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LeAnn Rimes Sues Over Secret Phone Recordings

LeAnn Rimes has brought a lawsuit against two Northern California women for allegedly secretly recording their phone conversation.

The lawsuit comes just days after Rimes sought professional help for anxiety and stress, reports The Associated Press.

Rimes claims the recorded phone conversation and subsequent release to the public invaded her privacy and cast her in a negative light. She's seeking $25,000 from Kimberly Smiley and her daughter Lexi.

'Wife Swap's' Alicia Guastaferro Arrested for Prostitution

Wife swapping may be questionably immoral, but it's certainly legal ... so long as money is not involved. Once you pay for sex, wife swapping or any other type of sexual encounter for money becomes prostitution, as former "Wife Swap" star Alicia Guastaferro discovered.

Just three years ago, the 20-year-old Guastaferro appeared on the relatively innocent ABC television show in which a wife and mother would be "swapped" with another family.

Her brief appearance on the show may best be remembered for her family's poor portrayal and Guastaferro's subsequent multimillion-dollar lawsuit against ABC for making her look like a brat, reports The Celebrity Cafe. Now the "Wife Swap" star may be best remembered for her prostitution arrest.

Kim Kardashian Settles Old Navy Look Alike Lawsuit

Kim Kardashian was not pleased with the look alike that she saw in Old Navy ads last fall. So what's a Hollywood socialite to do when her image is used without permission?

Well for Kardashian at least the answer is to sue.

The highly recognizable celebrity filed a suit for $20 million against Old Navy's parent-company, The Gap, for using a similar looking model in their ads. Just over a year later, the case is finished.

Lindsay Lohan Avoids Charges in Theft from Hollywood Home

Just days after police announced they are re-investigating Lindsay Lohan's role in a car crash, prosecutors announced they will not pursue Lohan on theft charges in an unrelated incident.

Someone would need one of Lindsay Lohan's personal assistants just to keep track of all the legal troubles the 26-year-old actress is involved in.

Still, this most recent news is good news. Similar to the car accident incident, Lohan could have gone to jail if the theft allegations were true. But prosecutors did not think they had enough evidence and so Lilo was not charged, reports Reuters.

Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Lies to Police May Violate Probation

Lindsay Lohan could go to jail for a jewelry theft last year if it's determined that she lied to police about a car accident this year.

The 26-year-old actress could be in trouble again as Santa Monica police want to question Lohan about an accident in June, when her car crashed into an 18-wheeler, reports the New York Daily News.

Lohan initially told police her assistant was driving when the crash happened. However, the assistant later contradicted her story, reports the Daily News.

Usher Wins Custody of Kids, Tameka Raymond Claims Judge Biased

Money can buy a lot of things, allegedly even a favorable child custody decision for R&B star Usher.

An Atlanta judge recently granted Usher sole custody of his two children in a contested battle with his ex-wife, Tameka Raymond.

But Raymond vowed to appeal the decision, arguing the judge who heard the case was biased. That's because the law firm representing Usher threw an election fund-raising party for Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane back in 2008, reports BET.

Katie Holmes Gets Nothing for Herself from Tom Cruise Divorce

Katie Holmes will only be getting child support payments out of her divorce from Tom Cruise.

The Tom Cruise divorce settlement was revealed and Holmes will be getting no spousal support and not even a little bit of Cruise's estimated $250 million fortune for herself, reports the Examiner.

Instead, Holmes will receive child support payments of $33,333.33 a month to care for the couple's six-year-old daughter Suri.

JWoww, Snooki Neighbors Brace Themselves for Reality Hell

No matter how bad your day is going, you can always make yourself feel better by reminding yourself that you're not going to be one of JWoww or Snooki's new neighbors.

After being denied by several New Jersey towns, 495 Productions finally found a new home for MTV Jersey Shore members Snooki and JWoww. The mayor of the small New Jersey town of Manchester graciously opened the town doors to the reality stars.

As you can imagine, not all of the mayor's constituents are too excited about having Snooki and JWoww in town, reports The Hollywood Gossip.

A legal thriller involving movie producer Harvey Weinstein, extortion, and a wanna-be actor named Vivek Shah seems custom-made for Hollywood.

The devious plot began with a series of written death threats to Weinstein and four other moguls, the Los Angeles Times reports. It ended with federal agents taking the 25-year-old alleged bad guy away in handcuffs -- from his parents' house in Illinois.

Shah, the alleged extorter, was a familiar face in Hollywood. Or at least, he tried to make it appear that way. How much did he allegedly demand from one of Hollywood's heavy hitters?

'Mob Wives' Star Renee Graziano Sued by Her Plastic Surgeon for $77M

Renee Graziano has had some choice things to say about her plastic surgeon and now the 'Mob Wives' star is being slapped with a lawsuit.

The reality television star had a full body lift done in 2011 which was partially filmed for the VH1 show. During the second season Graziano bad-mouthed her plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Klapper, saying that he botched the procedure.

Klapper claims her nasty comments have cost him business so he's fighting back.

Jay Z's 40/40 Club Sues Ex-Chef for $1.5M

Jay Z's 40/40 Club in Manhattan served a $1.5 million lawsuit against his ex-personal chef, Mike Shand.

Shand was allegedly tabbed to work on the 40/40 Club's menu, but "failed to perform on significant aspects" of the deal, reports the New York Post. As a result, Jay Z and the club say they were unable to offer some of the fare the club had promised, costing the club $10 million.

It's not clear what "significant aspects" means, but based on the Post story it appears that the rapper/mogul had promised an upgraded menu for the club's reopening last year, and was sorely disappointed with what was actually offered.

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley have had a rocky relationship, and there's video to prove it. But the incarcerated "Teen Mom" star has made an adult decision: She's giving Shirley full custody of their 3-year-old daughter Leah.

Portwood, 22, of Anderson, Ind., is serving a five-year prison sentence for unlawful possession of prescription drugs. That's separate from her prior arrest for domestic violence in 2010, when she attacked Shirley in an altercation that aired on MTV's "Teen Mom" reality show.

Though Portwood is giving Shirley full custody of Leah, "Teen Mom" fans witnessed yet another fight between the couple on TV this week, according to the website The Inquisitr.

LL Cool J Rocks the Bell of Would-Be Burglar

There are certain guys you will want to rob, and there are certain guys you don't. A burglar learned the hard way that LL Cool J is not one of those you want to rob.

Los Angeles police responded to a 911 call from LL Cool J's daughter early Wednesday, saying her father had nabbed a home intruder and was holding him downstairs in their Studio City home, reports The Associated Press.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found that LL Cool J had indeed apprehended a suspected burglar who had suffered minor bruises. The unidentified man was arrested on suspicion of burglary. LL Cool J wasn't hurt and apparently nothing was taken.

PayPal Co-Founder Elon Musk's Divorce Settlement Revealed

In typical tech fashion, Elon Musk announced his divorce from actress Talulah Riley earlier this year via Twitter.

Musk, the co-founder of PayPal and Tesla, met Riley at a British nightclub in 2008. The couple wed in September 2010, before divorcing less than a year later in July 2011. Musk reportedly proposed to Riley just weeks after filing for divorce from his first wife, reports The Huffington Post.

Musk's fortune is reportedly worth about $680 million. For less than a year of marriage, Riley will be getting a small share of that fortune according to a divorce settlement, TMZ reports.

Juvenile Arrested in Fight Following Reunion with Lil Wayne

The rapper Juvenile was arrested over the weekend after a large fight allegedly broke out at a Miami Beach nightclub, The Miami Herald reports.

Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, had just reunited onstage with fellow rapper Lil Wayne at the LIV nightclub in Miami Beach. The two had a long-running feud that spanned a decade and this was reportedly their first appearance together since the feud began.

Following the performance, Juvenile was allegedly involved in a fight that started inside the club and spilled out into the street, reports TMZ. Juvenile was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for his role in the brawl.

Meth-Cooker Walter White is Most Wanted Drug Dealer in this State: Sheriff

Walter White is probably the most wanted meth dealer you've ever heard of. Of course, that's only on the show "Breaking Bad," right?


Sure Walter White is the name of a character on the hit AMC series who has somehow evaded the law while cooking very pure meth. He's a wanted man on television. There's also a warrant for his arrest in Alabama and he's on the most wanted list in Tuscaloosa County.

Lindsay Lohan's Pitbull Lawsuit Blunder May Bite Her in Court

Lindsay Lohan brought a lawsuit against the rapper Pitbull for daring to use her name "LiLo" in his hit song "Give Me Everything."

But like with all things Lindsay Lohan, the case is quickly becoming an ugly mess.

Lohan's lawyers are accused by Pitbull's team of plagiarizing legal documents off the Internet. There isn't that much originality in legal documents to begin with, but Pitbull's team says that Lohan's attorney just lifted various documents, word for word, off legal websites, and then served them, reports the New York Daily News.

Jenna Jameson Avoids Jail for DUI Arrest

Jenna Jameson will not go to jail following her DUI arrest.

The legendary porn star was arrested after she struck a light pole with her car in Orange County, Calif., in May. Jameson suffered some minor injuries, but no one else was hurt.

At the time of her arrest, the 38-year-old Jameson is said to have shown signs of intoxication and reportedly failed a field sobriety test, reports the New York Daily News. She was later charged with a DUI for having both alcohol and prescription drugs, Ambien and Suboxone, in her system. She was also charged with driving without a license.

George Soros Engaged Again, Has 20 Billion Reasons for Prenup

George Soros is engaged again, this time to Tamiko Bolton, his girlfriend of the past several years.

This will be Soros's third marriage and Bolton's second so neither is new to the potential nastiness that can accompany the dissolution of a marriage.

Bolton runs a successful Internet yoga business but she's nowhere near Soros's billionaire status. That gives Soros many reasons to sign a prenup before the wedding.

Halle Berry Recruits Salma Hayek in Custody Battle to Move to Paris

Halle Berry was in court Thursday to petition a judge to let her move to Paris, and she enlisted pal Salma Hayek to help her make the case.

Berry wants to move to Paris, France with her 4-year-old daughter Nahla. But she can't without a judge's permission.

The reason for the move is allegedly safety. Berry claims that paparazzi are endangering her daughter with their aggressive stalking. Her ex-husband and Nahla's father, Gabriel Aubry, doesn't want them to move. His objection is the reason Berry can't just pick up and leave.

Chris Brown, Drake Sued for Nightclub Brawl

It seemed like everyone was getting sued in the bloody Chris Brown / Drake nightclub brawl except for Chris Brown and Drake.

Tony Parker had sued the nightclub for $20 million after sustaining an eye injury, and the nightclub had sued New York City for shutting it down. Now the company that owns the trademark to the nightclub's name (not the club itself) is suing Brown and Drake for $16 million for allegedly starting the brawl, reports MTV.

Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. claims that Drake and Brown started the fight at the joint clubs Greenhouse and WiP, and then ordered their entourages to follow suit.

Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian Divorce Could Go to Trial

The legal teams for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian will be headed to court today to make a decision about their divorce.

Humphries will basically be faced with the decision to either settle with Kardashian or prepare for trial. So far Humphries has refused to reach an agreement with Kardashian, despite the fact that he signed an "iron-clad" prenuptial agreement, reports the New York Post.

But if he doesn't settle, the splitting couple will be headed to a trial where it's unclear what the New Jersey Nets power forward hopes to gain.

An enterprising iBurglar stole Steve Jobs' wallet , driver's license, and thousands of dollars' worth of Apple electronics from the late tech guru's home, according to police.

But the burglar likely didn't even know whose home he was pillaging, a prosecutor told the San Jose Mercury News: "The best we can tell is it was totally random."

In perhaps a fitting tribute to the late Jobs, who died last fall at age 56, it was his company's own technology that helped authorities track down a suspect, the Mercury News reports.

DJ Khaled Evicted Over Unpaid Rent?

DJ Khaled is reportedly facing eviction from his Miami apartment after failing to pay rent.

The hip hop DJ/producer rented an apartment from Misci LLC last year where he reportedly agreed to make two payments of $66,000. After making the first payment on time, Khaled allegedly skipped out on the second $66,000 payment, reports Complex Music.

Misci reportedly tried to work out an arrangement with Khaled and the DJ ended up making another $10,000 payment before failing to pay the rest. The landlord now wants to evict DJ Khaled for the remaining $55,000 in unpaid rent.

Crocs Founder George Boedecker Blames DUI on Taylor Swift

George Boedecker, founder of Crocs shoes, was arrested for a DUI after he was allegedly found passed out in his Porsche.

When confronted by Colorado police, Boedecker bristled and said that he wasn't the one driving the car. When asked who was driving, the allegedly intoxicated entrepreneur said his "girlfriend," whom he identified as pop singer Taylor Swift, was the one behind the wheel.

Boedecker reportedly gestured to a nearby yard and said Swift was hiding out there, reports the New York Daily News. Not surprisingly, the 22-year-old singer was nowhere to be found.

The Insane Clown Posse's FBI lawsuit threat may make the hip-hop duo "nervious" [sic], but they apparently aren't clowning around.

The potential lawsuit seeks to stop the FBI from "violat[ing] the rights of Juggalos" -- which is what ICP fans are called -- "on the mistaken belief that they are 'gang members,'" according to a statement posted on a new website, JuggalosFightBack.com.

The FBI's 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment report identifies Juggalos as a "hybrid gang" akin to violent groups like the Crips, Bloods, and MS-13, The Village Voice reports. That recently led to a 20-year-old ICP fan being labeled a "gang member."

Judge Judy rules as America's highest-paid TV star, and Judge Joe Brown also makes the list, according to TV Guide's annual survey of TV personalities' salaries.

Judge Judith Sheindlin tops the salary docket by making $45 million a year, TV Guide reports. That makes Sheindlin higher-paid than even "American Idol's" Mariah Carey ($17 million per season), "Two and a Half Men's" Ashton Kutcher ($700,000 per episode, or about $18 million per season), NBC "Today's" Matt Lauer ($21.5 million a year), and "The Late Show's" David Letterman ($28 million a year).

So where does Judge Joe Brown stand on the list?

'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn's Estate Sued Over Fatal Crash

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against late "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn.

The lawsuit was filed by the parents of the passenger in the car that Dunn was driving when he got into a fatal accident, gossip website TMZ reports.

Dunn was reportedly driving his Porsche at 132 mph in June 2011 when he lost control and struck a tree in rural Pennsylvania. Both Dunn and his passenger, Zachery Hartwell, were killed. At the time of the accident, Dunn was allegedly "extremely drunk," reports TMZ.

Naked Randy Travis Arrested for DWI in Texas

An allegedly naked Randy Travis was arrested for a DWI in Texas last night after getting into a single car accident, CBS News reports.

The arrest was sadly not so surprising as the country singer was arrested earlier this year on another alcohol-related charge.

However, the details of this most recent arrest are quite shocking. Witnesses say Randy Travis was buck naked at the accident scene, and officers say Travis also threatened them with violence.

Jennifer Lopez Lawsuit Seeks $20M for Blackmail

Jennifer Lopez has filed a lawsuit against her former driver Hakob Manoukian for blackmail.

The lawsuit alleges that Manoukian demanded $2.8 million from Lopez in exchange for not disclosing "sensitive and personal" information he supposedly heard while driving J. Lo around. The driver also made other "ominous threats" to report Lopez to authorities if his demands were not met, reports CNN.

Lopez is seeking $20 million in damages. So how did this dispute begin?

Stephanie Pratt's Beau Runs Over NYC Cop's Foot with Ferrari

Someone should probably tell Stephanie Pratt's boyfriend, alleged "Internet entrepreneur" Julien Chabbott, that it's probably not a good idea to run over a New York City cop with your Ferrari while he's writing you a ticket.

In an amazingly stupid act (thankfully caught on video), Chabbott rushes to his $260,000 sports car as a police officer is in the process of writing him a parking ticket. Instead of trying to reason things out with the cop, Chabbott then gets in his car and tries to drive off, reports Upstart Business Journal.

The police officer was standing in front of the car at the time, and Chabbott runs over the cop's foot as the officer yells at him to stop.

Levi Johnston reportedly took steps to get child custody of his son Tripp away from his ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin.

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin have had an acrimonious split that included the young man charging the Palins (including Sarah Palin) with trying to keep him away from his son.

But after seeing his son's bad behavior on Bristol Palin's reality television show, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp," Johnston may now seek to turn the tables and grab custody of his son, gossip website TMZ reports.

Stevie Wonder's Divorce Papers Filed, Seeks Joint Custody

Stevie Wonder is filing for divorce after 11 years of marriage to Kai Millard Morris, according to court papers filed July 26.

The couple married in 2001 but they separated in 2009 and Wonder cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for ending their marriage. That provides a general catch-all for situations where the marriage just didn't work out.

Wonder has requested joint custody of the couple's two children but he agreed to pay child and spousal support to Morris. That's a start but the division of assets will likely require more paperwork.

Toni Braxton Sued Over 'Family Values' Posters

Toni Braxton is being sued by an advertising company for not making payments on posters produced for her cable-TV reality show "Braxton Family Values."

Advertising company National Promotions & Advertising (NPA) claims that the R&B singer owes more than $57,000. The advertising company is also suing the producers of the show, which airs on WEtv, The Urban Daily reports.

Tony Braxton's rep, however, says the singer doesn't owe the company a dime.

Miley Cyrus 'Swatting' Prank May Lead to Charges

Authorities believe that Miley Cyrus may have been a victim of a "swatting" prank.

Someone called 911 Wednesday night to report that Miley Cyrus was the victim of a home invasion. The caller said there was a kidnapping in progress at the singer/actress' home and that one person was shot, ABC News reports.

Los Angeles police and rescue crews responded to the call and established a perimeter around the home. They approached the house with weapons drawn. But it turned out nobody was home.

Pranks like Miley Cyrus' "swatting" incident are on the rise, police told ABC.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Arrest Warrant for Shoving Bartender

Cuba Gooding Jr. had an arrest warrant issued against him for allegedly shoving a New Orleans bartender.

The Academy Award-winning actor reportedly entered a Bourbon Street bar with a group and was annoyed when he was recognized by others and asked to pose in photos. Gooding Jr. apparently became "very aggravated" and a bartender asked him to calm down.

That's when Gooding Jr. allegedly shoved the female bartender with an open hand. The actor is said to have shoved the bartender a second time when she told him the cops were coming and that he had to leave, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Peter Frampton in Car Accident, Blames Texting Driver

Singer-guitarist Peter Frampton was hurt in a car accident on a Southern California highway, and claims a driver sending text messages was at fault.

Frampton says he suffers some neck and back pain and plans on visiting the ER.

After the accident, Frampton took to Twitter and blamed the collision on another driver. The 62-year-old rocker says he was sitting in stationary traffic on the highway when a "texting woman driver" ran into the back of him. In his tweet, Frampton suggests he may have suffered whiplash, reports CBS.