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March 2014 Archives

'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 16

This week's episode of the "The Good Wife" picked up where last week's shocker of Will Gardner's death left off.

With the departure of a main character to deal with, "The Last Call" wasn't as chock-full of legal issues as other episodes this season. But here are a few legal notes we jotted down:

L'Wren Scott's Will Leaves All to Mick Jagger

The late fashion designer L'Wren Scott's will leaves her entire $9 million estate to her boyfriend, Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger.

Scott's estate includes jewelry, furniture, clothing, automobiles, and property, Reuters reports.

Although Scott had surviving family members, she chose to omit those potential heirs from her will. A closer look at the will itself may prove instructive for those making their own estate-planning arrangements.

'Scandal's' Columbus Short Arrested for Felony Battery

"Scandal" actor Columbus Short, best known as Harrison Wright on the hit ABC show, has been arrested on a felony battery charge.

The 31-year-old actor allegedly punched and knocked out a guest at a restaurant in West Los Angeles on March 15, Reuters reports.


Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin Separate: Will Co-Parenting Work?

After 10 years of marriage, Coldplay singer Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow are separating.

While a blog post by the duo says they're entering into a stage of "conscious uncoupling," they plan to co-parent their two children, according to Reuters.

So how do co-parenting plans work when parents are legally separated?

Judge Joe Brown Jailed for Causing 'Near Riot' in Tenn. Courtroom

Former TV Judge Joe Brown spent a brief stint in jail for contempt of court after becoming "pretty raucous" in a Tennessee courtroom.

Brown may be too used to sitting behind the bench, but the chief magistrate for Shelby County's Juvenile Court said judges and staff alike were "floored" at the way Brown challenged the authority of Magistrate Harold Horne, reports Memphis' WMC-TV.

What did Brown say to get him slapped with contempt of court?

'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 15

This week's episode of "The Good Wife" was aggressively marketed as an unforgettable, must-see event. It certainly lived up to the hype.

Have you picked up your jaw yet? Yeah, neither have we.

Here's a breakdown of this week's shocking episode, "Dramatics, Your Honor":

8 Ways Twitter Has Gotten Celebrities in Trouble

How has Twitter gotten celebrities in trouble? Let us count the ways...

Over the years, Twitter has become the unofficial medium for celebrities to air their (bad) news -- and for all of us non-celebrities to gawk, point, and shake our collective heads at the stars' all-too-human predicaments.

So in honor of Twitter's eighth birthday, here are eight memorable ways celebrities have landed in hot water over what they shared on Twitter:

Paul Walker's Mom Seeks Guardianship of Granddaughter

The late Paul Walker's mother is seeking legal guardianship of her granddaughter, claiming the teen's mother has "a drinking problem."

Cheryl Ann Walker, the deceased actor's mom, petitioned a Los Angeles court Tuesday to be appointed as guardian for 15-year-old Meadow Walker in place of Meadow's mother, reports E! News.

What does Cheryl Ann need to prove in order to get guardianship of Meadow?

John Mayer Sues Charlie Sheen's Friend Over Fake Watches

John Mayer is suing Charlie Sheen's best friend, a watch dealer to the stars, who allegedly sold seven fake Rolex watches to the singer.

Mayer claims he bought $656,000 in counterfeit watches from Sheen's pal, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The cheesy legal reality: From Canal Street in NYC to Hollywood, phony Rolex watches crop up time and time again.

Kanye West Gets Probation for Paparazzo Attack

A Los Angeles judge sentenced Kanye West to two years of probation for a misdemeanor battery attack on a paparazzo.

The scuffle occurred in 2013 at Los Angeles International Airport after Daniel Ramos, the paparazzo, started engaging the rapper. The incident was caught on film, according to Reuters.

West entered a no contest plea to the battery charge.

'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 14

This week, "The Good Wife" took place in New York City (where the show, usually set in Chicago, is actually filmed). NYC's new Mayor Bill de Blasio even made a cameo as an annoying mayor!

Despite the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, the episode centered on Alicia's past and was surprisingly contemplative as it dipped its toes in the complex issue of women in the law.

Here's a legal breakdown of this week's remarkably quiet episode, "A Few Words":

Did 'Pawn Stars' Shop Melt Down $50K in Stolen Coins?

The stars of the History Channel's "Pawn Stars" are embroiled in a real-life drama over stolen coins.

A Las Vegas man's niece stole his $50,000 antique coin collection and hocked it to Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, the business featured in "Pawn Stars." Unfortunately for the coins' rightful owner, the pawn shop says it's too late: They've already melted the coins down, ABC News reports.

Did the coin collector just get nickel and dimed by the legal system?

Judge Judy Sues Lawyer for False Endorsement

Judge Judy is suing a lawyer over an alleged unauthorized endorsement. Judith Sheindlin (real name!) has an axe -- err, gavel -- to grind with John Haymond, a personal injury attorney based in Hartford, Connecticut.

As surprising as it may be, Judge Judy says this is the first time she has ever sued anyone, the Associated Press reports.

Unfortunately, the case probably won't be featured in an episode of "Judge Judy."

George Zimmerman's Parents Sue Roseanne Barr Over Tweet

George Zimmerman's parents are suing comedian Roseanne Barr over a not-so-funny tweet that publicized their home address after their son shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Although Barr later deleted the tweet, Robert and Gladys Zimmerman allege that she sought to "cause a lynch mob to descend" on their Florida home when she publicly posted their address, according to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The Zimmermans are suing Barr for emotional distress and invasion of privacy, and want at least $15,000 in damages. What will they have to prove in order to prevail?

'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 13

"The Good Wife" is back! It's been eight long weeks since a new episode, but the wait is finally over.

To start things off with a bang, this week's episode -- entitled "Parallel Construction, Bitches" -- dives into a complex wiretapping issue.

Without further ado, here's a breakdown of the episode:

Justin Bieber's Deposition Video: 5 Lessons in How Not to Act

Justin Bieber's deposition video is going viral. But aside from being entertaining to watch, there are some legal lessons to learn too.

While depositions aren't trials, for many average Americans, a depo can feel like an inquisition. It doesn't have to be, however.

According to the depo video obtained by TMZ, Justin Bieber acted atrociously during a recent deposition. Here's a clip to prove it -- and five lessons for how not to act in a depo, care of the Biebs:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sued by Calif. Inmates Over Valley Fever

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is being sued by some California prison inmates who blame his actions while in office for getting them sick.

The inmates are suing Schwarzenegger in his official capacity over his and other officials' handling of a fatal outbreak of valley fever -- an infection caused by tiny spores of fungus, TMZ reports.

While prison inmate lawsuits are often dismissed as frivolous, does this one have merit?

Woman Breaks Into Justin Bieber's Mansion, Sleeps in Bedroom

Justin Bieber has a legion of frenzied fans, but one fan took it to another level when she was arrested for breaking into the pop star's rented mansion in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Qianying Zhao, 23, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass after police found her sleeping inside one of Bieber's bedrooms, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Zhao allegedly entered the mansion without permission, so would a burglary charge also be appropriate?

Taylor Swift Gets Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Taylor Swift's alleged stalker has been slapped with a restraining order after claiming that he'd "kill anyone who stands between them."

The man accused, Timothy Sweet, 33, claims that he and Swift are married, but TMZ reports that Sweet has been stalking her since 2011.

If Swift knew Sweet was trouble three years ago, why the restraining order now?

'Real Housewives of N.J.' Couple Plead Guilty to Fraud

There was no table-flipping in court today as Teresa and Giuseppe "Joe" Giudice, of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" fame, both pleaded guilty to mortgage and bankruptcy fraud charges.

The Giudices accepted a plea bargain with the federal prosecutor, admitting guilt to 39 fraud-related charges, and must now forfeit money to the government, according to The Star-Ledger.

In addition to paying the government back, the couple may face incarceration depending on what the judge decides at sentencing.

Lil Wayne's Tax Lien: 5 Lessons for Consumers

Lil Wayne is facing a tax lien to the tune of $12 million, stemming from years of unpaid taxes.

Weezy allegedly failed to pay taxes for 2011 and 2012. For 2011 he owes a staggering $5.8 million. And for the following year, it's even worse -- more than $6.3 million, TMZ reports.

So what exactly is a tax lien? Here's the answer, along with a few other lessons we can learn from Lil Wayne's tax lien: