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February 2016 Archives

Those shiny new floors you installed from Lumber Liquidators look great. After all, they're high laminate. But these high laminate floors also have high levels of formaldehyde, linked to an increased risk of cancer. They worsen breathing problems in those with asthma and other respiratory difficulties, and can cause eye, nose, and lung irritation in anyone, reports Chicago's Daily Herald.

Mars Recalls Snickers and Other Candy Bars in 55 Countries

Snickers do sometimes satisfy but if you're traveling abroad you may want to opt for a candy bar that is not made by Mars. The company this week announced an international recall spanning 55 countries after a customer in Germany found a piece of plastic in a Snickers bar.

Weekly Recalls: Unscented Propane and IKEA Lamps

You want to light up your life, not end up blind or in a fire, so be careful if you've got IKEA lamps or propane gas, as some of these items were just recalled. Last week IKEA recalled two types of lamps that caused 11 injuries internationally, while 118 million gallons of propane gas were recalled in the US, reports the Associated Press. Let's look at the details.

Tire Tread Separation Prompts Bridgestone-Firestone Recall

Tires are important to the functioning of your car. Although they remain relatively basic, compared to the other kinds of changes in automobile design -- like autopilot! -- you just can't drive without a full set of tires, with treads, that all have air.

The Big 3: Food Poisoning Illnesses and How to Avoid Them

Food is the stuff we put in us to sustain life. So it is particularly shocking when we discover that the things we're eating to keep strong are actually making us sick. Unfortunately, this happens with foods we consider healthy as well as those that might be termed junk.

Every week practically a food is recalled. Not all recalls are for food poisoning - sometimes there are issues with packaging, labeling, or a manufacturing defect -- but poisoning does occur frequently. There are over 250 types of food poisoning documented and there are 3 major culprits of food borne illness.