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What to Expect in Johnny Depp's Defamation Lawsuit Against Tabloid

In an interesting plot twist, Johnny Depp's defamation suit against The Sun, a British tabloid, could lead to the dissemination of some pretty dicey, and confidential, information about the former marriage between Depp and Amber Heard. A 471 page deposition transcript previously unreleased is now out in the open, shedding a lot of new information on the now defunct marriage. And if both sides end up testifying, things may definitely heat up this winter across the pond.

Our long national nightmare has ended. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally agreed to a custody agreement involving the ex-couple's six children. While news of the out-of-court settlement leaked last month, more details have surfaced after the agreement was finally filed.

Here's a look at what we know.

Latest Celebrity 'Conscious Uncoupling' Divorce

Gwyneth Paltrow brought the term "conscious uncoupling" into the public eye with her divorce to Chris Martin. At the time, she said "I know it's a dorky term, but it's very worthwhile. I wanted to turn my divorce into a positive," said Gwyneth. Yes, she's right. It's a dorky term. But maybe it's a good idea. Evidently it's good enough for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris who have decided to use the theory in their divorce, involving six-year-old son, Jack.

3 Celebrities That Lost Over $1 Billion in Divorce

With alimony tax laws changing on January 1, 2019, many couples are rushing to get their divorces finalized before the end of the year. Some people may have huge estates to divide, and others might just have a family pet. Here's a list of three high-profile divorces that lost over $1 billion in the great settlement divide.

Lisa Osbourne Gets 'Sizable Cash Payout' in Divorce Settlement

Lisa Osbourne, the estranged wife of Jack Osbourne, has opted for the lump-sum instead of smaller monthly payments. No, she didn't win the lottery, she settled her divorce.

Brad Pitt Wins Custody Battle

In the ongoing saga of uncoupling Brangelina, Brad Pitt won a key visitation battle. A judge ruled that Angelina Jolie must allow Pitt visitation with their six kids: four hours of custody every other school day, and 12 hours every other non-school day. Hopefully those children travel light because that is a lot of back-and-forth action on a daily basis. Jolie has been rumored to be withholding the kids from Pitt, and the judge declared he will not sign off on a permanent arrangement until Pitt and his children have time together.

Less than five years after they were Brangelina, they were again Brad and Angelina. And the split has been, let's just say, less than amicable. Divorce can always be messy, but few divorces have been so publicly messy.

In the last 48 hours alone: Angelina Jolie's attorneys have alleged that Brad Pitt hasn't paid any "meaningful" child support for a year and a half; Pitt's attorney claimed he gave Jolie $8 million to purchase her current residence and another $1.3 million in "bills" for the benefit of her and their six children since their 2016 split; and Jolie's attorney sniped back that "A loan is not, however, child support and to represent it as such is misleading and inaccurate."

So ... what's next?

What's a Celebrity Divorce Auction?

There are several steps in the divorce process, which can be overwhelming, especially given the emotionally-taxing effect of ending a marriage. One of the steps involved in a divorce is figuring out who owns what in marital property, and coming to an agreement on diving the property. Leave it to a celebrity to come up with a creative way to divide divorce property -- an auction.

That's what Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer, his soon-to-be ex-wife, are doing with their marital property. The former couple's marital property will be auctioned off by Sotheby's Australia at an event titled: "The Art of Divorce."

The Brangelina divorce has been a hot topic for a full year at this point, and the roller coaster of emotions has come through loud and clear in the media and court filings. Despite the couple's wealth and power (or maybe in spite of it), they still have not finalized the process.

However, recently, it was discovered that Brad Pitt's attorneys are planning to file a motion with the court to hopefully speed things along. A Life and Style Magazine exclusive report claims that Brad is ready to move on with his life, and just wants to get the divorce part, at least, done and over with. Does the law allow him to do so?

Since last year, Sofia Vergara has been facing a rather difficult battle over the custody of two embryos that she and her ex, Nick Loeb, had created while undergoing IVF. Although the couple's agreement states that the embryos cannot be used without both parties' consent, Loeb is fighting in court to win the right to implant the embryos in a surrogate.

Vergara has opposed Loeb, and has refused to allow him to use the embryos. Recently, the case has taken an aggressive turn. After Vergara's attorneys learned that on two previous occasions, Loeb had impregnated women who aborted the pregnancies, the attorneys demanded Loeb disclose who those women were. The appeals court just confirmed that Loeb must reveal the women's identities.