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September 2015 Archives

Over 500 people in 33 US states have been infected with salmonella, and one woman is dead, due to cucumbers. The culprit cukes have been recalled. But the Food Poisoning Bulletin suspects that there may be many more people ill.

Most salmonella cases are not reported, so some experts believe that the true figure for this outbreak is much closer to 16,000 sick. That number comes from using a salmonella multiplier of 30.3, which has been derived from studying other such outbreaks.

Back in 2014, Walgreens was hit with a permanent injunction against leaving expired price tags on its shelves. According to a new lawsuit from the Missouri attorney general's office, the chain is back at its old tricks again.

The latest lawsuit cites an investigation launched that found more than 1,300 expired tags in 49 stores across the state, some as old as 2013.

VW Sets Aside $7.3B for Worldwide Recall

What began as an effort to skirt U.S. emissions standards has exploded into a global crisis for Volkswagen. Initial reports indicated VW rigged 500,000 vehicles to emit lower harmful chemicals during testing, and now the auto manufacturer has admitted that the emissions scandal could affect 11 million vehicles worldwide.

So what exactly happened? And could your Jetta wagon or Rabbit convertible be recalled?