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March 2012 Archives

Model Sues Over Disfiguring Plane Accident

Model Lauren Scruggs has filed a lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgment against an aviation company and its insurer over injuries she suffered from an airplane propeller that resulted in the loss of her left hand, left eye, and damage to her cranium.  Scruggs seeks a declaration from the court that she was not a "passenger" at the time of the injury as it is defined in the aviation company's insurance policy, thus not subject to the limitations on damage recovery contained in the policy.

Yahoo! Sues Facebook Alleging Patent Infringement

Yahoo! has filed a patent infringement lawsuit alleging that Facebook violated several of Yahoo!'s patents related to online communications and social networking.  The filing claims that "Facebook's entire social network based on Yahoo!'s patented social networking technology."  The complaint requests triple damages and an injunction preventing Facebook from continuing to use the patents in question.

National Mortgage Settlement Documents

These documents contain details of the national mortgage settlement reached between the federal government and the five largest loan servicers operating in the U.S.

Cigarette Warning Labels Go Up in Smoke

A federal district court judge in Washington D.C. has ruled that the federal governments proposed requirements for graphic warning labels on cigarette packages violate the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Judge Richard Leon determined that the warning label requirement was designed only to "disgust the consumer" in order to prevent them from purchasing a legal product and, as such, was not narrowly tailored to meet a compelling government interest.