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June 2013 Archives

'Good Wife' Lawsuit Moves Forward, as Margulies' Motion Is Denied

A lawsuit involving "The Good Wife" star Julianna Margulies might be headed to court. Don't expect Diane Lockhart and Will Gardner to come to the rescue, however, because this is real life. And judging by the court's latest move, the star is quickly realizing that life as Julianna Margulies involves more legal hiccups than life as Alicia Florrick.

Margulies was sued last year by her ex-managers at the firm of Steve Dontanville, which claimed it had a deal to take 10% of what she continued to make on shows, and for product deals that were negotiated while they were her representatives.

The actress experienced a setback in court this week, when a judge denied her motion for summary judgment in an ongoing fight with D/F Management over more than $420,000 in claimed commissions, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Justin Bieber Sued Over Flying Karate-Kick Assault

One paparazzo is no longer a Belieber, as he's suing Justin Bieber for allegedly giving him a flying karate kick to the stomach in 2012.

The alleged assault began outside a mall in Calabasas, California, where Bieber and then-girlfriend Selena Gomez were driving away in his Mercedes. It somehow ended with Bieber sprinting out of his car and delivering an aerial kick to the photographer's stomach followed by a punch to his face, reports the Associated Press.

The paparazzo's suit alleges emotional distress and negligence, but there are also possible assault and battery claims to be had against the Biebs.

Melissa Etheridge to Wed Partner, Thanks to Supreme Court Ruling

Grammy winner and singer Melissa Etheridge is one of many rejoicing after Wednesday's Supreme Court gay-marriage rulings. Now that the Court has cleared the way for gay marriages to resume in California, Etheridge, 52, is celebrating.

How, exactly? With an announcement that she and partner Linda Wallem are officially tying the knot.

Etheridge, who has been dating Wallem, also 52, for three years now, phoned-in to CNN to publicly announce her good news. But not so fast: Before she and Wallem can actually legally get married, they will likely have to wait at least 25 days.


Chris Brown's Hit-and-Run Charge May Violate Probation

Singer Chris Brown was charged with a hit-and-run in Los Angeles on Tuesday in connection with a minor car accident with a Mercedes in May.

No stranger to criminal allegations, Brown is alleged to have rear-ended a Los Angeles woman's car, refused to give her his driver's license number, and gave her fake insurance information before driving away, reports TMZ.

The R&B star is already on probation for smacking around his on-again off-again girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Will this new charge affect his probation?

How Did Paula Deen's Deposition Go Public?

The heat in the kitchen has definitely been turned up for TV chef Paula Deen, whose deposition in a lawsuit was leaked to the media last week. This time, though, bricks of butter and piles of sugar have been set aside for an even more offensive meal of racial slurs (including usage of the N-word -- and, no, not "nutrition") and a preference for what could be construed as a traditional Southern "plantation style" wedding with all-black servers.

Now Deen has been fired, after the Food Network made the decision not to renew her contract in the wake of her controversial comments.

So, what about that deposition? How did it go public? And is what happened with it actually legal?

Can Kim and Kanye's Baby North West Change Her Name?

Kayne West and Kim Kardashian's new baby is being introduced to the world as "North West" -- a name that just begs for someone to change it.

While Kim and Kanye's daughter was born Sunday, she remained a nameless mystery to the media until it was revealed five days later that she'd been given the cardinal direction "North" as her moniker, reports ABC News.

Not that North West isn't a fantastic name, but what if a future North (aka "Nori" to her parents) wanted to ditch her name and maybe just become another Ashley or Emily?

James Gandolfini's Death: Why It's Important to Revise Your Will

With actor James Gandolfini's sudden passing, it's unclear how the actor's estate might be handled. Still, the tragic loss of "Tony Soprano" serves as a somber reminder that life can be unpredictable and, in true Soprano spirit, that it's important to protect your family.

A crucial way to protect your loved ones is to revise your will when a significant event occurs in your life. Here are three important tips to keep in mind:

Ex-Playboy Playmate Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Illegal Immigrant

A former Playboy model has pleaded guilty to sneaking her illegal immigrant boyfriend across the U.S.-Canada border.

Playboy alumna Colleen Shannon, 35, admitted to helping her boyfriend, Robert Skojo, enter the country illegally by moving him through an Indian reservation in August 2012, reports The Post-Standard of Syracuse, New York.

Shannon now faces the possibility of meeting her adoring female fans behind bars as she awaits sentencing for her criminal charges.

Justin Bieber's Paparazzo Run-In Wasn't Hit-and-Run, Cops Say

Justin Bieber's latest run-in with a paparazzo was not a hit-and-run, police tell Reuters.

According to an LAPD spokesman, officers are currently investigating what they have categorized as a "traffic collision" involving a "pedestrian in the roadway." The spokesman emphasized that it was "not a hit-and-run."

In the much-publicized incident, Bieber allegedly struck a photographer with his Ferrari while driving away from a comedy club in Los Angeles.

Gordon Ramsay Sued by Ex-'Fat Cow' Employees

Surprise, surprise, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is being sued. However, it's not for his famously colorful verbal treatment of other chefs and cooks. Instead, some ex-employees at his Los Angeles restaurant, The Fat Cow, are suing his company for alleged wage and overtime violations.

The plaintiffs, former servers and baristas, allege in a proposed class action lawsuit that Ramsay's restaurant required them to work through their breaks without compensation, Radar Online reports. They also claim they weren't paid minimum wage or overtime, among several other related allegations.

The plaintiffs' claims all fall under the California Labor Code. But as this lawsuit moves forward, what questions still need to be answered?

Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce: Where Will Case Be Heard?

Miley Cyrus' parents, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, are divorcing after 19 years of marriage. The couple almost split up in 2011, according to E! News, but later reconciled. Now, it looks as though things have gotten rocky again.

Tish, 46, checked the box to select "irreconcilable differences" as her reason for wanting to divorce Billy Ray, 51, according to papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. But Billy Ray has apparently filed for divorce in Nashville, Tennessee.

Since they've reportedly filed in different states, what happens now?

Rupert Murdoch Divorcing Wife Wendi After 14 Years

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has filed for divorce from his wife of 14 years, Wendi Deng Murdoch, The New York Times reports. If Murdoch's previous matrimonial splits are any indication, it could be quite an expensive affair.

The CEO of News Corporation and creator of Fox Broadcasting Company, Murdoch and his soon-to-be former wife Wendi had two kids together. A representative from News Corporation confirmed the divorce filing, which apparently states that the marriage has been irretrievably broken for more than six months.

Murdoch, 82, is no stranger to divorces, having been been married twice before he wed Deng, 44, in 1999. Let's meet the (other) Murdochs, shall we?

Erin Brockovich Busted for Boating DUI

Erin Brockovich is facing a misdemeanor DUI charge after being busted on a boat.

Not Julia Roberts, the real Erin Brockovich.

The environmental activist, who famously helped to uncover a drinking water contamination case, seems to have borrowed the Middle Ages' solution to dirty drinking water. Brockovich-Ellis is accused of operating a boat while intoxicated at Lake Mead in Nevada, Los Angeles' KNBC-TV reports.

Nate Dogg Child Support Battle Continues 2 Years After His Death

Nate Dogg's estate is at the center of a child support battle. Two of the late rapper-singer's baby mamas, Rhoda Mouton and Omena Norris, are involved in a posthumous child support lawsuit.

Mouton, the mother of Nate Dogg's teenage son, is currently attempting to deny Norris' request for more child support payments. (Norris gave birth to Nate Dogg's child in 2006.) Mouton claims that Norris has no valid reason for requesting that her support be increased by $200 a month. Instead, Mouton wants Norris' payments cut in half, to about $800 a month, according to Vibe.

As if the late rapper hadn't seen enough troubles in his lifetime, does Nate Dogg still owe child support, even two years after his death?

Sean Parker's Wedding Lacked Permit, Leads to $2.5M Penalty

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Parker's wedding managed to ring up a jaw-dropping $2.5 million penalty, reports The Atlantic.

In true apathetic billionaire fashion, when California regulators told Parker -- a co-founder of Napster and the first president of Facebook -- that he didn't have the permits to build a magical fantasy-land world in a Redwood forest, he ignored them and went ahead with it.

The end result? A "grotesque ceremonial mound" and "a redwood-damaging, erosion-spilling indulgence," reports ValleyWag.

'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's DUI Plea Deal: No Drinking for 6 Mos.

Former "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham pleaded guilty to her DUI charge, but she won't be going to jail.

The reality TV-turned-porn star pleaded guilty in an Omaha, Nebraska, court to driving under the influence stemming from her March 19 arrest, reports E! News.

Abraham's attorneys struck a plea deal with prosecutors, but Abraham must follow a number of probation conditions.

Pamela Anderson TV Ad Too 'Degrading' for UK, but What About US?

A new Pamela Anderson TV ad has been banned in Britain for being "sexist and degrading to women," reports the New York Daily News.

Watchdog group the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) pulled the "Baywatch" celebrity's television spot for Australian web-hosting service Crazy Domains, finding the ad was "likely to cause serious offense to some viewers."

But that's in the UK. Could the same thing happen in America?

Miguel Fan's Lawyer: Brain Damage Suspected, Lawsuit Likely

R&B singer Miguel injured a fan at the Billboard Music Awards last month. He may soon face a lawsuit, as the fan's lawyer says she may have brain damage.

Khyati Shah's injury happened as Miguel attempted to leap across the stage to the catwalk, only to get caught, literally, in a pile of fans in the audience. Shah's head was knocked into the stage upon Miguel's landing; after the accident, she was allegedly only given an ice pack.

Shah's lawyer tells TMZ that she is now experiencing some cognitive difficulties that could indicate serious brain damage. They are now awaiting test results before they decide their next course of action.

Scott Weiland Countersues Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots recently sued fired frontman Scott Weiland, claiming that he sabotaged the band’s 20th anniversary tour by repeatedly skipping promotional shows, showing up late for concerts and using STP to promote his solo career, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In true music mayhem form, Weiland has countersued his old bandmates in Los Angeles, accusing them of conspiring to oust him, reports Entertainment Weekly.

'Good Wife,' Good Law: 7 Questions About 'The 7-Day Rule'

"The Good Wife" has returned -- for summer reruns, anyway. And last night's rerun, which originally aired in January, gives us a chance perform a legal reality check.

For the episode entitled "The Seven-Day Rule," here are seven points we picked up on:

Oprah Lawsuit Over 'Own Your Power' Revived by Appeals Court

A revived Oprah lawsuit will make the media mogul defend her use of the phrase "Own Your Power" in her magazine and on her website, a federal appeals court has ruled.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a lower court ruling and revived claims brought by the owner of a motivational and self-help business who claims she owns a trademark on the phrase.

The court is worried the classic "conquer all" Oprah effect is a legal "uh-oh," not an "aha!" moment.