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United States vs. Tara: The Traffic Ticket Episode

Fans of United States of Tara, the Showtime television series about a housewife with dissociative identity disorder (DID) may be interested to know about a federal criminal lawsuit filed in Virginia today: the United States vs. Tara.

Is there a connection between the two Taras?

Absolutely not.

The lawsuit is actually titled the U.S. v. Tara L. Maden, and is a criminal case against a woman charged with driving a motor vehicle on the Fort Belvoir U.S. Army base in Eastern Virginia while her driver's license was either revoked or suspended.

According to the charges (see below), this Tara allegedly drove "a motor vehicle upon the highway without a valid driver's license" in Fort Belvoir, and apparently "disobey[ed] a lawfully erected sign."

According to Ft. Belvoir's transportation regulations published over 19 years ago, base personnel must take a driver's test and exam to drive on the base. There are also special regulations for people who drive "an Army motor vehicle."

You can read the United States v. Tara lawsuit here:


The case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's office because Fort Belvoir is federal property.

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