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You know the Carlton Dance. And if you don't, here you go:

Dr. Phil Guest Sues Over Public Humiliation, Mental Breakdown

Generally speaking, people go on talk shows -- particularly ones like Dr. Phil or Maury Povich -- knowing that they'll be sharing some personal information. But, one guest on the Dr. Phil show claims that she agreed to appear on the show after being misled about the topic of conversation. In fact, she's suing Dr. Phil for publicly humiliating her, which she says resulted in her suffering a mental breakdown.

Gwyneth Paltrow Sued for $3.1 M Over 'Hit and Run' Ski Accident on Park City Slopes

Hopefully Gwyneth Paltrow got a season's pass with her attorney because she has just been hit with another lawsuit just six months after settling her Goop brand vaginal eggs case. This one, brought by Terry Sanderson, alleges that back in February of 2016, Paltrow skied into him at the swank Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah. They both fell, and she subsequently skied off with her instructor, without rendering aid or exchanging information.

The plaintiff claims Paltrow left him "stunned, lying in the snow, seriously injured," according to his lawsuit. Also named as defendants are Paltrow's ski instructor, the Deer Valley Resort Company, and two unnamed resort employees who were with Paltrow's group at the time of the collision.

Nelly Seeks Dismissal of Sex Assault Lawsuit

A British woman, identified only as "Jane Doe," sued Nelly in a U.S. federal court for alleged sexual assault transpiring in England back in December of 2017. The rapper is now asking for the case to be dismissed.

According to Nelly's attorney, he hasn't been criminally charged in England, he denies the allegation, and it is fundamentally unfair for the plaintiff to remain anonymous and "avoid public scrutiny." Nelly was able to dismiss a similar sexual assault lawsuit charge stemming from an incident on his tour bus in Seattle back in September of 2018, though there was an out of court settlement there. Perhaps Nelly thinks he's on a roll. But the law may not be on his side on this one.

Did Beyonce's Production Company Discriminate Against the Visually Impaired?

Beyoncé's website production company, Parkwood, has been hit with a class action lawsuit claiming that Beyoncé.com's interface is inaccessible to visually impaired users, and thus in violation of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). 

According to the filing, visually impaired individuals have a strong affinity for music, maybe stronger than others due to their impaired sense, and therefore this inflicts a unique kind of harm.

Proving there's nothing new under the runway lights, Marc Jacobs recently released his "Bootleg Redux Grunge" collection, recycling looks from his 1993 collection for Perry Ellis, and adding some tweaks to some early 90's favorites. One such piece is gaining some unwelcome legal notoriety.

Jacobs riffed off the famous Nirvana smiley face logo, exchanging the band's name with the word "Heaven," and replacing the face's x-ed out eyes with letters "M" and "J" -- or ripped off the logo, if you're surviving bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. The band sued Jacobs over his use of the logo, claiming Kurt Cobain created the logo and the band continues to use it to market their music.

Celebrities -- if certain magazines are to be believed -- are just like us. They sure do get into legal trouble just like us: they have public child custody disputes like us, sue their former attorneys like us, and pay tens of millions of dollars to settle a multitude of sexual harassment claims just like us.

Celebrities, and their legal woes, have been big stories in 2018, and here are the five biggest from the past year.

Stormy Daniels Must Pay $293K to Trump Lawyer Fees, Court Rules

In October 2018, U.S. District Judge James Otero ruled in favor of President Trump in the defamation suit brought by Stormy Daniels against Trump. Otero claimed Trump's words were protected speech, and that Trump was entitled to attorney's fees incurred in fighting these defamation charges. This week, Otero set those fees at $293,000.

'Making a Murderer' Lawyer Acquitted of Felony Stalking Charges

Len Kachinsky may be quirky, but that doesn't make him a stalker. Kachinsky, a former superior court judge in Fox Crossing, Wisconsin, was charged with stalking court clerk, Mandy Bartelt. Though Kachinsky may have made a few cringe-worthy comments, a jury acquitted him of felony stalking charges. Kachinsky chalks it all up to a "personality conflict", and hopes to be reinstated to the bench now that he's been cleared of the charges.

Paz de la Huerta Sues Harvey Weinstein for Sexual Assault

Add another sexual assault lawsuit on to the docket for Harvey Weinstein. Paz de la Huerta, an actor, is suing Harvey Weinstein in a California court for sexual assault, sexual battery, and emotional distress. She is also including the Four Seasons and the now-defunct Weinstein Company as defendants in her suit.