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Sex Trafficking Suit Against Harvey Weinstein Moves Forward

Federal sex trafficking laws are usually reserved for forced prostitution cases. But British actress Kadian Noble has cleared her first hurdle in the unorthodox use of the claim in a civil suit against Harvey Weinstein. At issue is a series of events in which Weinstein used force and fraudulent promises of future acting jobs in order to lure her into sexual assault.

Less than five years after they were Brangelina, they were again Brad and Angelina. And the split has been, let's just say, less than amicable. Divorce can always be messy, but few divorces have been so publicly messy.

In the last 48 hours alone: Angelina Jolie's attorneys have alleged that Brad Pitt hasn't paid any "meaningful" child support for a year and a half; Pitt's attorney claimed he gave Jolie $8 million to purchase her current residence and another $1.3 million in "bills" for the benefit of her and their six children since their 2016 split; and Jolie's attorney sniped back that "A loan is not, however, child support and to represent it as such is misleading and inaccurate."

So ... what's next?

Reality TV star Chad Johnson -- the bad boy from season 12 of "The Bachelorette" and booted from "Bachelor in Paradise" for boozing too much -- has filed a sexual misconduct lawsuit against producer Cristina Cimino and Sunset Studios Entertainment.

The suit claims Cimino made "persistent and rigorous" advances towards Johnson of a "sexual and provocative" nature, and offered him two movie roles. Johnson also claims he rebuffed those advances, and the movie roles were nixed after he made it clear he didn't want a sexual relationship with Cimino.

Few celebrities were at such a pinnacle of popularity in 2016 as Kevin Hart. Which is no doubt why mobile app developer Stand Up Digital wanted to team up with Hart to release "Gold Ambush," a multiplayer game featuring both Hart and his wife and children as playable characters.

And few celebrity images took such a precipitous fall as Hart's when he tearfully revealed an affair on his Instagram account in September 2017, just days before Gold Ambush's planned release. That admission, according to a lawsuit filed by Stand Up, "crippled the efficacy of Gold Ambush, completely destroyed all of Stand Up's pre-launch monetary commitments, shuttered the credibility of the game as a family-oriented entertainment ... and nullified the future profitability of the game." The company is looking for over $7 million in damages.

Harvey Weinstein Files Motion to Dismiss Ashley Judd Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Ashley Judd filed a defamation lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein, claiming that Weinstein sabotaged her career after she rejected his sexual advances. Weinstein recently filed a motion to dismiss, claiming he did everything possible to advance her career, and he can prove it! But can he?

Cosby Asks Supreme Court to Review Defamation Case

Bill Cosby and his former attorney, Marty Singer, are looking to go to court for the umpteenth time in recent years, petitioning SCOTUS to hear an appeal of a state court lawsuit brought by Janice Dickinson for defamation. Cosby has already lost this suit twice in state court, but he is hoping the third time's a charm.

Johnny Depp Sued for Allegedly Punching 'City of Lies' Location Manager

As if Johnny Depp's legal problems couldn't get any crazier. The Mad Hatter has been at it again. This time, a former set location manager, Gregg "Rocky" Brooks, has filed a suit against him and others in his production company for an incident that happened outside of the Barclay Hotel in Los Angeles. They were on location filming "City of Lies," a story about the investigation into the death of rap stars Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. The suit alleges assault and battery, negligence, wrongful termination, and other counts.

Jay-Z Wins Copyright Infringement Case for 'Big Pimpin'

As of Thursday, Jay-Z's 99 problems no longer include a copyright challenge to his hit song "Big Pimpin." A panel of judges for the Ninth Circuit have ruled in the rapper's favor against the relative of an Egyptian composer who claimed "Big Pimpin" looped four measures of an Arabic flute from the composer's 1957 hit "Khosara." The panel's decision included an analysis of Egyptian law regarding economic and moral infringement rights.

Harvey Weinstein Indicted for Rape, Declines to Testify at Grand Jury

By now, most of us have read horrendous details about the way Harvey Weinstein allegedly treated women over decades in the entertainment industry. Dozens of women have come forward, emboldened by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, to describe their own tragic encounters. But despite so many allegations, the movie mogul has never faced criminal charges, until now. Weinstein was finally indicted Wednesday by a grand jury in New York.

Roman Polanski Threatens Academy With Lawsuit After Expulsion

As more and more people come forward to tell their stories as victims of sexual assault inside the entertainment industry, Hollywood is trying to figure out how to react when one of their own is accused of anything from harassment to rape. While these stories and this problem are not new to the industry, victims have found new courage and solidarity in the wake of the Harvey Weistein scandal and the #MeToo movement.

Some have criticized the industry since many of the same people who expressed outrage at the Weistein scandal gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski, a director who admitted to having sex with a child. But just last week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) finally rescinded Polanski's membership, along with that of Bill Cosby. Now Polanski is threatening the academy with a lawsuit.