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US v. Robinson, No. 07-3127

Defendants' drug and racketeering conspiracy sentences are affirmed where 1) despite the district court's occasional imprecision, it plainly accepted defendants' guilty pleas and left them "no reasonable basis" for thinking otherwise; 2) the district court did not impermissibly intrude on the plea-bargaining process; and 3) the district court was not required to hold an evidentiary hearing on the plea agreement.

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Appellate Information

Argued September 21, 2009

Decided December 1, 2009


Opinion by Judge Henderson


For Appellants:

Kristen Grim Hughes, Edward C. Sussman and Mary E. Davis, Washington, DC

For Appellee:

Amanda J. Winchester, Roy W. McLeese III, Elizabeth Trosman, and John Philip Dominguez, Assistant United States Attorneys