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Johnson & Johnson is facing hundreds of lawsuits filed by over 10,000 plaintiffs alleging the company's baby powder contained dangerous levels of asbestos in the talc used to create it. After losing several high-profile, high-damages jury verdicts (and having another overturned on appeal) a bombshell Reuters report shows J&J knew there was asbestos in its baby powder as far back as the early 1970's and spent the ensuing decades misleading customers and U.S. regulators.

Normally, such revelations would lead to a recall of potentially dangerous products. But after years of litigation on the matter (and hundreds of claims still in the courts), Johnson & Johnson maintains that its talc-based baby powder is perfectly safe.

Supreme Court Won't Hear Flushable Wipes False Advertising Lawsuit

The United States Supreme Court refused a request to hear arguments regarding whether or not a consumer can bring a case for false advertising about flushable wipes. The plaintiff had prevailed at the appellate level, and now defendant Kimberly Clark Corporation's hopes are down the drain.

Airline Price Fixing Class Action Filed

It came as no surprise that the airlines kept jacking up their prices and limiting their services, often at a time when jet fuel prices were plummeting. Consumers had almost given in to the turbulence of high ticket prices. But the winds are changing, and the settlements are coming.

Kind Bars Sued for Misleading Customers With Ingredients

If it tastes too good to be true, or at least "natural," it probably is.

A class-action lawsuit against the makers of Kind snack bars claiming their "non-GMO" and "natural" labeling is false and creating unjust enrichment is currently pending in federal court. Plaintiffs claim that "Pressed by Kind" and "Fruit Pieces" packaging convince the consumers that their ingredients are whole unsweetened fruit, though they are actually processed with sugar prior to the dehydration process.

Popular Contraceptive Pulled From US Market

Essure, once sold worldwide as an effective and safe form of permanent birth control, has seen its own product life stunted. Bayer Pharmaceuticals announced that it will pull Essure from the U.S. market, the last to sell the device, by year's end.

Launched in 2002 as the first permanent non-surgical form of birth control, the device has fallen out of favor all over the world. Though Bayer claims the reason it will stop selling Essure is due to declining sales, many believe it is because thousands of women have filed a class-action product liability lawsuit, blaming the device for serious health problems, including constant pain, bleeding, and perforation of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Ford's Unsafe Touchscreens Class Action Ends in Settlement

These days, there's a touchscreen for everything -- your phone, fridge, soda fountain, restaurant menu. You can even FaceTime your dog while you're at work. And of course, all new cars come equipped with a touchscreen imbedded into the dash. Where you used to turn a knob or press a button, most of your car's functions can only be accessed through the touchscreen's menu options. So, you can see why it might be a problem if that touchscreen freezes. It's hard to defrost the windows in the winter or turn on the AC in summer if those buttons don't work.

These types of issues prompted a number of car owners to sue Ford after their vehicles' touchscreens weren't functioning properly. After years of litigation in the class action lawsuit, Ford has agreed to a settlement regarding its unsafe touchscreens.

California has approved over 4,000 low-income, medically-fragile children for in-home nursing care, all paid for by the state's Medicaid program, Medi-Cal. But a new lawsuit claims those children aren't getting the around-the-clock nursing care they require and are supposed to receive by law.

"The state's failure to arrange for in-home nursing also creates an enormous strain on families, which in turn can lead to job loss, broken relationships, and caregiver burnout," according to plaintiffs' attorney William Leiner. "Some parents are forced to face the unfathomable possibility that their children may need to leave the family home to obtain needed nursing care."

Uber Sued by for Sending Unsolicited Text Messages

Have you ever been dumped, but then your ex keeps texting you? Or maybe you asked someone out, they said no, but they're texting you anyway. It's weird. And annoying. In a pair of class action lawsuits filed in Florida, Uber is the ex, and former drivers are crying foul.

Nestle's Bottled Water Filled With Microplastics, Lawsuit Claims�

When it comes to healthy living, weight loss, getting in shape, and the like, we're constantly being told to drink more water. But what if even your water isn't good for you?

A class action lawsuit filed against Nestle claims that the company engaged in deceptive marketing because their bottled water, Pure Life, is not so pure and contains microplastics, according to a recent study.

Tootsie Roll Sued for Consumer Fraud Over Half-Empty Junior Mints Box

Opening a box of candy only to find it half full feels like a cruel joke. It's akin to unwrapping a giant present on Christmas morning, but discovering a lone pair of fuzzy socks enclosed within. It's nice and all, but not what you expected. A similarly unhappy customer is taking her partially-filled box of Jr. Mints to court and suing Tootsie Roll for consumer fraud.