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November 2013 Archives

O.J. Simpson Loses Bid For New Trial

O.J. Simpson won't be getting a another trial after his latest loss in court. In the most recent development for Simpson, who was most famously known for having stood trial for the killing of his ex-wife, a judge has now denied Simpson's bid for a new trial, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Simpson, 66, was convicted in 2008 of kidnapping, armed robbery, and other charges stemming from an incident at a Vegas hotel room in 2007.

What was Simpson claiming in order to receive a retrial?

Country Singer Wayne Mills Shot, Killed by Bar Owner

"Outlaw country" singer Wayne Mills was killed in a bar shooting Saturday. Nashville police are still piecing together the details of the country star's untimely death, but Pit and Barrel bar owner Chris Ferrell insists he shot Mills in self-defense.

What must Ferrell prove to make a successful self-defense claim?

'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 9

"The Good Wife" took a turn for the confusing and complicated this week when it tackled the trendy issue of Internet service providers' liability for user-uploaded content.

Here's a rundown of the legal issues Florrick & Agos took on in "Whack-a-Mole":

Amanda Bynes Ruled Mentally Competent for DUI Trial

Amanda Bynes is mentally competent to stand trial in her DUI case, according to a Los Angeles judge.

The judge determined, based on medical records from Bynes' doctors, that the actress -- who was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder -- is mentally competent to stand trial.

But what exactly is mental competency?

Aaron Carter's Bankruptcy Filing Cites $2.2M in Debts

Aaron Carter, the youngest brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, has filed for bankruptcy. The pop star, who is currently on tour, recently filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

As we saw with Nadya "Octomom" Suleman and rapper Young Buck, Chapter 7 isn't a pretty process, but it helps debtors get a fresh financial start.

Jay Leno Sued Over Alleged 'Bestiality' Jokes

Late-night comedian Jay Leno is being sued over bestiality jokes by the target of those jokes, a former flight attendant.

Louann Giambattista, 55, of Nassau County, New York, claims that she was falsely accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with a rat, the ABA Journal reports.

Leno's jokes referenced a lawsuit Giambattista filed against her ex-employer, American Airlines. The suit involved a co-worker's alleged comments about Giambattista carrying rats in her undergarments.

'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 8

"The Good Wife" came back swinging this week, with Alicia and the rest of Florrick/Agos battling a confusing and potentially deadly immigration issue.

Here's a breakdown of the legal (and not-so-legal) ways Alicia and friends try to stop a man from being deported to Mexico in "The Next Month":

Blackfish: Is SeaWorld Breaking the Law?

"Blackfish," a documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is now being shown on CNN, is making a big splash in the public and is landing SeaWorld in hot water.

The film traces a 39-year history of killer whales in captivity leading up to the 2010 killing of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau by the 12,000-pound orca, Tilikum, a whale previously associated with the death of two other people.

Far from the benign image of Shamu, "Blackfish" underscores the wave of legal liability under which SeaWorld is drowning.

Alec Baldwin's Stalker Sentenced to 210 Days in Jail

Alec Baldwin's stalker, Genevieve Sabourin, was sentenced to 180 days in jail -- plus an extra 30 days for making dramatic outbursts in court -- for a grand total of 210 days in the slammer.

Throughout the trial, Sabourin -- a Canadian actress who had dinner with Baldwin once in 2010 -- claimed that she and the "30 Rock" star were in the throes of romance for the past two years and had an intimate rendezvous or two -- in person and on the phone. Given the stalking arrest and conviction, it seems the thrill was gone (or never there), baby.

So, what happens when a spurned lovebird-turned-jailbird is sentenced for stalking?

Kim Kardashian, Paparazzo Get Speeding Tickets After Chase

Kim Kardashian and a paparazzo were cited for speeding on Tuesday. The photographer, Juliano Goncalves, was also cited for stopping in a nonemergency situation, The Associated Press reports.

Kardashian was pulled over for driving too fast on U.S. 101 in Los Angeles, apparently because she was being chased by paparazzi. Three other cars, likely all driven by paparazzi, then also stopped to snap pictures.

But since Kardashian was allegedly being chased, can she potentially fight her ticket?

Gore Vidal's Mental State Challenged In Estate Fight

Gore Vidal's estate fight seems to show that not even death can kill the famed writer's signature audacious spirit and flair for drama.

Vidal, who died in July 2012 at 86 in a bed set up in his living room, gave his family the proverbial "middle finger" when he bequeathed his entire multi-million dollar fortune and assets to Harvard University.

The family now claims he wasn't mentally competent when he changed the terms of his will one year before his death.

'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 7

The latest episode of "The Good Wife" forayed into the crime drama realm with a classic "whodunnit?" storyline. The episode revolved around a quest for the DNA of an alleged killer.

Here's a legal breakdown of "The Next Week":

Brad Paisley, Kimberly Williams-Paisley Fall for 'Dying Daughter' Hoax

Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Brad Paisley fell victim to a twisted "dying daughter" hoax that has been making the rounds in Hollywood.

The hoax involved a woman who claimed her young daughter was dying of neuroblastoma, a severe type of childhood cancer.

But did the woman behind the hoax actually commit a crime?

Brooke Mueller's TRO Against Charlie Sheen Denied

A nasty tweet was issued from ex-husband Charlie Sheen after Brooke Mueller's attempt to secure a temporary restraining order (TRO) against him had been denied. Mueller's petition was denied by a judge on Monday, E! News reports.

"happy Bday Brooke when you're done sucking off the parking lot at Home Depot why don't ya 'blow' out this candle. c," Sheen tweeted, alongside a photo of a cake with a plastic grenade stuck on top.

What did the TRO ask for, and why would it be denied?

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Released From Prison

Former "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood has been released from prison early -- nearly four years early.

After quitting rehab, Portwood was sent to prison in Indiana, but she's managed to get out after serving about a year and half of her original five-year sentence.

So how did she get early release?

'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 6

"The Good Wife" is back after Alicia's stunning -- but expected -- departure from Lockhart & Gardner. The latest episode highlights issues surrounding former client obligations and manufacturing defects.

Prepare to be gun shy with this rundown of "The Next Day":

Kim, Kanye Sue YouTube Co-Founder Over Leaked Proposal Video

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are suing YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley for allegedly posting a video of their proposal online.

If you're imagining some guy creeping on the couple during a private moment, think again. The proposal took place at AT&T Park (which Kanye rented from the San Francisco Giants), and another company had exclusive rights over the footage of the romantic moment.

The suit is more about allegedly violating a private contract than interfering with a private moment.