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August 2011 Archives

The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit to block the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile, arguing that the merger would "substantially lessen competition" in violation of the Clayton Act.
A federal judge in Austin has issued a preliminary injunction partially blocking enforcement of HB 15, a Texas law that required physicians performing abortions to also perform a sonogram prior to the abortion, present the sonogram images to the pregnant woman, describe what the sonogram depicts and make the fetus' heartbeat audible to the woman. The judge found that portions of the statute were unconstitutionally vague, and also that the law compelled speech on the part of both the physician and the patient in violation of the First Amendment.

Tobacco Companies Seek to Block Graphic Warning Labels

Several of the largest United States tobacco companies, including Lorillard Tobacco and R.J. Reynolds, have filed a lawsuit aimed at the Food and Drug Administration's new warning label requirement that will force cigarette manufacturers to include graphic warnings about the dangers of smoking on each pack of cigarettes. The companies argue that the new regulation compels them to speak as advocates against their own product, and therefore violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Facebook Claims to Have Found Genuine Ceglia Contract

Facebook has filed documents in its ongoing lawsuit with Paul Ceglia over Ceglia's claim to own part of the social networking giant that purport to contain the original contract between Ceglia and Zuckerberg.  Attorneys for Facebook claim to have discovered the contract among digital files obtained from Ceglia.  The contract contains no mention of Facebook and contradicts the version of the contract produced by Ceglia.

NBA Files Suit Against Players Over Bargaining Tactics

The National Basketball Association has filed a declaratory action in federal court seeking a judicial ruling that the lockout begun in June does not violate federal antitrust laws. The NBA asserts that the lawsuit comes in response to threats from the NBA Players Association to renounce its representation of the NBA players and launch an antitrust challenge designed to give the Players Association the upper hand in contract negotiations.

Justice Department Challenges Alabama Immigration Law

The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit seeking to block enforcement of Alabama's tough new immigration law, HB 56. The Department's complaint alleges that regulation of immigration is reserved for the federal government, thus federal law preempts HB 56 and renders it invalid.