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January 2011 Archives

The Illinois Supreme Court reversed the decision of the appellate court and held that Rahm Emanuel's name could appear on the Chicago mayoral ballot.

Stay Order Returning Rahm Emanuel to Chicago Ballot

The Illinois Supreme Court agreed to hear Rahm Emanuel's appeal of the decision that he is ineligible to appear on the Chicago mayoral ballot.  The Court issued a stay of the lower court's decision and directed that any ballots printed while the Court is considering the case should include Emanuel's name.

Decision Removing Rahm Emanuel From Chicago Mayoral Race

A three-judge panel of the Illinois Appellate Court has ruled that Rahm Emanuel's name cannot appear on the Chicago mayoral ballot because he did not meet the residency requirements for a mayoral candidate.  The decision overturns previous rulings in Emanuel's favor by the Chicago Board of Elections and a Cook County judge.  Many political observers considered Emanuel, the former White House Chief of Staff, the front-runner in the Chicago mayor's race.  

Arizona Shooter Indictment

A federal grand jury indicted Jared Lee Loughner on charges of attempted assassination of a member of Congress and attempted murder of a federal employee.  Loughner is accused of shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, wounding 12 others and killing six, including a federal judge.