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In 2015, the federal Office of Personnel Management, which handles employment matters on behalf of the government, suffered a serious data breach that resulted in the theft of over 22 million people's information. That data breach led to a class action lawsuit being filed on behalf of all those whom had their data stolen against the OPM for failing to safeguard their data.

The federal court has just dismissed this class action and has essentially invited the defeated plaintiffs to appeal. The district court stated: "Neither the Supreme Court nor the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has held that the fact that a person's data was taken is enough by itself to create standing to sue."

The White House has announced President Donald Trump's pick for the vacant seat on D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals: Gregory Katsas, the current deputy counsel in the White House Counsel's Office.

If Katsas is confirmed by the Senate, the conservative seat vacated by Judge Janice Rogers Brown will be filled by another conservative. Katsas, whose distinguished legal career has never included serving as a justice, is expected to be questioned as to his prior casework as an attorney, as well as his motivations and politics, given his close ties to the current White House.