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Carr v. Dist. of Columbia, No. 08-7083

In an action alleging that the police unlawfully arrested plaintiffs during a protest, summary judgment for plaintiffs is affirmed in part where the city did not have probable cause to believe that the protesters knew the protest at issue lacked a permit.  However, the order is reversed in part where: 1) the city only needed to show that the officers had reasonable grounds to believe that everyone arrested was part of the rioting group; and 2) the city could lawfully complete the mass arrest without first ordering the crowd to disperse and giving plaintiffs an opportunity to comply.

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Appellate Information

Argued September 16, 2009

Decided November 20, 2009


For Appellant:

Stacy Anderson, Peter J. Nickles, Todd S. Kim, Donna M. Murasky, Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, Washington, DC

For Appellees:

Daniel M. Schember, Susan B. Dunham, Arthur B. Spitzer and Fritz Mulhauser, Washington, DC