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Halloween-Themed Peanut Butter News From Grave to Gross

Peanut butter news was all Halloween-themed this week. From the gross or gourmet to the grave and dangerous, the sandwich spread made holiday-appropriate headlines.

First, the serious stuff. Skippy peanut butter lovers in seven states should be on the alert. Hormel Foods announced it is recalling some Skippy that may contain metal shavings due to an equipment malfunction.

Save My Bacon: Processed Meat Risks Best Taken With a Grain of Salt

Bacon, salami, and ham are all linked to an increased risk of cancer, according to the World Health Organization. Does that mean the end of awesome American sandwiches?

Unlikely. While the news about processed meats may temper our seemingly insatiable cultural appetite for bacon everything, we probably won't stop eating it. Nor should we necessarily. Popping salami is not quite like smoking cigarettes, says a Forbes analysis of the data.

Parenting Mag Ads Depict Bad Practices

Ads are not parenting primers. Still, they shouldn't promote unsafe behavior with dangerous depictions. Yet, a substantial number do, according to a study reported by MediaPost.

The study of 3,000 ads in two major parenting magazines, Parents and Family Fun, found that one in six ads, or 500 of them, showed kids or parents engaged in unsafe practices. University of Minnesota researchers judged the ads' safety using guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

National Nut Day - Nut Allergy and Recall Liability

October 22 is National Nut Day, which many of us will celebrate with trail mixes, pb and j sandwiches, and that perfect delicacy, boiled peanuts. But not everyone can enjoy nuts like the rest of us.

Nut allergies and salmonella outbreaks have made nuts dangerous in recent years, so who can be held responsible for allergic reactions and illnesses from nut consumption? Here are some legal aspects to consider:

Xbox Stealth Headsets May Hold Stealthy, Unhealthy Mold

Stealth headsets are stealthy indeed. They might make you sick. Xbox headset maker Turtle Beach is recalling Ear Force XO Four Stealth gaming headsets manufactured between April and June of this year for mold spores.

Marijuana Recalled After Unapproved Pesticide Use

You may not have to worry about smoking pot in Colorado anymore, but you might have to worry about what's in the pot you're smoking in Colorado. Two marijuana cultivation facilities in Denver recently recalled an array of pot products after they found traces of three pesticides not approved for use on marijuana plants.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if you are allergic to wheat and you eat Cheerios, you may want to skip it this week.

On Monday, breakfast cereal maker General Mills announced that it was recalling nearly two million boxes of Honey Nut and regular Cheerios marked gluten free. The company said in a press release that "an undeclared allergen -- wheat -- with potentially adverse health effects may be present in the cereals we produced on several dates in Lodi, in July."

For the former President of the Peanut Corporation, 28 years in prison may sound like a good deal. Stewart Parnell was facing a possible prison term of 803 years for knowingly shipping salmonella-tainted peanut butter to consumers, leading to an outbreak that killed 9 people.