the announcer says at the beginning of each episode, "The cases are real. The people are real. The rulings are final." In reality, though, it's a bit more complicated.

Here are some behind-the-bench "secrets" of "Judge Judy" and other TV judge shows that you may not have known:

Joe Francis, creator of the "Girls Gone Wild" video series, apparently went a bit wild himself after a car crash in Beverly Hills.

Paparazzi snapped photos of Francis in handcuffs at the accident scene Thursday morning, celebrity website TMZ.com reports. But minutes later, police removed the cuffs and let Francis go free.

The incident made Joe Francis go wild was a car crash on world-famous Rodeo Drive. Francis got in a heated argument with another car's driver about who apparently caused the accident, TMZ reports.

Then things turned ugly.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith Divorce: Lawyer Laura Wasser Retained

One of Hollywood's solidest couples may be on the brink. Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith might divorce. Jada Pinkett Smith has contacted celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, according to In Touch Weekly.

Wasser's former clientele include other A-list stars like Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, and Kim Kardashian.

Jada and Will Smith have been married for more than 13 years. Could this be the end?

Wiz Khalifa Stole 'Black and Yellow,' $2M Lawsuit Claims

Hip-hop star Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" was a commercial success with tons of radio play. Now, Wiz Khalifa is facing a lawsuit over the song filed by Pennsylvania songwriter Max Gregory Warren.

Warren says that Wiz Khalifa stole his song. Warren claims he wrote a song in November 2007 called "Pink N Yellow."

Warren filed for copyright protection, and received a certificate dated February 25, 2008. Wiz Khalifa later released the similarly titled "Black and Yellow." Warren wants $2,375,000 in punitive and actual damages for copyright infringement.

Omar Little is under arrest in Baltimore, but here's a reality check for fans of HBO's "The Wire": It's just a coincidence.

Baltimore police arrested Omar Little Jr., 19, on a handgun charge over New Year's weekend. It was Little's first arrest, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Omar Little's arrest would have received little attention, but for his famous name. It's almost identical to that of a fictional character named Omar Little, a gay gangster who spends much of the HBO series "The Wire" roaming the mean streets of Baltimore with a shotgun.

Johnny Weir Marries Lawyer Boyfriend in NY

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir is married. Weir and his boyfriend Victor Voronov tied the knot in New York on December 30.

Weir's and Voronov's parents were present during the small ceremony. They exchanged handwritten vows. All this was made possible by the relatively new gay marriage law in New York.

Weir made the announcement on Twitter, writing: "Wedding in summer! But all the official stuff is done now! No more livin' in sin!"

The 7 Nastiest Celebrity Custody Battles of All Time

Ah, babies. They're so adorable that not even A-list celebrities can resist their cherub-like faces. Maybe that's why celebrity custody battles can get so heated. There's usually name-calling, insults, and high-powered attorneys involved. Oh, and don't forget an illicit affair.

Some of the nastiest celebrity custody battles have involved many of our favorite veteran actors, famous directors, and reality stars. Below is a list of what we consider the 7 ugliest custody battles: