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Stephen Glass Denied California Bar License; Disgraced Journalist Fabricated 42 Magazine Articles

Disgraced ex-journalist Stephen Glass, who fabricated articles for major magazines in the 1990s, is not fit to practice law and has been denied a law license, the California Supreme Court has ruled.

In a unanimous opinion (attached below), California's highest court concluded Glass has not overcome the stain of his tarnished and infamous past as a journalist who fabricated stories for prominent publications in the late 1990s.

Glass was a magazine journalism wunderkind with articles appearing in Rolling Stone, Harper's and The New Republic. Eventually, he acknowledged that 42 articles were partially or wholly fabricated, according to a filing prepared by Glass's lawyers.

Glass's actions were called the most sustained fraud in modern journalism and led to the critically-acclaimed movie "Shattered Glass."

After his journalism career ended, Glass attended law school and spent the past six years pursuing admission to the California State Bar. Concerns about Glass' character kept him from being admitted to the New York Bar in 2004.

A lawyer for Glass, Jon Eisenberg, told Reuters that Glass "appreciates the court's consideration of his application and respects the court's decision."