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September 2013 Archives

Remember September: Marriages, Monuments, and Mandates

During September, the D.C. Circuit has seen marriages increase, monuments tumble, and heard oral arguments on mandates.

All of this while continuing the court's incredible dry spell of published opinions that threatens to ruin September's groove.

So with the 21st night of September behind us, let's remember the love and loss D.C. shared (i.e., an excuse to play Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September"):

Nina Pillard Approved, Obamacare Injunction, and No New Cases

All has been a bit quiet on the eastern front in the D.C. Circuit. With the exception of Nina Pillard moving forward to a full Senate confirmation and the American Freedom Law Center asking the D.C. District Court to halt the contraceptive mandate, it's been a pretty slow week month.

We may have reached those dreaded legal doldrums, the lethal sea of quietude that may threaten to kill your interest in the D.C. Circuit.

But fear not, gentle FindLaw reader! We shall pass through the eye of this dull needle together!

Senate Judiciary Committee to Vote on Nom. Nina Pillard

The Senate Judiciary Committee is primed to vote Thursday on Nina Pillard's prospective nomination to one of three seats left vacant on the D.C. Circuit bench.

Pillard has already been subjected to a good deal of examination by the Committee in the months since her nomination, and according to The Hoya, her views on sex education and reproductive rights have conservatives worried.

As Pillard prepares to face the Committee for its final vote, will her political views be her undoing?

D.C. Circuit Judge Ginsburg Joins George Mason Law Faculty

George Mason University School of Law has recruited Judge Ginsburg, a senior D.C. Circuit judge, to join the institution as a full-time faculty member.

According to the Blog of Legal Times, Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg has been recruited along with a partner from Covington & Burling for their accomplishments, experience, and antitrust law knowledge.

This isn't Ginsburg's first time as a professor, so let's look back on his career up to this point.

This Week in D.C.: Nominees, 'The Wire', and Broken Links

Sometimes the D.C. Circuit hits a bit of a slump, some legal doldrums in which no racy or hard- hitting opinions are released and the political forays are just business as usual.

In times like these, it can be prudent to do a nice flyby of the issues that have passed through the D.C. Circuit in the last week, and hope for some fairer legal trade winds in the future.

D.C. Circuit Hears Arguments in Verizon Net Neutrality Case

Verizon's case against the FCC's net neutrality rules is finally reaching a head as the D.C. Circuit began hearing oral arguments on Monday.

The Verizon v. F.C.C. case is slated to pit old and new values regarding the Internet against one another, with The New York Times hailing it as "a heavyweight championship of the technology world."

This case may not be everyone's Ali-Frazier, but it will set down some instructive precedent on how to treat Internet service providers.

D.C. Circuit Nominee Nina Pillard Examined

Few would say that a Senate Confirmation hearing is their idea of a good time, but if D.C. Circuit nominee Nina Pillard wanted to be scrutinized, she's certainly getting her money's worth.

Cornelia "Nina" Pillard was nominated to the D.C. Circuit by President Obama along with two others at the start of the summer, giving the Senate plenty of time to grill Pillard about her judicial record and personal philosophies.

So what do we know about Pillard, and what are her opponents saying about her?

Judicial Watch FOIA Request for Presidential Info Denied

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has given civilians access to troves of historically secret information, even the location of the famed Area 51.

But the D.C. Circuit confirmed on Friday that there are still some areas that are off-limits even through FOIA, and Secret Service records of the President's schedule and visitors are still on a need-to-know basis.