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Rob Kardashian Can't Afford Child Support

More money, more problems. You hear that time and time again regarding rich celebrities. But perhaps that's because there's a little bit of truth to that saying.

We've said it before that parents should be careful on social media during child custody disputes. Apparently, Tyrese Gibson doesn't read our blogs.

The Fast and Furious franchise star had been a constant presence on Instagram throughout his battle with ex-wife Norma Gibson over custody of their daughter Shayla. A couple weeks ago, Tyrese thanked Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith for giving him $5 million to stay off social media, appropriately posting the thank you on the 'Gram. Probably not the best idea.

When it comes to child custody disputes, courts are generally going to be most concerned with what is in the best interests of the children. This usually includes figuring out which parent will provide a better, or more stable, household.

When it comes to celebrity child custody disputes, sometimes how a celebrity publicly portrays themselves can have an impact on a court's best interests inquiry. This is becoming rather clear in the recent Alex Jones child custody matter. While the judge in the matter has cautioned against turning the custody trial into a trial of Jones's talk show persona, there will likely be some evidence introduced linking Jones's real personal beliefs to the conspiracies and hate he promotes on his show.

The former Mrs. Bergen County, Soneca Guadara, is facing criminal charges as a result of an alcohol fueled party involving 10 minors, where she may not have even been present. When one minor was discovered drunk and passed out off the property in the neighborhood, police were called. Officers discovered nine additional juveniles at Guadara's home where alcohol was being served, and described the situation as the "standard kids getting together having alcohol party."

The 47-year-old former beauty queen lives in the suburbs of New Jersey and is now a fashion designer. It is likely that one of the former beauty queen's four children hosted a party and invited minor guests, but details on the incident are scant. What is known is that Guadara is facing criminal charges for nuisance, as well as "leaving property in custody of another where alcohol was being served to minors."

Also, while authorities assert that she was arrested, Guadara maintains that she was never arrested, charged, or even notified. Lastly, it was reported that the drunk minor found passed out was transported to the hospital, and that there are no other criminal charges being filed at this time.

The battle between former 'The View' star Sherri Shepherd and ex-husband Lamar Sally over their child Lamar Jr., has been as acrimonious as it has been public. Shepherd first tried, without success, to disavow any legal responsibility for the boy, who was born via surrogate using a donor egg and Sally's sperm. She was also unsuccessful in her attempts to skirt paying child support.

Now, Shepherd is fighting tooth and nail against Sally's request for an increase in those child support payments, saying the California court in which the request for modification was filed lacks jurisdiction over the case.

In a surprising turn of events, Sofia Vergara's embryos have filed suit against the Modern Family actress in the state of Louisiana. If it comes as a shock to you that an embryo can file suit, you are not alone. Lawyers across the country are all shocked. Even after looking into the legality of it, they find themselves in awe.

You see, in Louisiana, the great state that brings us Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras, since the 1980s, embryos have been considered persons for judicial purposes. Vergara's ex, Nick Loeb, is not a party to the Louisiana suit; instead a new player has entered the battle. James Charbonnet is the trustee of a trust fund set up in Louisiana with the purpose of providing for the health, education, maintenance, and support of the embryos.

Last week, it was erroneously reported by several media outlets that a child custody settlement had been reached between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in their divorce case. However, last Friday, Pitt filed papers with the court that clearly indicate that the divorce and child custody battle is still on.

The announcement of their marriage, and then their divorce, each have caused a media frenzy as the couple has been one of the most popular celebrity couples of all time. The erroneous report claimed that Brad had agreed to let Angelina have primary custody, and to only have visitation rights for himself. For those that thought this sounded off, you were right.

Musical artist Ludacris has been battling over custody of his three-year-old daughter with baby mama Tamika Fuller since early 2015. The battle has been anything but cordial. This week, however, the battle went from nasty to interesting with the judge's most recent ruling in favor of Ludacris.

The judge presiding over the custody battle ruled that Ludacris, who was awarded full custody last year, has final say over what pictures of their daughter that Fuller can post on social media. Basically, if Ludacris sees a picture of their daughter on social media that was posted by Fuller, he can force her to take it down if he doesn't approve. This ruling is rather unique, especially considering it was issued in favor of a man named Ludacris!

5 Child Actors Who Were Emancipated

The stories of kids becoming emancipated from their parents are rather rare. In Hollywood, though, it is not uncommon for the young actors and actresses to seek emancipation. The reason young actors seek emancipation usually revolves around two main reasons: financial mismanagement of their earnings, and getting around child labor laws.

While some of the stars below that were emancipated had the blessings of their parents, others sought their freedom over parental objections and ruined relationships.

Madonna and her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, settled their bitter, nine-month-long child custody battle over their 16-year-old son Rocco. According to TMZ, the former celebrity couple was due in court on Wednesday to argue over custody. Rather than battle it out in court, the former couple worked out a settlement agreement that will allow Rocco to stay in London with his father.

Rocco left Madonna's custody on his own during her world tour. While the tour was in Europe, Rocco traveled to London to stay with his father. When Madonna returned home to New York, Rocco refused to come home and Ritchie's attorney explained that Rocco expressed his preference to live with his father in London.