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When Should You Report a Defect in a Child's Toy?

You bought a defective product and it is really bothering you. This goes beyond a little dissatisfaction. You believe the item is dangerous. Where do you turn?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides guidance to companies and individual consumers about dangerous products and recalls. Anyone can file a complaint with the bureau and there is a form online that enables you to do so. But some parties must report a defective product when they become aware of it, and that applies to toy manufacturers.

Morphine in Cough Syrup Prompts Recall

It's winter and the sniffles are upon us all. You're sneezing and coughing and need relief, so you reach for your cough syrup. Stop -- don't take a swig if it's Master Herb's Licorice Coughing Liquid.

California's Master Herbs, Inc. has recalled all lots of Licorice Coughing Liquid cough syrup in 1000 milliliter bottles because it has undeclared morphine on the label. Unknowingly ingesting morphine can reportedly lead to life-threatening respiratory depression and even death.

Meat Recalls on the Rise

According to the USDA, 2015 saw the highest number of meat recalls in the last decade. Katherine Scheidt told ECB Publishing, "there were 150 recalls in 2015, the highest number since 2005."

Indeed, it seems like food recalls and viral outbreaks at chain restaurants have been all over the news. So is our meat getting worse? Or are we just getting better about detecting bad meat?

Not So Cute: EOS Lip Balms Sued for Causing Blisters

You know those cute little egg-shaped lip balms that celebs say are the bomb? Well, they are insofar as they will leave your lips looking coarse and scorched and your skin blistered, according to a lawsuit filed by Rachel Cronin against EOS lip balm on behalf of a class of people harmed by the product, reports Jezebel.

Kids' Cough Syrup Recalled for Mismarked Dosing Cups

A children's cough syrup manufacturer, Perrigo, is voluntarily recalling some of its products because the packages contain an oral dosing cup with incorrect markings, Fox News reports. The recall is based on the cup maker's own move to recall products based on mismarked dosing cups and Perrigo says that there have been no reports of any overdosing based on the packing problem.

Recall Roundup: 2015's Biggest Product Problems

Every day products are pulled off the shelves because some danger has been discovered. Very often companies recall products out of an abundance of caution. Once a company is aware of a product defect, it must act quickly to minimize consumer risk of injury, even if that risk seems minimal.

2015 was no different than other years and there were numerous food and car recalls. Consumers found everything from glass shards in their iced tea to metal scraps in their boxed macaroni and cheese. Let's look at the top 5 product recalls of the year gone by.

Huisken Meat Company, maker of Sam's Choice burgers, has recalled more than 89,500 pounds of its Black Angus Vidalia Onion products, claiming they could be contaminated with wood materials. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced the recall after boxes of the tainted burgers were shipped to retailers nationwide last month.

Fitbit Sued, Heart Monitors Not Counting Every Beat

Every beat counts, according to Fitbit's advertising for its heart rate monitors. But consumers in California, Colorado, and Wisconsin today filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against the company, alleging that the monitors do not and cannot accurately measure heart rates during intensive exercise, according to a press release.

Ex-Cop Sues Bar Over Bad Beer

Bar patrons are looking for a good beer. And good bars are trying their best to give it to them. That's what McCormick and Schmick's, an Atlantic City bar, was trying to do by keeping its tap lines clean.

Good bars also try their best not to poison their guests. But that's also what McCormick and Schmick's did by failing to properly rinse the tap lines, leaving a corrosive and potentially deadly cleaner in there, and then serving it to a bar patron with a Sam Adams Winter Lager.

Oh, and that bar patron was a retired Ocean City police officer. It was not a good day for McCormick and Schmick's.